Hide.me VPN Adds New Security Feature – Firewall

Hide.me VPN recently adds a new security feature called Firewall to ensure a higher level security for customers on the internet. All internet traffic encrypted and protected by VPN like Hide.me VPN with various advanced security technologies are more secure. Hide.me VPN is an excellent and powerful VPN service lead by a professional and distributed technical and expert team. They often or regularly updates their technologies and expertise to make sure their customers can have a worry-free browsing and streaming experience and keep away from any kinds of online threats like snooping, IP leak, censorship, surveillance, data breach and identity theft attacks. Although Hide.me VPN has offered many different advanced and useful security features and technologies like Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, SoftEther protocol and much more, Hide.me experts and technical team still keeps improving the quality of their VPN product and service. The technologies can be updated from time to time and add a new feature to their VPN tool. Now Hide.me VPN adds a new feature called ‘Firewall’ to make their Windows VPN apps more desirable for online security seekers. Firewall feature can make the connectivity more robust and safe. And once you enable it on your Windows devices, you will never worry if your IP would be leaked out. It can definitely make sure your IP is safe completely. Hide.me VPN adds this new feature Firewall to increase an extra layer of security for internet users much!