How to Access Gmail in China 2018

Can you access Gmail in China? If you live in China or just about to go to China for business or on vocation, can you use Gmail there? No. Once you came to Mainland China, your access to Gmail is unauthorized. For example, you can not access Gmail in ShangHai or BeiJing. Because the site has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

Do You Know How to Access Gmail in China?

Email is an important gift of internet usage. Google services like Gmail is the most useful email service available all over the world. Gmail is published by Google and first provides service to users from early 2004 and ended its testing phase on July 7, 2009. After Gmail came up to the world, it has way over 900 million users using the service every day to keep up with work and relatives and friends. The Gmail mobile application had a record of 90.7 million users accessing Gmail at the same time from different countries from its limited beta release in 2014. Around 75% users access the mail service from their smartphones. Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more powerful, wonderful and useful. One only need to sign up for a Gmail account and then you can use the Google Account by using the username and password to sign in to Gmail and other Google products like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive. Still, If someone be used to use Outlook to check and manage email, he can easily use it to check your Gmail account as well. What you need to prepare is firstly set up the Gmail to connect With Microsoft Outlook to log into your Gmail Account.

Gmail is only blocked in Main China; you can still access it from Hong Kong and other IP addresses. If you’re compelled to get a way out of these geo-restrictions, using VPN to bypass censorship and restrictions are the best way. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure tunnel that allows the users to hide their identity and avail the blocked websites easily. VPN uses encrypted codes which can crack the restrictions of China’s internet police.

Why is Gmail Not Allowed in China?

Recent years, there are many sites have been blocked by the Chinese Government for so called security problem. So like many other foreign websites, all the Google services are banned in China. The constant internet monitoring and restriction of various websites with China’s national internet firewall commonly known as Great Firewall of China (GFW) have made it impossible for the Chinese population and the travelers in accessing the services. GFW is constantly looking for the access, publishing and all the actions of the population on the internet. Useful websites like Gmail- one of the Google services, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and news portal such as Bloomsbury news is officially blocked in China. If you’re traveling to China, it is recommended to install or register a VPN service before reaching China. A VPN is a network which provides its users a virtually private network and changes the user’s original IP address to a proxy address which makes it look like the user is situated in some other country whereas, in real life, they are situated in China. The VPN changes the IP address of the device the user is using and then lets the user use internet sitting at their home’s comfort, even those websites which are blocked in China! That is why you need a VPN to unblock Gmail in China.

How to Access Gmail in China?

To access Gmail in China, you will have to use a VPN service, or we can say virtual private network. For understanding how VPN can help, one must understand how the VPN works. VPN are the different types of virtual networks that help the people getting in touch with the different type of web sites and servers located outside China. They encrypt the incoming and outgoing data from the user’s system, and hence the data is safe from the Great Firewall. But the question arises, is it even legal?
Well yes, the VPN is China is completely legal but not free of cost. They are legal to be used in commercial areas and educational areas, and this legal right given by China to these VPNs is the key to using the different types of blocked sites in China.

How to Setup VPN in Windows?

• Find your IP address using Command Prompt.
• Click ‘Start’ and then click ‘Run.’
• Type ‘Control’ in the text area and press ‘Enter.’
• Go to ‘Network and Connections’
• Go to ‘Create a New Connection’ from the left toolbar.
• ‘New Connection Wizard’ window will open, Click on ‘Next.’
• Choose ‘Set up an advanced connection,’ click ‘Next.’
• Select ‘Accept incoming connections,’ Click ‘Next.’
• Select ‘Next’ and select ‘Allow virtual private connections’ and then ‘Next.’
• Don’t change any option in ‘Networking Software,’ Click ‘Next’ and you’re good to go.

Connecting the VPN server:

• Home > Menu > Settings
• Go to Wireless & networks
• Select VPN settings
• Your VPN connections will appear here.
• Choose the VPN you want to use
• A dialog box asking password will appear, fill it and click on ‘Connect.’

How to Use A VPN to Access Gmail in China on Android Device?

Nowadays the online market is flooding with VPNs. The rate of VPN users is also rising to unblock these restricted websites. The main reason to choose a VPN is data safety and privacy. So before choosing a VPN service, you have to compare with more brands in order to get a best one for you, and make sure it supports several system or devices, for android devices you can set up the VPN in ‘Settings’ of the phone with the same account login details. When you follow all these steps, you are able to access the Gmail on any or every device you want. So, don’t stay bound with the restrictions and start using Gmail with a few minor steps.

These are the steps to set up a VPN service on your android device:

• Go to ‘Settings’ icon and tap on it.

• Select ‘More’ under ‘Wireless & Networks’ and then select ‘VPN.’

• You’ll find a ‘+’ in the top right corner, select it.

• All the VPN information will be displayed by your network administrator. Name your VPN in the text field and choose the type of VPN server you need, enter the VPN’s IP address and ‘Save’ it.

• Tap the ‘VPN profile’ you just made. Type your ‘Username’ and‘ Password’ that you got earlier. Make sure ‘Save account information’ is ticked. Then tap ‘Connect’.

• You can save the details for the network to remember you for future use. When connected, the VPN will show a ‘VPN activated’ notification. To disconnect just select the notification and tap on ‘Disconnect.’

Android user may face a little difficulty while installing VPN as the Google Play store is banned in China which means you’ll require a VPN apk from a computer or get a free trial VPN before you can access Google Play store. You can use your PC’s VPN pack on your android device with the same login details. But this is inconvenience for most of people to do that, you can try a easier way to use your Facebook. The first step to using Facebook in China is to purchase a VPN service, after that install the software and change a bit of setting on your device and use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) internet smoothly. ExpressVPN is reliable with super quick speeds, and it provides 24/7 support and a 30-day money back guarantee policy. You don’t have any risk to use it. That is why it is your first choice to use to access Instagram in China. You can also get access to Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat etc in China if you have ExpressVPN service.

Best VPNs for China or Other Prohibited Countries

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Tips: Gmail is one of the most popular email service in the world. Like we said last what is more important, it is free!!! Everyone can use Gmail by creating an account from Google as it is developed by Google. Though it is powerful, it is easy to use, but what a pity it is not allowed in China. China has undoubtedly the most strict internet security in the whole world, and the citizens of China do have to pay for it with being informed with news and affairs only of China and to be completely out of any connection with the rest of the world. The problem what is the best VPN for you to use to access Gmail perfectly in China. ExpressVPN $6.67/Month (Save 49%) is highly recommended as it is reliable and stable with high ratings that still work in China. Once downloaded and installed, you will be asked to run the VPN program that you installed on your computer or mobile device. Most of the VPN user interfaces are similar when it comes to using them, so the user would not be having many problems running it. While running it, the user will be asked to choose their favored country, and upon doing so, the VPN will make the proxy IP address look like it is from another country, and thus enabling the user to use Gmail being in China.