Hide.me VPN Adds New Security Feature – Firewall

Hide.me VPN recently adds a new security feature called Firewall to ensure a higher level security for customers on the internet. All internet traffic encrypted and protected by VPN like Hide.me VPN with various advanced security technologies are more secure. Hide.me VPN is an excellent and powerful VPN service lead by a professional and distributed technical and expert team. They often or regularly updates their technologies and expertise to make sure their customers can have a worry-free browsing and streaming experience and keep away from any kinds of online threats like snooping, IP leak, censorship, surveillance, data breach and identity Read More →

Opera Adds a Free VPN to its Android Browser App

Opera’s Free VPN is Back! Opera is a secure and innovative browser used by millions around the world. It is the first browser-maker who bundle a VPN with its service. But last year, Opera closed down its VPN app for iOS and Android  called Opera VPN, and it appeared as though it was gone forever. However, Opera’s free VPN is back. This time, Opera is adding its free, unlimited VPN to its Android browser so Android users no longer need to download an extra app to use the VPN service. Opera’s VPN can help people bypass any Internet censorship and shield browsing Read More →

VyprVPN Service Update for iOS App

VyprVPN in China Updates When VyprVPN’s service has been updated for iOS App, we are happy and take the first action to report that to our readers VyprVPN support team have restored their services on all VyprVPN Apps including our iOS App. As its user, you will be able to connect successfully from China using your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad like you are using on Android, Windows and Mac devices.

PureVPN January 2019 Limited Time Offer – Get it at $2.95/mo

At the beginning of 2019, PureVPN offers sweet discount on its products to let users start the new year with great security solution package at low cost. PureVPN is one of the most popular VPNs throughout the world. It utilizes top-of-the-line military-grade 256-bit encryption to safeguard your online data against snooper and cyber criminals. It hides your IP address and wipes your digital footprint, so you can browse the web, shop online and conduct other activities anonymously. It offers 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries. You are allowed to connect to any server you need to spoof your location. That helps Read More →

How to Access Slack in China?

Are you still struggling with the Internet restriction in China? You may hear of the strict Internet censorship of China even though you might not have been in this country. Lots of websites have been censored by the government. You can’t use the Internet normally there like how you do it in your own country. Many users asked if Slack works in China. If Slack is blocked, how will you access it? Will you violate the laws if you use Slack in China? Those are the most frequently asked questions. Well, you will get the answers and learn how to Read More →

VyprVPN Services in China Update

Starting someday ago (December 21st, 2019) the Great Firewall of China implemented new blocking techniques which enabled them to detect and block VPN traffic quicker than in the past. VyprVPN’s technology team is engaged and will be working diligently until they find a solution to this issue. They will stay in close contact with us as they make progress. This news is released from VyprVPN team.

How to Access Pandora in China?

My friend strongly recommends Pandora. He’s studying in the US at this moment. We have the same hobby, and he said that I surely like this radio. I would like to check it out while I can’t access it. It tells that this service is not available in China. Is there a way to access Pandora in China? Please suggest. Thanks. Is Pandora Available in China? Pandora is a famous online radio station and music discovery platform. Users in China can’t access this service because of the geo-restriction. On this platform, users can find their favorite songs and discover new Read More →

NordVPN is Offering up to 75% off – Black Friday Special Offer 2018

Are you fans of NordVPN? If you are, you would love this promotion information. NordVPN is offering up to 75% off for their Cyber Month. During the Black Friday Sale, you get the best value. NordVPN offer one package with three plans. There are 1-month, 1-year and 3-year plan. The longer subscription you sign up, the bigger discount you will get. The 1-month plan is flexible. You will be billed monthly. It is a good choice if you only need VPN protection for few months. However, there is no discount on this plan. It costs $11.95 USD per month USD. Read More →

How to Access Google Duo in China?

Why Google Duo is Popular? Google Duo is developed by Google company and one of the most popular products used by most internet users. Like Viber, Line, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Google Duo is also a video chat mobile app which gives internet users the highest quality video calling functionality. Google Duo works on smartphone and tablet based on Android and iOS system. You can use Google Duo to make a high-definition video call to contact your friends and families even though your device is under low-bandwidth network. Google Duo is based on your phone number. That means your Google Duo Read More →

How to Access Reddit in China?

Hey. How can I access Reddit in China? I still could use it there last year. I had been there for one month. Reddit worked normally when I needed it for work. However, I couldn’t load it after I arrived at hotel yesterday evening. I assumed it has been censored. What happened to this service? It has escaped from the blocking for years. Why it is blocked this year? What’s the most effective way to unblock Reddit in China? Can You Access Reddit in China? Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms. It bills itself as the Read More →