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Are you looking for the best Internet security and privacy tool for your online activities? How do you know if the service is the best for you? The most effective way to find it out is to use the service yourself. Most VPN providers offer free trial and money back guarantee to let you get started with their services without taking a risk. A number of our readers asked if TorGuard is a reliable VPN. They wanted to know if it is worth to invest the service. Our experts have tested the service carefully based on our readers’ requests. We found it a great service. As different users have different requirements on VPN, we suggest you make use of the TorGuard free trial to find out if it is the service you exactly need by yourself. It is the most effective direct and effective way to find out the best VPN. How long is TorGuard free trial period? What features can you benefit during TorGuard trial period? Let’s find out in this article.

TorGuard 7-Day Free Trial

A VPN free trial is very important as users have different needs and VPNs change quickly. Some of them mainly specialize in security and privacy. Some of them are good at streaming and torrents. Different VPNs have different strong points. Before you use a service, you can’t decide if it provides what you want. To learn about the VPN, you can read professional VPN reviews. Besides, a VPN free trial will help a lot. TorGuard offers free trial. To feel the service yourself, you can start a free trial. It allows you to try the service in all aspects without paying a penny.

TorGuard VPN free trial is different from those ones in the market. To apply TorGuard free trial, you need to send a copy of your most recent VPN bill to TorGuard to prove that you are using a different VPN service. Once the provider confirms it, they will give you a 7-day free trial of their premium service. After you end your subscription with other VPN, you can send a proof of the cancellation of your old VPN to provider. TorGuard will provide you a 30-day free trial on any of their subscription plan. You will have enough time to test its servers, performance, and features free before purchasing a plan.

TorGuard VPN provider is very generous. They offer free trial with full features. Many services provide free trial with limited features, so users can access only parts of the service and can’t fully feel the service. Luckily, you can enjoy unlimited experience with TorGuard free trial. It gives you full access to the service. You are able to connect to any server you need, switch to the highest encryption standard, get help from the useful support team and enjoy the amazing privacy protection. During the trial period, you can conduct all activities you would like to do with the VPN. You will know exactly if TorGuard is the best VPN for you. It is not about the price, but the features it includes and the helps you get from the service. Start TorGuard free trial to get a taste of the service before you make a decision.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Like other leading VPN providers, TorGuard has confidence in their service and promises to give you a refund if you are not satisfied with the service. Your friends may tell you that TorGuard is a great service and suggest you give it a try while you may hesitate as you don’t ensure you like it as well. There is no need to hesitate. TorGuard has 7-day money back guarantee, and you don’t have to take any risk. No matter which package you need, simply sign up a plan. You are suggested to spend the first 7 days to use and feel the service properly. Learn if it is secure and fast enough to give you a pleasure browsing experience. Check if it unblocks your favorite streaming websites and apps. Confirm if it works your favorite devices. If you feel that the service doesn’t exceed your expectations, you can request a refund within 7 days of the purchase. You will get your money back, no questions asked. Try TorGuard risk free. Below is TorGuard’s refund policy.

If you are less than 100% satisfied with the VPN, Proxy or Email service, we will gladly refund your payment if the refund is requested within seven (7) days from the date of the purchase (Excluding Dedicated IP’s), TorGuard cannot guarantee that all external services will work or continue to work with your assigned dedicated IP’s or shared IP’s, in any case Dedicated IP’s once assigned to the user cannot be refunded. Requests made later than the 7 day purchase date window will be denied. Refunds can be denied within the 7 day period in certain cases. Refunds can also be withheld in the event of a terms of service violation. Please also note that gift cards cannot be refunded to alternative gateways, cards that cannot be refunded to the source will be applied as a credit on your TorGuard account.

TorGuard Packages & Pricing

TorGuard provides customizable packages, so users can purchase a package they need without having to pay for what they don’t want. There are four packages to choose from, Anonymous Proxy, Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Email and streaming bundle. TorGuard starts at $3.91 USD per month. The provider runs promotion occasionally to let users cut down budget on VPN. The longer subscription you sign up, the bigger discount you get. In general, the yearly price is more cost-effective.

TorGuard offers Anonymous Proxy package to help you hide your IP address and protects your HTTP traffic. It does not encrypt your activities like streaming and torrenting. This package includes unlimited speeds, unlimited bandwidth, SOCKS5/SSH/HTTP/SSL, secure browser extensions, 3000+ IPs in 50+ countries and FREE 24/7/365 support. It allows you to surf securely and evade hackers. You can perform online activities privately with proxy servers. No traffic logs will be kept. The Anonymous Proxy starts at $3.91 USD per month.

If you mainly need private and secure connection, you can consider TorGuard Anonymous VPN package. It masks your IP address, encrypts your connection to the Internet and enables you to bypass geo-restriction. This package allows unlimited speeds, unlimited bandwidth and five connections. It comes with 3000+ servers in 50+ countries, OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPsec, OpenConnect SSL based VPN, TorGuard Stealth Proxy, FREE 24/7/365 support and strict no logs policy. There are multiple billing cycles to choose from. It is the best seller. TorGuard Anonymous VPN starts from $4.17 USD per month.

TorGuard provides a special package for email protection, the Anonymous Email package. By using the encrypted email service, you will be able to stop ISPs and other prying eyes from intercepting and viewing your valuable messages. TorGuard Anonymous Email uses the OpenPGP to stop brute force. It offers unlimited offshore email storage, uses secure G/PGP encryption, supports two-factor authorization and includes perfect forward secrecy. You will get MITM attack protection and secure email deletion. It has no log policy. There is no header IP disclosure. This package is welcomed by business users. You can get it at $4.16 USD per month.

If you love all the packages TorGurad offers, do you have to create multiple accounts to purchase all of them? No. There is an ultimate package, the Streaming Bundle which includes Proxy, VPN and Email packages as well as additional features. You can access all of the services TorGuard provides by purchasing this package. It lets you enjoy unlimited speeds, unlimited bandwidth, anonymous VPN access and anonymous PROXY access at the same time. You have access to the 3000+ IPs in 50+ countries, SOCKS5/SSH/HTTP/SSL, OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPsec and FREE 24/7/365 support. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. TorGurad Streaming Bundle costs 10.17 USD per month.

Payment Options

Which payment methods does TorGuard accept? As a leading VPN provider, TorGuard accepts various kinds of payment methods. You can use Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal to make payment. Bitcoin is the most popular option as it allows users to make payment anonymously. Also, it accepts popular payment methods including Union Pay, Alipay, Paysafecard, CashU, Bank Transfer, WebMoney, iDeal and Boleto. Besides, the provider takes gift cards from Subway, CVS, Burger King, Dollar General and Circle K in the USA and Canada. You surely can find your favorite option to sign up a plan.

What is TorGuard?

TorGuard is a leading VPN which has high reputation throughout the world. It offers anonymous VPN services with bitorrent proxy and P2P/Torrents. Their VPN service is packed with solid security features and an excellent privacy-friendly no-logs policy. It uses industry standard of encryption to safeguard your online activities. The service has servers in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. The worldwide servers give users Internet freedom and great browsing experience. Torrenting and P2P are supported on their servers. TorGuard also is popular for their instant and useful support. Users can receive support and get problem fixed timely. This service works on all major systems and platforms, covering all of your devices. The provider gives a lot of options to customize your service package. You can purchase several add-on services with your VPN subscription. The service is solid yet affordable which starts at $3.91 USD per month. There is a TorGuard free trial which lets you try the service for 7 days before you sign up a plan.

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Professional Security Options. TorGuard is famous for its professional security features. Their pre-configured software utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to protect your precious online data. All of their servers are encrypted, and all of your Internet data travels through their encrypted servers. It offers AES 128-bit and Blowfish 128-bit encryption as alternative options. If you prefer faster connection, you can switch to AES 128-bit or Blowfish 128-bit encryption which is slightly less secure. This level of encryption has not been cracked yet. Besides, there are DNS/IPV6/WebRTC leak blocking, kill switch, and more to keep you private and safe on the Internet.

Advanced VPN Protocols. TorGuard combines high encryption technology with OpenVPN obfuscation, Stunnel, OpenConnect, Shadowsocks, IKEv2 and SSTP etc. OpenVPN is the most famous VPN which supports high encryption standard and maintains fast speed as well. IKEv2 is secure and stable on mobile devices. SSTP is good at bypassing strict VPN blockades. It disguises your traffic to look like regular SSL traffic to avoid blocking effectively. You will be able to access restricted contents as well as keep private with TorGuard.

Worldwide Servers. TorGuard has a fast and vast network of 3000+ global VPN servers in over 50+ countries and regions. There is no limit in server switching. You can access servers in Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, England, Romania, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Finland, Egypt, Russia, Poland, Italy, India, Panama, Spain, USA, Hong Kong, Norway, Turkey, Iceland, Japan, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Tunisia and New Zealand. You are suggested to connect to server that is close to your location for faster speed. Enjoy the unlimited bandwidth and zero throttling with TorGuard secure network.

Friendly Privacy Features. TorGuard has a true no log policy and doesn’t log anything you do on the VPN. Your online activities keep private. The provider offers both shared and dedicated IP address to replace your real IP address, preventing others from tracking you online. TorGuard software has built-in blocking of WebRTC and IPv6 leaks to wipe out clues to your identity. The Internet kill switch blocks Internet access in case the VPN connection drops. The prying eyes won’t have a chance to snoop at your connection. The STunnel obfuscation feature disguises your connection to hide the fact that you are using a VPN. Besides, TorGuard accepts anonymous Bitcoin payment. They also separate their payment information system from their service system. Others can’t use your payment detail to track back to you. It is the tool that helps you take back your privacy.

Borderless Internet Access. There are many kinds of Internet restrictions set by different parties. Some streaming services are restricted in certain regions and countries. Luckily, TorGuard spoofs your location and disguises your traffic, helping you successfully access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and BBC iPlayer. It also has dedicated streaming IPs that overcome geo-restrictions effectively. If you live in a country where government surveillance and censorship is common, you may fail to access many famous websites and apps. The good news is that TorGuard is specially configured to work in countries like China, Iran, Syria, or UAE where VPN protocols and ports are heavily censored by ISPs due to government’s request. You will be able to surf the web without restrictions.

TorGuard supports unlimited and fast P2P traffic on server locations in Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Iceland, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Malasia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey. The servers are optimized for P2P and streaming, so you can expect excellent experience. It claims to be working with BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze, qBittorrent, and more. Use TorGuard to stream your favorite content and download anonymously.

Multiple Platforms & Instant Support. TorGuard offers easy-to-use VPN apps for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and OSX devices. It has intuitive user interface and you can get started without any problem. It takes few minutes to install and set up the VPN. If you need TorGuard protection on other devices, you can set it up on Kindle, Xbox/Ps3, Apple TV, Chromebook, Tomato, DD-WRT and ASUS Merlin. You are allowed to connect up to 5 separate devices at a time, including smartphones, tablets, consoles, and desktops. If you have problem in using the service, you can ask for support via the 24/7 live chat or an email ticketing system. The support team is patient and knowledgeable. Besides, you will find plenty of information on their official websites.

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Conclusion (TorGuard Free Trial)

TorGuard offers a 7-day free trial with full features to let all new users try their service without a risk. During the trial period, you can enjoy the best available encryption, advanced VPN protocols, fast global servers, excellent privacy features, borderless Internet access, solid VPN apps and professional tech support to full feel the service. This service protects your real IP address from online exposure and guards your data against threats. There are no Internet connection logs, and you have complete anonymity on VPN usage. It supports unlimited speed and bandwidth through their worldwide servers. The accessibility of several torrent-friendly proxy and VPNs enable you to access the Internet securely and privately without restrictions. TorGuard offers budget-friendly packages, and it won’t break your bank to sign up with their service. Can’t make up your mind now? Start TorGuard free trial. You have 7 days to try the service free.

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