How to Access Facebook in China

“I am studying abroad in China. Obviously I couldn’t get on Facebook and Youtube since they’ve been banned. Does anyone know how to get on FB and Youtube? Give me the details please. I’ve heard about the VPN thing, but i have no idea what it is all about. Thanks so much.”

Facebook is one of the interesting social media platforms because people can easily communicate with other people with the help of Facebook. Now it has more than 600 million active users. But many of the travelers face problem while visiting to china because Chinese Government restricted the access of Facebook.

Why is Facebook Banned in China?

Specifically, Facebook was blocked as a result of Ürümqi riots because Xinjiang independence activists were using Facebook to plan their destruction. They used Facebook to communicate, plot and plan in 2009. Since then, Communist Party of China deems the website detrimental to maintaining social peace and harmony, thus Facebook was banned. Actually except for China, there are still some other countries where Facebook has been banned like North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan and Vietnam etc.

Best way to access Facebook in China

If you are a Facebook fans and looking for a way to access Facebook in China, then you can take the below suggestions to unblock Facebook which include:

• Secure proxies
• Free proxies

Although social media service like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gmail service are blocked in China, people can easily unblock them with the help of VPN. Virtual private network is one of the most important factors which could hide your information from Chinese government server. While you use a VPN, your online activities are encrypted so that no one would know where you are located, and your internet service provider even cannot track you.  To start using a VPN in China, you must sign up with a VPN service first, and then log in the user name and password, so that you can easily access Facebook freely.

Things to know about the virtual private network

Actually virtual private network is established the encrypted connection between remote server and it allows the people to access the internet service from restricted areas. VPN could affect all of your website traffic like Facebook and other kinds of instant message service. Basically there are free VPN and paid VPN service so that people might choose the best one according to their requirements. If you look for a way to access Facebook in china then you must do the below thing like

• Try to find out the best VPN service that meets your requirement
• Check out the virtual private network
• Download any kinds of necessary software
• Connect with your VPN

Some of the major social service could be blocked by Chinese government and people can also use the VPN server to solve this issue. Certain types of the VPN service even offer the mobile apps so that people can utilize on android, iPad and iPhone. If you use windows then you might choose the “set up VPN connection” so that you can easily access the Facebook when you visit in China.

Suggestions for accessing facebook in China

In a modern world many of the people recommend VPN because it can offer a lot of benefits to the people. You can also use the proxy and it is the website which is sufficient to unblock the Facebook in China. Actually there are plenty of free proxies available online so that you can easily try them whether they are working or not. In case you are not satisfied with the free proxy then you might use the secure proxy. One of the studies says that proxy is entirely different from virtual private network. If you struggle to choose a best VPN then you can get help from the internet because they offer excellent information about virtual private network. There are many virtual private networks which include expressVPN and VyprVPN. If you signed up with this VPN service then you can get your own account. This kind of the VPN completely hides your website traffic from ISP so that people can easily access the Facebook without letting Chinese government know.

Features available in the virtual private network

Actually different types of the virtual private network are available and each VPN has its own advantages and features so that people can select the best one based on your requirements. Plenty of features are available in virtual private network such as

• Support
• Server count
• Simultaneous connections
• VPN location switching
• Encryption protocols

If you are interested to access the Facebook in China then you must choose the best virtual private network because it completely hides your IP address. Encryption protocols are one of the most important factors that could avoid censorship and it completely improves your security when you surf online. Certain types of the protocol could not work so you must carefully choose the virtual private network protocol. If you are looking for a best and fast VPN, then expressVPN is the best choice because it is the fastest VPN to unblock Facebook in china.

Things to know about the main encryption protocols

Actually encryption protocols are the most important feature while you are choosing a VPN because it stands for the level of security offered by virtual private network. And the most popular protocols are listed below:

• OpenVPN
• IPSec or L2TP
• OpenVPN
• Chameleon

According to the research, it says that SSTP is the fastest protocol and even it could be faster than the PTTP. Chameleon protocol is quite similar to the OpenVPN 256 bits and it could provide the robust encryption method. At the same time PPTP is the weakest encryption protocol however it is faster than the other kinds of encryption protocol. OpenVPN could be coming with the 256 or 160 bits and it offered the premium level of security. But the main problem was this protocol was not supporting all kinds of the mobile device.

Performance of the VPN is quite good in China and it could work better in large countries. If you have poor internet connection then it could slow down your VPN performance. Most of people are recommended to use the EXPRESSVPN in China as it provides excellent security and it offers unique IP address while you access Facebook in China. It also has 30 days money-back guarantee to ensure you will have a good experience while using this VPN service.

If you are still not sure which VPN you may need to get on Facebook in China, you can contact our expert for more suggestions.

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