Google adds VPN Support to Linux Applications on Chrome OS

Instead of relying on Android apps, Google keeps working on native VPN functionality that runs in a Linux container on Chrome OS. They have recently completed a code change to the program. This VPN support is included by the Dev Channel of Chrome OS 75. Likewise, it comes with a few other fixes. It adds privacy to online activities by using an app or extension to route your traffic through a server, encrypt your data and hides your tracks online.

It commonly takes longer time for VPNs running on Chrome OS to apply to Android apps. The good news is that the VPN support for applications running in a Linux container has finally arrived. Currently, Linux applications are allowed to be operated under any VPN from an Android app or a Chrome extension on Chrome OS 76 in the Dev/Canary branch.

Once the feature is implemented over Chrome OS in the Stable Channel, all your activities will be protected in those Linux containers as well as the Chrome OS and Android portions of the OS when you choose to Linux apps along with a VPN.

Keith Myers wrote on his blog, “Your Linux container will now route traffic over a VPN if you have a VPN running on your Chromebook. This includes both VPNs setup in the ChromeOS VPN settings and Android VPNs! I have personally tested this using the OpenVPN application on Android connecting to my personal VPN and it worked flawlessly. There are no flags to enable, it just works.”

We now have an Android VPN, and why do we need the native Linux VPN for Chrome OS? It is reported that users will have more control and configuration options on the Linux side. Besides, some enterprises use custom VPN services that may not be supported in an Android VPN app. The native Linux VPN for Chrome OS can be very helpful in many cases.

As the Stable Channel is currently expected to drop in mid-June, most users are not able to see the new VPN feature on their OS at this time. To find it out, you can try in the Dev Channel or the Beta Channel. Your favorite VPN will soon begin working on your Linux Apps on Chrome OS.