How to Access Facebook in China on Android

Nowadays, many people use mobiles to access the internet or the app instead of PC. Because the mobile is more convenient when you are going outside. People can receive email, browser some famous sites as well as access Facebook. But unfortunately, Facebook is banned in China.

How to Access Facebook in China on Android?

Communication is the most developing field that roaming all over the world with the choice of having best network. Starts from the small handheld mobile phones even up to the satellite launching process are done everywhere is for the communication purpose. According to the research and development team in the communication field, the new innovative thoughts are used only to get the advanced network process and easy reception of signal. Since the communication field is the number one field in producing the biggest profit and containing huge profit within it, there is a big competition is going on between each network. The corporate who have the fastest acknowledge capability in the protocol access technique will be considered as the fastest network in the communication field. These protocol accesses are designed with the certain amount frequency range and certain amount of bandwidth are allotted for the specified networks. The sim access code that we use in our mobile should match those bandwidth limits and the frequency range limit which makes the connection between the server and client which is commonly known as the communication.

What Are Happening Through Communication?

The communication field is provides the interconnection between the people who are using the network protocol access systems that we commonly called as the networking gadgets. These gadgets produce the inter link between the people who trying to connect their protocol with another protocol number, this will results in the sharing of data from the one system to another. Apart from the data sharing there is huge process is going on in the communication field.

The social media is the bigger source present in this generation. This generation is the ruling period of media and networking corporate. There is mass number of community that has different kind of process which provides different kinds of usage in the communication field. The social media like whatsapp, twitter, Facebook, hike are provides different kinds of services assigned with the different kind of proceeding applications are embedded within the software package. If you are sharing any data through these social media, it will reach the world in a fraction of second. The communication between the poles of the world without the interference and interrupts are possible through this communication. The social media chat is the highly secured package that has no way to leak the data among the in between area during the transmission of data. And the main thing is the provision of individual media application like hike stickers. Hike is become the best communication only because of this stickers. These stickers made the hub as a unique one and provide some unusual thing that will make the pleasure within the people who communicate through the hike.

Famous Media That Is Prohibited:

Like the Facebook and twitter there is another app that used worldwide a unique that is used for commercially and also impressively by the audience? The specified application is known as line. This app is especially used for the free message and calling facility. This will provides the high accuracy and speed communication. This will give the pleasure and conveniences to the users who are readily use the app for communication. While using this app we can realize that the message data transfer from the source protocol to destination protocol with designated path in the designated time. This will be quite useful to the users who are troubling in their memories. Here they can save the data that to be sending in future with the date and time. This line is a better alternative to the most using application like whatsapp. In this application the message you send is wrapper to wrapper encrypted one. If you send the data from your protocol source with the designation protocol id name that you going to send to the person also to be entered. The protocol id that you enrolled during transmission of data only can read the data in the receiver host place. Hence there is no interference and no interruptions by the hack and crash options. So here we can get the safe and secured data transmission with the good speed rate and low memory rate.

Why in China?

China well cultural accepting country, this country follows the strict rules and regulations to maintain the dignity of the country. The government needs to focus on their tradition and the culture because they realize that their culture is their symbol and their tradition will lead them in a healthy way. Since this social media became an intervention to their cultural thoughts and they are not ready to give up their regulation for the social media. Since line is one of the highly technical applications, they think that these applications will change their regulation and community. So they don’t want to take risk in their country’s progress and hence they cancel the usage and blocked the line in the country.

Alternative idea:

Coin has the two faces. Likewise though the regulations become mandatory inside the country and the condition are strictly followed and there are some people who love to use the line. Their only thought is how to access the line in china? They are in the urge to use the link and getting interconnected with the world people. There is a savior that is commonly known as VPN Services. This VPN services are providing the WAP services from the isolated source/ by the use of this service one can share the data to his circle which means a group can use the data with a single data subscription. This will isolate the people data from the total mob data. But he trouble in this is the person who going to use VPN should activate the service before him entering into the china because when he entered his network also is getting routed.


Use the rules inside the country. But if you need to access the Facebook in china then you have to get the VPN from outside the country.

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