Hide.me Adds Split Tunneling & Granular Access to Its VPN

Hide.me is always working on perfecting their VPN solution by adding more and more advanced features. Now it adds split tunneling and granular access to its VPN.

Hide.me’s split tunneling feature enable you to select the apps for which you would like to channel through the VPN connection, and which ones you don’t.

By connecting to a VPN on certain apps while maintaining direct Internet connection on others, you can get the best possible connection as other apps won’t be rerouted to remote and encrypted servers. That allows you to maintain low latency connections in your online games, downloads, file-sharing, and browsing. The split tunneling saves you from switching your VPN on and off when opening certain apps.

Enable Split Tunneling in the app settings and configure it to exclude certain apps from the VPN tunnel or set specific apps to use the VPN tunnel. After you configure it, you can access both local and foreign websites without location confliction. The apps that do not go through the encrypted servers will run faster.

Hide.me is a very popular VPN that has been trusted by over 15 million users in different countries. The VPN masks your IP address and wipes your digital footprint to keep you anonymous on the Internet. The provider does not store logs of your online activity, so no one can track you online. It offers hand-picked 56 locations and 1400 servers throughout the world. You are allowed to connect to any server to spoof your location and overcome geo-restriction, accessing blocked contently freely.

Hide.me uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt all of your Internet activity and bury it below several layers of security. It also supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSTP, SoftEther and IKEv2 to help users access the Internet securely and bypass Internet restrictions. The provider offers free and premium version. The free version allows 2 GB data transfer, 1 simultaneous connection and 5 worldwide locations. Premium users can enjoy unlimited data transfer, 5 simultaneous connections and 56 worldwide locations. It starts from $5.41 USD per month.

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