Why You should not Use Free VPN in China?

As we know, VPN is very popular in China because of the strict Internet censorship. In China, a large number of famous websites and apps have been censored as the Chinese government considers them as threats. In the past, posts about Chinese events on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube etc. had caused riots in China. The government believed that it was the statements on western media social platforms provoked the Chinese people into creating chaos. If you try to access the blocked websites in China, your connection will be reset and get error “this site can’t be reached.” The Read More →

IPVanish Special Offer: 2-Years of VPN for $4.12/mo

Good news! IPVanish is running big promotion. You get discount on any of its plans. Usually, you only get discounts on yearly plans and have to pay full price if you choose to sign up monthly. During this promotion, big savings are available. At present, you can choose 1-month, 3-month, 1-year or 2-year plan to sign up. The longer subscription you choose, the bigger discount you get. It costs $8.00 USD for one month. The 3-month plan is $21.59 USD. The 1-year plan costs $62.39 USD and the 2-year plan is $99.00 USD. 2-year plan is the most recommended deal Read More →

Facebook and WhatsApp will share encrypted information with the UK police

According to a new treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom, American social media platforms, including Facebook and WhatsApp will be forced to share users’ encrypted message with the British police. It is reported that the agreement will force social media companies to share data in regard to investigations of serious crimes, such as terrorism and pedophilia. Britain’s Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has previously warned that Facebook’s plans to allow users to send end-to-end encrypted messages will benefit criminals and call on social media companies to develop backdoors that enable intelligence agencies to access them. Message platform. As Read More →

Cloudflare Finally Launches Its Security-Focused Mobile VPN

In April this year, Cloudflare announced that they would launch Warp which is a VPN program fixing mobile Internet performance and security. According to Cloudflare, they decided to release the VPN by July. There were approximately two million people on the waitlist to try WARP. However, it took longer time than they expected to fully prepare the VPN program. Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince says, “Yeah, what we thought was going to be easy back in April turned out to be a lot harder than we expected. We had been testing this primarily in San Francisco and Austin and London, which Read More →

NordVPN Solution for Businesses is Coming

In those days, business information can be intercepted on the Internet and sold to competitors easily. If business confidential information has been leaked, businessmen could lose millions dollars. Therefore, businessmen secure their online communication and protect their data. VPN is the most popular tool which businessmen use to safeguard their confidential information and data. Business users who work with their teams remotely and need to access company resources securely especially need VPN. VPN is widely used by Internet users. There are VPNs for both home and business use. As working remotely becomes common, business VPNs are in demand on the Read More →

Mozilla Pilots its VPN Service for Firefox Desktop Users in the US

Mozilla officially announced its Firefox Private Network VPN service for desktop users in the US. The VPN service in beta comes along with the Test Pilot program. It works as a separate extension. When you use Firefox browser, the VPN service creates a secure and encrypted path to the web. Your online traffic will go through that path, and your personal information will be protected from anywhere. You can feel safe when taking advantage of the free WiFi at the doctor’s office, airport or a cafe. Firefox Private Network is only available in the US on the Firefox desktop browser Read More →

Uninstallor Review: Quick & Effective Uninstaller 2024

Uninstallor is a very helpful uninstaller which assists users to uninstall different kinds of unwanted apps and bloatware effectively. It is supported by an in-house team which has rich experience in app analysis and development. The company has a large app database to support Uninstallor to be a state-of-Art uninstaller. Why do people need Uninstallor? According to a recent research, most users complained that they had problem in uninstall software. Some users can’t find the app they like to uninstall under control panel. Some users have error which prevents them from uninstalling unwanted software. Some of them can’t uninstall the Read More →

Why People in China need ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a reliable and secure VPN which has a high reputation throughout the world. It lets users enjoy ultimate security and privacy on the Internet. What people can do with ExpressVPN? A large number of users need this VPN to take back their privacy. The government makes it legal for ISPs to collect and sell their users’ browsing histories and other personal information to third parties without users’ permission. You can’t stop your ISP because you have to rely on their servers. That is horrible. Luckily, ExpressVPN provides you a new IP address and servers, and offers to channel Read More →

Why You don’t Want a VPN That Logs Your Data?

When selecting a VPN, the privacy policy is an important factor to consider. You should confirm that the VPN does not log your data. Why should you do that? It is because the zero log policy will ensure your privacy stays safe with the provider when you use VPN to access the Internet.

China plans to allow foreign investment in VPN services

According to the Chinese reports, the Beijing Municipal Government officially announced the three-year action plan for the opening and reform of the comprehensive pilot areas of the service industry. The plan proposes many reform measures and new requirements for various current Internet problems. Netizens, especially gamers, are concerned about the Internet issues. The most existing point is the new policy on VPN. At the end of this year, Beijing will create the conditions for foreign investment in Internet content operations such as Internet games, videos and books, helping foreign companies to meet the requirements of domestic content supervision and data Read More →