ExpressVPN has Announced an independent Audit by PwC

ExpressVPN has announced an independent audit of its VPN servers to verify its new in-house TrustedServer technology held by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

PwC is an independent and well-respected auditor with a long track record of auditing a number of the world’s largest and most influential companies. This time, they had thoroughly audited ExpressVPN’s code and examined their servers. The VPN provider claims not to store any VPN connection logs such as your IP address, connection timestamp, or session duration. Therefore, PwC team particularly checked if the servers were indeed in compliance with the company’s published privacy policy and no user logs guarantee.

ExpressVPN developed their TrustedServer technology to make their servers run on RAM rather than hard drives, claiming it is more private and reliable. The tram from PwC gained extensive access to ExpressVPN’s team, code and system information for the duration of the audit. The audit took more than a month to carry out.

To audit ExpressVPN’s server management, the auditors interviewed the staff for detail information. Likewise, they dug down into the source code that underpins ExpressVPN’s service and inspected their technical log files & configurations. ExpressVPN’s server configuration and deployment processes had been examined as well.

As PwC demands that the results of the audit should not be published individually or as excerpts. To know the results, you need to read the independent audit in full. Please note only ExpressVPN customers can read it. Their customers can visit the Privacy and Security audits page of the ExpressVPN website by simply logging into their accounts.

Audits like this are pretty important for the VPN industry as most people use VPN to protect their privacy. If the VPN does not guarantee their privacy is protected, why bother purchasing it? As some governments try to crack down end-to-end encryption, the audits face unprecedented scrutiny. Before buying a VPN, they need to reassure that it is a genuine security and privacy tool. To achieve users’ trust, the VPN provider needs to be transparent and open. Therefore, ExpressVPN uses the auditor to deliver an audit. ExpressVPN is our top pick. You can view more information of this VPN here.

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