China plans to allow foreign investment in VPN services

According to the Chinese reports, the Beijing Municipal Government officially announced the three-year action plan for the opening and reform of the comprehensive pilot areas of the service industry. The plan proposes many reform measures and new requirements for various current Internet problems. Netizens, especially gamers, are concerned about the Internet issues. The most existing point is the new policy on VPN.

At the end of this year, Beijing will create the conditions for foreign investment in Internet content operations such as Internet games, videos and books, helping foreign companies to meet the requirements of domestic content supervision and data security. Besides, they will provide online game download and network audiovisual program services for Chinese users. In other words, if the conditions are all good, the netizen who is most familiar with the netizens who like to watch the US drama may take the opportunity to enter the country.

In addition, in the value-added telecommunications business, Beijing will also strive for more open policies, such as promoting the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to relax the domestic Internet virtual private network service (VPN) foreign investment access conditions in the demonstration park. This is definitely a point to celebrate for many gamers. After all, players who have played games know how important it is to use a good VPN for foreign games.

Besides, they will build an enterprise landing service platform, create a professional investment platform for overseas emerging information technology enterprises, as well as offer policy, qualification, business, operation, market and other services to attract investment projects, and promote the landing of major enterprises and projects in the field of Internet information.

In the past, the government blocked millions of western websites and apps, and cracked down VPN as well. It was very inconvenient for local and foreign users to access the Internet. This policy is a great news for all Internet users. Before implementing the policy across the country, the government needs to test it out in some trial zones first in finance, technology, education, culture and tourism, and medical services. Let’s expect for the open Internet in China.