Mozilla Pilots its VPN Service for Firefox Desktop Users in the US

Mozilla officially announced its Firefox Private Network VPN service for desktop users in the US. The VPN service in beta comes along with the Test Pilot program. It works as a separate extension. When you use Firefox browser, the VPN service creates a secure and encrypted path to the web. Your online traffic will go through that path, and your personal information will be protected from anywhere. You can feel safe when taking advantage of the free WiFi at the doctor’s office, airport or a cafe.

Firefox Private Network is only available in the US on the Firefox desktop browser at this moment. If you have a Firefox account, you can be one of those users who firstly test potential new products and services. One of the key features of Firefox Private Network service is protection when in public WiFi access points. Users are allowed to toggle the switch on at any time. It is very easy to use the Firefox Private Network. When you it is on, users’ IP addresses are hidden. Snoopers can’t track back to users.

Along with the VPN, the Test Pilot program returns. Three years ago, the Test Pilot program started as an Add-on. In this January, they closed the program to evolve their culture of experimentation. The VPN service is free during the beta phase. According to CEO Chris Beard, the company has plans for a premium version of Firefox. It is expected to be the company’s first paid offering.