How to Access Facebook in China on iPhone

Now a day, there is an enormous growth in the development of technologies. In day to day life many advanced technologies are developed to make the man kind better. In internet, people have the many advantages to share information and to know all the things. But, it also has many disadvantages to turn over the teenage people.

How to Access Facebook in China on iPhone?

One of the most wanted technologies in the modern science is Facebook. It is used to share images videos and many things. Through these kinds of applications, people can interact with the people in the society. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which help the people to interact with the society. It is entirely helps to know what happens in the society.

To use the Facebook, user has to create the account on this application and it requires user name and password to log in to this application. It gives many features to the users and will become more useful for the business advertisements. The user can upload photos and videos on their respective account.

But these kinds of applications are blocked or restricted in some places based on their country rules and restrictions. Blocking of particular websites or particular applications can be done on school colleges or whole country which means the authority will not allow any person to visit such banned websites or applications. Mainly this is blocked in china and Dubai now but the user can access the Facebook in the country china by applying some methods. The reason for the bane of Facebook in china is that the Facebook does not have the license to the website required from china. Not only the Facebook and many applications are banned in china which is not included to the website rules of the country china.

Some Methods to Access Facebook in China

The VPN service provider is used to unblock the Facebook in some particular places or in some particular countries. This will helps to unblock the Facebook in some particular restricted countries. If the people are going to unblock the Facebook with the service of the VPN service provider, it will additionally require ExpressVPN. But, the VPN used should be stable for the usage of the users. Proxy will not be stable for these kinds of activities and it will not be a secure option. One of the main drawbacks with the proxy is that it is slower than the VPN services.

ExpressVPN is one of the most wanted VPN services when compared to other kinds of services and it provides the faster speed for the operations. The connections in these kinds of services will be the best for the country like china. It provides highly secure client software compatibility for the user systems.

Procedure to Access the Facebook in China

To unblock the Facebook in china on the iPhone, users have to install the VPN application on their iPhone. If the VPN service is the ExpressVPN then it will be more efficient to unblock the Facebook.

Then user has to switch on the respective VPN service and give the server country that is where the Facebook is not blocked. It may be United States, Australia, and India etc. it is done to change the IP address of such countries. After doing these kinds of operations, they have to go with the Facebook again and the Facebook will be unblocked.

There are many ways to access the Facebook in the restricted countries by using the best VPN service providers to change the IP address the respective countries. But, due to the rules of the country china many travelers are affected and it faces the inability to access the Facebook in such places. In such kinds of situations, this method will be applicable to use. But, they should ensure that they have the Facebook app already on their iPhone and it is not impossible to download or install the Facebook app if they are in china.

The important ways are that the users have to check whether the selected VPN service is fits for the particular place or country. VPN provides an encrypted connection to the remote server which affects the network traffics and allow the person to access the internet form the restricted firewall. But, it is very much important that the user should not install or download any file or games on their iPhone while performing the activities using the VPN service providers or interacting with them also. Because, it will leads to slow down the processes of the VPN services and also the user iPhone or the computers.

The users have to install the particular software because some VPN services will require that while installing the VPN services. Before going to access the Facebook, they have to do all the things for the access. The Chinese government blocks only these kinds of social media but it does not block the appstore. It will be the plus for the people in such country and also for the travelers. There are some free VPN services available for the iPhones and they are Ark VPN, ExpressVPN, and VyprVPN.

All these services can be easily downloaded and installed on their computers and iPhone. But these will be not more efficient when compared to the costliest and fastest VPN services for the iPhone. DNS server is the server where all the IP address of the websites from all the countries. If any country block any website and that will be reflected on the DNS server and it will also bane such websites.

All the technologies are developed only for the individual development and the information sharing between all kinds of people from rural area to urban area. But, many people are misuse these kinds of applications. By such kinds of people, many applications are suffered by the black marks. So, the entire person could use the technologies for the only purpose of the better improvement of the society and otherwise it will leads to many issues.

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