Private Internet Access Latest Promotion with Big Discounts 2024

Great news! Private Internet Access VPN provider is running a promotion. If you get deal during this promotion, you can spend less money on the same subscription than other users. We are not sure how long this promotion will last. The provider tells it is a limited time offer, but does not mention when the promotion will expire. If you don’t want to miss this chance to save big, get deal as soon as possible. Currently, the provider reduces their prices temporarily. You can sign up the monthly plan at $6.95 USD. If you sign up 6-month plan, it costs Read More →

TorGuard Network Update & 50% Off Summer Sale 2024

TorGuard has been working on its network updates for months. They have updated certificates and improved large parts of their network. This network update will accommodate future support for IPv6, improve connection stability as well as boost speed and introduce fresh IP’s and servers. The provider also has adjusted server locations and switched data centers for better performance and security. If you found you lost data, don’t worry. The provider will bring the data back in different regions on updated network. According to the provider, they will temporarily remove a location when they find an alternative. Updates of server locations Read More →

Does Surfshark Work in China?

Recently, we received messages like “Does Surfshark work in China? If it works, which server location should you connect for best possible connection?” To provide reliable answer, our colleagues in China signed up a Surfshark plan and tested the services for months. They had tested the service before when we first reviewed the VPN. As the network environment in China is changing all the time, we decided to test the service again to give you real-time test results. At this time, they mainly recorded the performance and ability to bypass the strict Internet censorship. The test results show that Surfshark Read More →

ZenMate Launches 5th Generation App with Upgraded Hardware Infrastructure

According to ZenMate, their team has been working for months behind the scenes to launch a new generation of ZenMate app. The new generation will bring users the best available VPN technologies and benefits. Firstly, the team is adding Multiple Protocol Support to ZenMate app. The multiple protocols will help users overcome online restrictions and unblock streaming videos effectively. At the same time, they are adding OpenVPN support to all of their existing servers. That means OpeeemVPN will be available as an option within the app itself and no longer require manual configuration. Users can enjoy the highest levels of Read More →

ExpressVPN has Announced an independent Audit by PwC

ExpressVPN has announced an independent audit of its VPN servers to verify its new in-house TrustedServer technology held by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC is an independent and well-respected auditor with a long track record of auditing a number of the world’s largest and most influential companies. This time, they had thoroughly audited ExpressVPN’s code and examined their servers. The VPN provider claims not to store any VPN connection logs such as your IP address, connection timestamp, or session duration. Therefore, PwC team particularly checked if the servers were indeed in compliance with the company’s published privacy policy and no user logs Read More → Adds Split Tunneling & Granular Access to Its VPN is always working on perfecting their VPN solution by adding more and more advanced features. Now it adds split tunneling and granular access to its VPN.’s split tunneling feature enable you to select the apps for which you would like to channel through the VPN connection, and which ones you don’t. By connecting to a VPN on certain apps while maintaining direct Internet connection on others, you can get the best possible connection as other apps won’t be rerouted to remote and encrypted servers. That allows you to maintain low latency connections in your online games, downloads, file-sharing, Read More →

ExpressVPN ups Simultaneous VPN Connections to Five

ExpressVPN is the most popular VPN service because it offers fast, stable, secure, private and reliable network. In the past, it allowed three simultaneous connections. Currently, it allows five devices to connect simultaneously on the same account. Please note that you can install ExpressVPN app on as many devices as possible. It only limits that you are allowed to connect the VPN to five devices at the same time. There is no limit to installations. Now, you can log in your ExpressVPN account on five devices at the same time. There is no need to sacrifice your privacy on one Read More →

PureVPN is 82% Off – Get Limited Time Offer at $1.99/mo

Good news. PureVPN is offering the 1-year plan at 82% off. You can get it at $1.99 USD per month. At this time, this is the best offer. You can pay less than other users while you get the same package with full features. Besides, there are 1-month and 2-year plans. It costs $10.95 USD for one month and there is not any discount. The 2-year plan is 74%. If you want the biggest savings, the 1-year plan should be your first choice. By signing up the 1-year plan, you will get access to the military-grade encryption, anonymous VPN IPs Read More →

TorGuard Free Trial 2024 – Try It Risk-Free

Are you looking for the best Internet security and privacy tool for your online activities? How do you know if the service is the best for you? The most effective way to find it out is to use the service yourself. Most VPN providers offer free trial and money back guarantee to let you get started with their services without taking a risk. A number of our readers asked if TorGuard is a reliable VPN. They wanted to know if it is worth to invest the service. Our experts have tested the service carefully based on our readers’ requests. We Read More →

NordVPN Announces NordLocker for File Encryption

NordVPN is an advanced and very popular VPN provider. It has a huge number of fans around the world. Recently, NordVPN has announced a new service called NordLocker which is a file encryption tool slated to arrive this summer. This tool uses end-to-end encryption to secure files stored locally on a computer or on a cloud service. NordVPN’s CMO, Marty P. Kamden says, “We at NordVPN believe that the digital environment must be better than it is today. As a company, we strive to move towards becoming an all-around cybersecurity solution that people trust. By releasing NordLocker, we want to Read More →