What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a fully featured, privacy-friendly VPN service based in Panama that offers over 4400 servers and serves more than 200,000 people worldwide. As one of the top VPN, NordVPN supports for six simultaneous connections, and features with a kill switch, DNS leak blocking, Onion support for extra security, Smart DNS, CyberSec, double data encryption, and with payment options that include Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards. With NordVPN, you can not only access to geo-blocked sites, like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and HBO Go etc, but also can rest assured that your Internet traffic data won’t be read, hacked, or Read More →

Ways to Use Facebook in China?

Ways to Use Facebook in China? Among the huge issues of travelers when they check out China is limitation enforced by the government on use of the Web– “the excellent Chinese firewall program”. In specific, such popular socials media as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are obstructed by governmental firewall program together with a range of news websites. Use these suggestions to unclog the constraints and continue to use your preferred websites if you desire to continue to share impressions of the trip with family and friends.

The Best Ways to Access Twitter in China

Now many web users opt to use Twitter to check out current news, Sports, Entertainment, and Fun. It’s easier for many web users to use Twitter service for life. Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users communicate and post with messages, “tweets,” limited to 140 characters. Users access Twitter through a mobile phone app, SMS or its site user interface. From breaking news and entertainment to politics and sports, Twitter will offer you the complete story with all the live commentary. In China, Twitter service is not available. Many sites like Twitter, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Read More →

The Best Ways to Use Instagram from China

More and more people have been investing a lot of time on Instagram, the app for sharing videos and images. Instagram is a basic way to share the world and catch’s moments. What are the best ways to Use Instagram from China? On Instagram, you can post videos and images, modify them with filters and innovative tools and include various clips into the video. When you share your videos and images to your story, the most satisfying moment is. You can bring pictures and video to life by utilizing Instagram’s text and illustration tools. You likewise can follow your friends Read More →

How to Access Netflix Abroad (Like China, India, Korea etc)

Netflix is one of the most popular video service in online and in a modern world most of the US people watch their desire video with the help of Netflix. In case you travel to some other countries like Europe and Canada then you can’t able to access Netflix because it is restricted to other countries people outside of United States. With the help of Netflix people can watch their desire videos. If you are a Netflix lover then you must use the virtual private network because it could unblock the Netflix restrictions in outside of US. As everyone knows Read More →

Recommended VPN Server Provider

VPN which is the short form of Virtual Private Network is more important these days because there is rise in security threats. Whenever a person connects to internet he or she would visit more sites as they don’t just stop with a single site. These days many people use internet in their home, business and in many places. The usage of internet is increasing drastically and for various purposes, people of all age group use internet. Obviously internet is being the one of the important resource these days and many people find it interesting, resourceful and helpful for them in Read More →

How to Access Flickr in China

In fact flickr is the video hosting and image hosting website and this website created by Ludicorp in the year of 2004. With the help of flickr people can share and embed the personal photographs so that people frequently used this website. Do You Know How to Access Flickr in China? Actually China is one of the most popular countries because they created and maintained the huge technology aspects. They created the strict firewall for whole country which is called as Great firewall of China (GFC). In fact this firewall is blocks most famous internet services but it could be Read More →

Best VPN for iOS

Mobile can be used to access internet when connected with wifi, so more and more people use mobile phone to surf online, and the security problem comes, may be your private data has been exposed and hacked by hackers. Do you know what is the Best VPN to protect the iOS from hackers? Need of Using Virtual Private Network In the modern world each and everyone has a Smartphone that has more priority and high features than basic mobiles. At the same time, it also increases the high attention of hackers and criminals about the personal information of the user. Read More →

Best VPN for Gaming

Know the reason to choose the best VPN for gaming Internet is the one which rule the entire world. In this world, we can see people who without the house and without having the properties essentials to continue the life but we cannot see even a single person without mobile phones. Mobile phone is the mini size device is first invented for the interactive speech between two peoples but later on it developed with the tremendous induced technology. Now a day one can control the whole world within their handheld systems. These systems can provide enlarged powers in the communication Read More →

Best VPN for Android

Now More and more people use Android mobile phones as they have almost the same functions like PC. You can use android phone or tablet to watch movies, listen to musics and surf online, etc. But a VPN service is necessary if you go to China, why? Guide for Choosing Best VPN for Android The VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it gives the privacy and security for network. The internet is not a safest platform, so everyone need to use the VPN and it is an essential and powerful tool for anyone who uses the internet. For example Read More →