NordVPN Announces NordLocker for File Encryption

NordVPN is an advanced and very popular VPN provider. It has a huge number of fans around the world. Recently, NordVPN has announced a new service called NordLocker which is a file encryption tool slated to arrive this summer. This tool uses end-to-end encryption to secure files stored locally on a computer or on a cloud service.

NordVPN’s CMO, Marty P. Kamden says, “We at NordVPN believe that the digital environment must be better than it is today. As a company, we strive to move towards becoming an all-around cybersecurity solution that people trust. By releasing NordLocker, we want to make top-notch data security available for everyone – regardless of their tech skills. To achieve this, we combine the best usability practices with the highest encryption standards.”

NordLocker will be available on macOS and Windows, encrypting your file on device as well as those ones stored on cloud. It uses the two most secure encryption algorithms available today, the AES-256 and 4096-bit RSA. It also utilizes the same zero-knowledge encryption process as NordVPN does. The provider won’t view your files or share them with third party.

In addition, NordLocker offers to help you share files securely. You can manage access permissions and allow your partners to access certain files. Your NordLocker account will be secured by a master password. You can create a strong password to prevent unauthorized access. It lets you send invites to desired recipients. Who receive the invites will be able to decrypt the file on the NordLocker app. When you share files, there is no need to share master password. You always have complete control over your files.

According to the provider, NordLocker will be available later this summer. Currently, it is going through internal stress-tests. The price has not been announced yet. Will you be the first ones who use NordLocker?