ExpressVPN Now Supports Amazon Fire TV and Android TV

This is what you’ve been waiting for: ExpressVPN can work on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV, making it the perfect VPN app for Kodi and streaming media now!

People love streaming movies on their smart TVs. Nothing beats the feeling of watching your favorite series on Netflix, while sitting on a comfy sofa in your living room. But when streaming certain movies, you may always find some of the shows on Android TV, as well as Amazon Fire TV are inaccessible in certain countries. That’s because of regional blocks. Plus, when your TV is connected to the Internet, it may pose risks to your privacy like your computer does. These can include hackers or snoops viewing your activity, or your ISP or service provider collecting information about your viewing habits or behavior.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs in the market. Virtual private network is actually a technology that lets you create a secure network connection while using a public network and improves your online security and privacy. With ExpressVPN on your Amazon Fire TV or Android TV, you will be able to access any restricted contents on your TV freely and with no risks at all. It greatly improves your streaming experience by offering enhanced speeds while you stream content, and defeats throttling performed by your ISP.

How to Download ExpressVPN on Android TV?

1. Sign up ExpressVPN account from their homepage.

2. On your device, go to the Android TV Google Play Store and search for ExpressVPN.

3. On the ExpressVPN app page, select Install.

4. You will need to confirm app permissions before proceeding. Select Accept to continue.

How to Download ExpressVPN on Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV?

1. Sign up ExpressVPN account from their homepage.

2. On your device, use the Search function and search for ‘ExpressVPN‘.

3. Enter the app page for ExpressVPN and download the ExpressVPN app. Wait while the app is downloading.

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