Apple launches Apple ID Login to Protect Users’ Privacy

At the just-concluded WWDC 2019 conference, Apple released iOS 13, iPadOS, a new version of MacOS and new MacPro products codenamed Catalina, and also announced the launch of the new login system Sign In with Apple. It is reported that the login system can further enhance the privacy protection function while preventing spam.

Craig Federighi, vice president of Apple’s software engineering department, announced the new tool in the opening speech, and publicly named Facebook and Google’s single sign-on system are used to track users’ online surfing, and that brings the trouble of spam. However, use Sign In with Apple is free from being tracked.

When a user registers a web service or app, they will be asked to enter an email address or ask the user to log in with Facebook and Google. In this way, the user’s email address or social networking account will be obtained by these websites or apps, or shared with third-party advertisers through the advertising network.

The reason for Sign In with Apple is that when an iOS (and iPadOS) user logs into a website or app, the operating system will let you decide whether to share the real email. If the user does not want to, the system will generate a random email address that is specific to the app or website. These random mailboxes are hosted by Apple, so once the APP sends spam, it will be directed to Apple, which can be used to reject spam.

And since each randomly generated mailbox has only one APP, if the user’s mail is shared with other third parties, it can also track which APP is operated. If the user does not want to use this app, just cut off the redirect path.

Apple pointed out that this feature allows users to use Face ID or Touch ID verification, and provides further security measures through built-in two-factor authentication. In the future, all apps that support third-party sign-in tools must provide this feature as a user option.

Sign In with Apple is expected to go live with the official version of iOS 13 and iPad OS this fall, and beta testing will begin soon.