How to Access Gmail in China

Brief Introduction of Gmail

Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service developed by Google company and it is widely used by many users and companies. It has storage capacity of 1 gigabyte and it consists of the search oriented interface. Considering Gmail is the most popular email provider in the world, many people would like to use it rather than other email providers. However, this service has been blocked in China now. So if you are travelling to China then you may face the problem while accessing Gmail.

Why is Gmail Blocked?

Actually China internet censorship is quite strong and they’ve already blocked all kinds of the social media services which include YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, twitter and the New York Times. The reason that blocked Gmail started with a dispute in 2010 between Chinese authorities and Google, in which Google refused to censor its search results for users in the mainland on behalf of the government. As a result, almost all of Google’s services have been heavily disrupted in China since then.

VPN is A Best Choice to Help You Access Gmail

Vpn, also known as virtual private network, which offers excellent privacy and security to users.  Most VPN services support all kinds of platforms like tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphone. That means you can use it on either a computer or a phone/tablet anytime. VPN encrypts all of a device’s incoming and outgoing internet traffic, and then routes it through a server in a location of the user’s choosing. Your real IP address will be hidden and online activities are encrypted by using a VPN.  In a modern world, there are many of the vpn service providers so that people must choose a trusted one to keep privacy safe enough.

VPN is a good tool to protect your privacy because it completely hides your traffic. By connecting to a VPN server that hasn’t been blacklisted by the Great Firewall, Gmail users can access their email normally in China. Normally, there are free VPN and paid VPN. We suggest a paid subscription is needed if you need strong security.  Usually a paid version VPN offers plenty of server locations around the world, and faster speeds than those free VPNs.

If you prefer to use Gmail on mobile, you should make sure the VPN provider you choose makes an app for your device. Many popular VPN service suppliers support both android system and IOS, few even offers Windows system. However Chinese authorities have caught on to VPN use and blocked many known VPN servers.  So if you need to access Gmail with no problem, you had better choose an available and trusted VPN which meets all your requirement first.

Recommended VPN Service Suppliers

Chinese Netizen can easily access Gmail with the help of virtual private network and there are different kinds of the VPN providers such as

• VyprVPN
• PureVPN
• IPVanish
• StrongVPN
• Private internet access

IPVanish consists of the unlimited bandwidth and it is suitable to bypass the great firewall in china. There are more than 50 VPN servers available in IPVanish so that you can easily access Gmail in China. And the best thing is this VPN is suitable for all mobile platforms.

VyprVPN has its own DNS servers which can better protect users. With it, you can enjoy high speeds from a network of over 700+ servers across the globe.  Now many people offered positive feedback to the VyprVPN because it provided lots of benefits to the people. But at present, they do not offer payment with Bitcoin or any other anonymous form of payment.

PureVPN is also a best virtual private network because it is quite easy to use. It offers 790+ servers spread across 141 countries and it has excellent and fast connection so that people can access the Gmail without facing any kinds of the problems.

Simple Steps to Unblock Gmail in China

As long as you follow some simple steps, then you can easily unblock Gmail in china:
• Go to your system and click open network and sharing center
• Click on “setup the new connection” and select the workspace to connect
• People might also use the my internet connection (VPN) after that you must enter the server address and name of VPN connection
• Click next and try to enter your username with your desire password after that press create button.
• Once the connection has established then you might obtain the confirmation message and if you look to change the adapted settings then you must scroll sharing and network center
• Right click the virtual private network connection and go to the security tab so that you might select point to point tunneling protocol.

How to Setup Vpn Connection on iOS?

If you want to establish the VPN connection on iOS device then you must go to the setting and visit General>VPN> Add VPN Connection. After that you need to select from the IPSec or PPTP tunneling protocols. If possible you can enter the name for description purpose and people must enter the IP address at server. And then you need to provide the proper credentials like username and password, so that your VPN connection could be established. Always try to choose the perfect VPN provider that could have auto reconnect features. Choose the VPN servers outside of China to help you hide your information from China server.


Actually there are plenty of vpn service providers in the market. You may not know which one is the best. While choosing the virtual service provider to unblock Gmail or other Google services, people must take vpn connection, server location, account setup process, VPN protocols and technical support as first consideration.  Limit of bandwidth is also an important factors because it referred the amount of traffic offered. Certain types of service can offer the 5 to 20 GB per month while other providers can provide the unlimited bandwidth.

If you are still not sure which VPN you may need to access Gmail in China, you can contact an online expert for further help.

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