Can’t Connect HMA VPN from China? HideMyAss VPN for China Review

Have you been using HMA for VPN connection? The HMA VPN is too slow and may be oversubscribed in certain countries or locations with heavy government censorship.  HMA may have been heavily monitored by the local government so that the connections made to HMA VPN servers are taking forever to establish.

HideMyAss VPN Review

HideMyAss VPN suppliers have been offering VPN services given that 2005. The company was begun by Jack Cator in Norfolk, England. He initially began the service as a way for him and some friends to bypass their school’s firewall program constraints. In 2009 he presented HMA as a membership service and it broadened quickly and has never recalled. Privax is based in London, England and AVG Technologies remains in The Netherlands. Presently HMA has more than 940 VPN servers in 350+ areas. These are spread out in between over 190 nations worldwide. This suggests they can provide their subscribers an option of over 120000 IP addresses in physically varied places to assist them browse the Internet more safely with greater privacy.

Safe Trial Period
HMA Pro VPN does not use a free trial. They know that you would like to attempt out their service for yourself prior to you choose to buy it so they provide new subscribers a 30-day, 100% money back warranty.

If you have gone beyond the 10GB bandwidth limitation however your initial order is for more than one month, they might release you a partial refund based upon your use. If for any factor, you are not entirely pleased with it and you meet the other requirements, they will reimburse your complete purchase rate. No refunds will be offered after thirty days from the purchase date.

Due to the fact that most of the popular VPN providers are not working in China or very slow connection, please talk to our VPN professionals for the faster, more secure reliable VPN solutions.

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HMA Network and Server Locations
HMA has the biggest network geographically with servers in over 190 nations throughout the world. It has grown in size and efficiency throughout the years as innovation has advanced. They presently have 940 VPN servers in 350+ areas in 190+ nations worldwide. This enables them to use faster connections to a broader series of limited websites around the globe than numerous VPN suppliers.

Each IP address is just appointed to one user at a time. This implies they know who has what IP address and the time they have it from the logs they produce.

This practically define their logging policy. They do log and store the details for as much as 3 months.

We leave it for the user to choose if this policy appropriates for their private VPN functions. It must be kept in mind that we believe that if privacy, even from your relied on VPN is a genuine issue to you, then HMA is most likely not going to be your best option. Those who want to use P2P services might likewise wish to take a look at other VPN companies.

HMA Support
In our negotiations with the personnel behind the live chat, we found them friendly, quickly, and professional. The responses they offered to our questions were on point. Furthermore, they supplied links to their support FAQs that they believed would assist us. Their support page has lots of helpful responses to more typical questions that users have asked in addition to setup guides for other gadgets. For more prolonged technical issues, they offer a 365/24/7 e-mail ticketing support group that you can initiate through chat, in addition to, through their support page.

Is HMA Working in China?
During our testing, HMA is taking very long for the VPN connection to be established if choosing the server geolocations other than China.

And even though it is displaying as ‘Connected’ status, the surfing to websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter is very slow or not working properly at all, not to mention watching the videos from Youtube. It may have be targeted specifically by the GFW of the Chinese government due to the large numbers of users using HMA VPN.

Though HMA VPN is good for you to use in other countries, if you connect to HMA VPN servers from China, most of the HMA servers are very slow to be established and if luckily connected, the connection speed is too slow for any Internet purpose. We suggest you can choose other VPN providers or contact our VPN professionals for effective VPN solutions for you to access any website/application from China.

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Is there other popular or ‘best’ VPN providers also having the same connection issues when connecting from China?
These popular VPN providers are also experiencing slow connections in our testing:

VPN ProviderVPN Description
Avira Phantom VPNAvira Phantom VPN is a product of Avira, the well-known anti-virus program. However, this Avira Phantom VPN is not working at all for the VPN connections
VPNAreaVPNArea is also suffering the same issue for VPN connections. It may have been filtered specifically by the GFW.

If you have the same connection VPN issues of HMA VPN or other VPN providers like slow connection or connection not available situations, please talk to our professionals for effective VPN solution for China.

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