Avira Phantom VPN Review

Phantom VPN has got 2 plans which vary both in rate and offered options. The first offered package is Avira Phantom Pro. It permits unrestricted information use and supplies you with an automated protection on high-risk networks. To have an access to all these options you need to pay EUR41.95 per year (i.e. nearly EUR3.5 per month). The second package is Avira Phantom Free. It includes free 500 MB of information monthly in case you are an unregistered user. Those who consent to meet a registration form get 500 MB more and in overall are provided 1 GB of information Read More →

Can’t Connect HMA VPN from China? HideMyAss VPN for China Review

Have you been using HMA for VPN connection? The HMA VPN is too slow and may be oversubscribed in certain countries or locations with heavy government censorship.  HMA may have been heavily monitored by the local government so that the connections made to HMA VPN servers are taking forever to establish.

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