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Internet security has become a household topic as hackers are polishing their tools and tactics to take you down virtually. Besides, the ISPs also collect users’ browsing histories and sell it to the third parties without your consent. What’s worse, this is legal and allowed by the Congress. In this case, a reliable VPN like HideIPVPN is needed to secure and keep your online activities private. It offers useful features and affordable prices. The provider offers giveaway and promotion to let all users enjoy its great service. With HideIPVPN Promo Code, Coupon Code, you can save cash on VPN subscription.

What is HideIPVPN?

HideIPVPN is a US-based VPN and SmartDNS service provider. VPN is a technology that enables everybody to use the Internet securely and freely. Behind this service, there is a global team of IT professionals. They focus on delivering a faster, more reliable and dependable VPN service to every person in the world. The VPN hides your IP address by encrypting your data and routing it through remote servers, keeping your activity, your identity and your location private. It allows you to access whatever you need in restrictive network at work or School. You will be able to unblock international restricted content. During this process, it does not require any level of technical experience. The VPN is very easy to use. To get VPN protection, you don’t have to spend too much money because the prices of HideIPVPN are friendly. During its promotion, you get cheaper price.

Pricing & Promotion (HideIPVPN Promo Code: 45% Discount + Extra 10% Off Coupon Code 2018)

HideIPVPN offers six different packages with different prices. The US VPN plan includes premium 6 VPN servers. The UK VPN plan supports 7 servers. The Poland VPN plan has 3 servers. The BitTorrent VPN plan allows 8 servers. Users who are interested in pirating popular films need this plan. Their prices all start from $ 3.33 USD per month. There is no discount on the monthly plans. The Quarterly plans are 25% off and the Annually plans are 45% off. The Ninja Power plan is the best seller and it is most expensive one. It costs $ 5.83 USD per month and comes with premium 29 VPN servers. It is the combination package of VPN, Smart DNS and Proxy. If you don’t need encryption, Smart DNS plan should be your choice. It is the cheapest plan which costs $3.25 USD per month. With it, you can access 200+ websites with geo-restriction. It supports unlimited devices and original ISP speed. You can pick any plan to meet your need. Besides, you can get more discounts with HideIPVPN promo code, coupon code or discount code. At this time, extra 10% off is available with one time promo code.

How to Get Extra 10% off Discount?
1. Visit HideIPVPN provider from this page.
2. Click on Pricing from homepage.
3. Choose the subscription time among Annually, Quarterly and Monthly.
4. Click on “Order Now” below the package you need.
5. Click on “Do you have a promo code?” You will see a popup with 10% off information. Click on “Get it now.”

6. The total due will be reduced.

7. Enter your email and choose your payment method to finish payment. That’s how you can get extra 10% off one time discount.

HideIPVPN accepts various popular payment methods among VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, JSB, American Express and Dinners Club. Payment method won’t be a problem. Besides, the provider accepts anonymous payments through Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the best ways to pay for goods and services online anonymously. Others can’t track back to you according to payment you made online.

Get HideipVPN 45% OFF & Extra 10% OFF Now
Free Trial & Money-Back Guarantee

If you can’t decide yet, the free trial is recommended. HideIPVPN generally offers a 24-hour free unlimited bandwidth usage trial to their VPN service. The free trial allows you to access all of their VPN servers in US, UK, DE, NL and Canada. The SmartDNS and proxy services also are available. That enables you to fully test all its features without risking money on it. Besides, you can get a 7 days free trial for their Smart DNS. You have enough time to test if it provides what you want. Another good point is no credit card detail is required to get the free trial. You only need to provide your name and email to get started. In addition, HideIPVPN has confidence in their services and believe that you will love their services after you use it. Therefore, they offer new users a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the VPN service, simply ask for a refund.

Bundle Discount

Everyone needs protection on the Internet. You can buy two or more HideIPVPN plans for your family or friends because you can get bundle discount which lets you get more savings. Get your first package and contact the support agent, telling them that you are about to purchase a second one. In this way, you get your second package at 50% off. Use it as a gift for your friends or family. If you own many devices at home and in office, just keep it for yourself. If you purchase more VPN packages with one account, you can contact the support agent to get some discount. It’s always the best value for your money.

Why Choose HideIPVPN?

HideIPVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers. The provider keeps working on upgrading and expanding outstanding network. Their aim is to open the Internet for everyone by providing solid protection to privacy and freedom for people to express themselves. The provider offers anonymous IP addresses and global servers to help you bypasses local restrictions and limitations set on the customer’s area, giving you freedom to surf the Internet and gain access to your favorite sites and applications whenever you want to. It gives you 100% online privacy by encrypting your connection to the Internet, hiding your IP address and preventing DNS leak. They do not keep logs with your activity. It utilizes the most advanced VPN protocols and encryption standard for the highest security level. No matter you use it to bypass government censorship or limitation set by streaming services, it offers the best-fitting VPN protocols for you to connect. You will get the best connection with unlimited traffic on servers with bandwidth up to 1Gbps. You can get started with this service within minutes due to the instant activation and easy setup. They offer 24/7/365 customer support to assist you fix issue in time. If you purchase HideIPVPN now, 45% off is available on the annual plans and extra 10% off come with promo code. Learn more about the useful features below.

Worldwide Servers

The server you are connected to has effect on your connection speed .Generally, a great distance away from you like connecting to a VPN server on another continent may significantly reduce service speed. HideIPVPN distribute its servers logically around the world to give you the best connection no matter where you are. HideIPVPN offers 29 servers in11 countries. Though the amount of servers is not as large as other providers, its servers can satisfy all your basic needs. With servers in US, UK, Poland and other countries, you can access many blocked services in your county. When connected to US servers, you can escape from strict Internet censorship in China, Turkey and Russia etc. Many US-only services can be accessed in those countries when using a US-based IP address. Certain servers are offered to support BitTorrent. There is no limit to switch between different servers. Select any one you want. Servers are selected by clicking on a country flag, below which is a dropdown menu for selecting specific nodes from the regional cluster. The button to connect is located at the bottom. It’s very easy to operate.

Highest Security Level

In those days, the hackers are very rampant. Personal information like photos, health and financial information and political opinions should be kept private while you may have to use them on Internet. If you don’t protect them well, they are frequently available for snooping by advertisers, hackers, and spies. Luckily, HideIPVPN utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to secure all your connections to the Internet. It creates a secure tunnel between your device and the VPN server through which you are connected to the Internet. All your data packets are exchanged between the websites you visit and your system are encrypted by the VPN. The time needed to break the 256-bit of advanced encryption key is pretty long so that it’s almost impossible to decode it. US Government uses the same standard to secure their important data. The advanced packet encryption lets you protect your personal data from hackers, spies, authorities and any internet service provider. Stay secured on public Wi-Fi. There is no need to worry about information leak.

Get HideipVPN 45% OFF & Extra 10% OFF Now

Likewise, it supports all major VPN protocols. VPN protocol is a common name for the type of exchange and encryption used for specific VPN connection. The various protocols are solely responsible for converting data packets that travel from your end to the destined server or pc. These data packets are converted into the most impenetrable form of alpha-numeric binary codes possible, repelling any type of hackers and snoops from fetching users’ personal and confidential data. HideIPVPN supports SoftEther, IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP protocols. It is currently assumed as the fastest and most secure type of VPN protocols. It offers unbeatable performance on all supported devices and systems. IKEv2 also is fast and secure. It is the right choice for users who get mobile device that switches between GSM & W-Fi networks because of the built-in reconnect option. OpenVPN is one of the most popular protocols for its open-source nature. It comes with strong encryption. It’s possible to download OpenVPN client from the third party app store. SSTP is built in Windows systems. That means millions of users have it on their computers. It is equipped with strong AES encryption. L2TP/IPsec is widely used and easy to set up while it does not offer built in encryption. PPTP is an old protocol while it’s still fast and popular. Connect to any protocol to suit your network.

Blazing Fast Speed

HideIPVPN has worldwide servers to give you blazing fast speed. To get the best connection, it is suggested to connect to the server that is closer to virtual location. With wide range of server locations, you can always connect to the close servers for the fastest speed even when you travel a lot. Commonly, many video-sharing or big online stores require high speed to load their content. With this VPN, you will be able to stream your favorite shows in high definition and enjoy full bandwidth of your Internet connection. As your online traffic is encrypted, the ISPs only see encrypted content. They don’t know what you are doing and what’s your speed and bandwidth. HideIPVPN will not interfere with your work or browsing as it works constantly and quietly in the background. Watch videos and download at superfast speed with this VPN. 45% plus extra 10% off are available now.

Smart DNS

HideIPVPN offers VPN as well as Smart DNS services. Smart DNS is a useful tool to change the DNS server address on your device’s network connection in order to unblock geographically restricted content on the web. It gives you significantly higher speed for streaming purposes. This service has ample SmartDNS servers for the user to choose from. Your basic DNS server connection will be changed to the SmartDNS server connection provided by your VPN service provider. You ought to notice that Smart DNS doesn’t redirect traffic packets through a server like a VPN does. And it is lack of encryption. Hence, it is a great tool for bypassing geographic firewalls, but not for security purposes. All you family can benefit from the Smart DNS plan because it allows you to watch unlimited streams from unlimited services on an unlimited number of devices.

100% Online Privacy

When you browse, snoopers know who you are and track you according to your IP address. Your IP address is your unique address which lets the location of your digital devices that are connected to the Internet to be pinpointed and differentiated from other devices. To prevent others from tracking you, you need to hide your IP address with HideIPVPN. The provided servers are like an invisible cloak of anonymity hiding your real IP address. You are able to keep your activity, location and identity private since a VPN creates a secure tunnel between your computer and the Internet. Besides, the VPN provider has strict zero traffic log. They state that they do not keep logs related to any IP address because they care about customers’ privacy. Therefore, no third-party can match your IP to any specific online activity. With this VPN, you can surf online anonymously, bypass your ISP’s traffic shaping and hide your real location.

Get HideipVPN 45% OFF & Extra 10% OFF Now
Access any Website from Anywhere

A large number of users choose HideIPVPN to unblock restricted content. This VPN grants users the ability to make their Internet traffic look as if it is originating from various different countries around the world, unblocking geographically restricted content on the way. There are many streaming services that come with geo-restriction. Netflix is only open to users in US and BBC iPlayer is only available for users in UK. Besides, many countries block foreign websites or services for different reasons. They prevent their citizens from using YouTube, Google or other popular services. There is always Internet limit at school, university and work. HideIPVPN helps you overcome the Internet restriction. When it works, your Internet traffic is encrypted and tunnelled through one of the network’s servers, based around the world. Your Internet traffic is then made to appear as if it is originating from the server you are connected to. In this way, it enables you to spoof your location so as to view region-locked streaming content, such as Netflix though those services are fighting back. Giving you access to the hit streaming platform, Netflix, lets HideIPVPN defeat many competitors in the market. Netflix has been blocking different VPN services and IP addresses to stop users from other countries to view their content. Many VPN providers give up on this streaming service. However, HideIPVPN can make things easier for you. Just connect to a server in the US and enjoy streaming your favorite movies/TV shows online on Netflix no matter where you are. This VPN is able to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK as well. Also, HideIPVPN provides you an open Internet access from restricted locations such as China. No more boundaries while you can keep your browsing history private from your Internet service provider and other parties. It lets access any restricted content from anywhere.

BitTorrent VPN

BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic are allowed with HideIPVPN. There is a specific plan for BitTorrent users. P2P servers are essential for sharing or downloading media over the Internet. If you are into downloading immense amount of media from torrent clients or websites, you are in need of stable and high architecture P2P servers. The provider offers such eight different VPN servers for file-sharing. It has ample P2P enabled servers for its customers to utilize without having to care about anything. You can download freely and anonymously and won’t get caught for using BitTorrent.

Easy-to-Use Service

You can get started with HideIPVPN easily regardless of your computer knowledge. Once you’re done paying for your account, the provider emails you a set of login details for the VPN including a randomized username and password. It provides detail setup guides on various devices. Just one click and it’s activated. The VPN app has Intuitive design, Applications killer, DNS leak protection, Sort servers by speed, Friendly notification and update system. You can use it with almost any device including Wi-Fi routers, PC, Mac, tablet, Android, iOS, Smart TV and game consoles. This VPN allows unlimited number of devices to connect to their VPN simultaneously when using the same IP address. If you have any questions about the VPN service, feel free to contact the round-the-clock support team. They are knowledgeable and happy to help you.

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Conclusion (HideIPVPN Promo Code: 45% Discount + Extra 10% Off Coupon Code 2018)

HideIPVPN is great tool which allows its users to disguise their true location, unblock restricted content, anonymize their browsing sessions and protect their Internet activity from a number of malicious online threats, including hacking and snooping. The VPN package comes with DNS Leak protection. Your data packets and connection will get a second layer of masking that ensures even a higher level of security. It also has application killer in Settings. if the VPN connection drops, the client is instructed to automatically shut down these three apps, cutting off any traffic from going in or out. The plan starts from $ 3.25 USD per month. If you get deal now, 45% discount plus extra 10% off are available. Sign up to save money now.

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