How to Access DuckDuckGo in China

Today, many people using DuckDuckGo search engines for various purposes. But this site can’t access in China, because it has been denied with strict censorship. Likewise, many foreign websites are unable to access in China. Now, one of the best ways to bypass this strict censorship and use any foreign sites in China is using the legal Chinese VPN services and also gets access to DuckDuckGo in China.

Why Can’t You Access DuckDuckGo in China and How to Access DuckDuckGo in China?

In terms of technology, China is one of the leading countries in the whole world. The physical security as well as internet security can be one of the strictest ones in the entire world with their firewall, which is known as a Great Firewall of China. Undoubtedly, it is also one of the strictest firewalls in the worldwide.

Just like Google, DuckDuckGo is also a popular search engine. The special thing about this search engine is keeping the user’s search history of this search engine as much private as well as encrypted. This famous search engine does not share any sort of user information to any other third parties such as the government of China or anyone else. After banned of Google in China, this DuckDuckGo has also been banned in the China.

The internet users always need their privacy. They need to be guaranteed that their searches are completely safe as well as encrypted and will not cause any trouble like shared their history with any other third party network. For this reason, most of the Chinese citizens can preferably using this DuckDuckGo as their most favored search engine than Google. But after banned this search engine in China, only the VPN services can help the Chinese users to use this search engine without any hassles.

Find The Best VPN to Access DuckDuckGo in China

Commonly, the term VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that mainly creates an encryption between the user and the VPN server. This VPN server can acts as a middleman between you and the website you are visiting and also determine whether it is possible to access or block your connection. As we already know, the DuckDuckGo is still unauthorized in China along with several other famed services or websites such as Gmail, Face book and You Tube and so on. If you wish for to get access to this site on your mobile phone or computer in China, initially you can make sure that you want to setup the right VPN service that could be used on your phone to bypass the internet blocking in China. Before using it, you should know which VPN works and legal to use in China and which ones do not.

There are so many VPN service providers available to choose from, so you have to do fine Google searches and find the best one. Before choosing the VPN, there are several things to consider such as,

• You should know the charge of VPN service based on time or amount of traffic. If you are mainly browsing the text based websites or often watching You Tube videos, you should know the cost essentially.
• Also know the server locations, because some provides the different servers in all over the world, so you have to pick the one that gives you the fastest connections.
• You should also know what kinds of VPN connections are offered such as IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, etc.
• Ensure whether the VPN is automated set up or manual set up with software
• Ability to set up on your tablets or smart phones

Steps to Use DuckDuckGo With VPN

If you want to get access to DuckDuckGo in China, first of all you need to download and install the VPN connection and then open an account. Usually, this VPN application is using the proxy IP address as an alternative of using the original IP address. By choosing the right VPN service, you can use any websites that are unauthorized in China including DuckDuckGo. Below are the steps to use DuckDuckGo with the VPN that includes:

• Initially, the user needs to download the VPN protocol

A virtual private network protocol is the best online service that acts like a host, which will host the VPN connection, after you have downloaded and installed.

• How to download and install the VPN connection?

It is very simple and easy to download and install the VPN connection in China. You can choose the preferred VPNs and click a link in the navigation bar of a page for downloading. Once you have downloaded the VPN software, you just located the downloaded file and then follow the instructions to install and begin using it. Even some VPNs need you to sign up with an email address and do not need to create an account.

• Running the VPN program and then installing it

After downloading the specific VPN program, once you run the program they will prompt you to a message to select their chosen country. Based on your choosing country, the user’s IP address will look like, which is being operated from the outside of China and provides the user access to use any blocked websites in China, even including the search engine like DuckDuckGo.

• Log in to your VPN and access to your DuckDuckGo

To log in to your selected VPN, first of all you just enter your new account and password and the begin to run your VPN in order to protect your identity, access websites, content and access protected files on a network that is not available in the country. You can also change your settings that allow your VPN to launch automatically as well as connect to any random network.

Video Guide Show You How to Access DuckDuckGo in China

Bottom line

In fact, the VPN service is not considered as illegal in most of the countries that allow anyone to go ahead and start using the VPN service. If you are the user of DuckDuckGo search engine regularly and can’t access to this site in China, you can simply use the right VPN service that is best for you to get access to any blocked sites on your device.

If you are still not sure which VPN you may need to access DuckDuckGo in China, you can contact an online expert for further help.

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