NordVPN Solution for Businesses is Coming

In those days, business information can be intercepted on the Internet and sold to competitors easily. If business confidential information has been leaked, businessmen could lose millions dollars. Therefore, businessmen secure their online communication and protect their data. VPN is the most popular tool which businessmen use to safeguard their confidential information and data. Business users who work with their teams remotely and need to access company resources securely especially need VPN.

VPN is widely used by Internet users. There are VPNs for both home and business use. As working remotely becomes common, business VPNs are in demand on the market. Lately, NordVPN team announced that their business VPN is coming soon. NordVPN is a famous VPN which comes with solid features. It is very powerful yet simple to use. It protects users’ online privacy, secures online traffic and helps users bypass geo-restriction. According to the provider, the business version is coming out this summer.

NordVPN team says, “Even though NordVPN is recognized and awarded as one of the best VPN services, initially it was created for personal needs. However, the number of our business clients is growing every day, and we wanted to create a product that can better meet their needs and expectations. That’s how NordVPN Teams was born.”

The NordVPN business version will include dedicated company servers, powerful control panel, dedicated custom gateways and 24/7 instant support etc. It provides users seamless access to company networks and resources with military-grade encryption, ensuring users’ online data is safe from cyber threats even when connecting to unsecured public hotspots.