How to Access Google in China

Google Brief Introduction:

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It was founded in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, in California.  Whatever questions raise your mind, people can get answer with the help of Google because it can provide you all information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. However, Google is banned in China. That means if you live in China, or you are a visitor coming to China, you will have no way to access Google, other Google services like Gmail, Google maps, Google drive, Youtube, Google store and Google+ neither.

If you’re looking for an effective way to access Google, a VPN service can completely help you. It makes it easy to bypass location-based IP blocking to access Google in China.

Why is Google Banned in China?

Although Google is not frequently used by Chinese netizens, banning Google in China did really make most visitors inconvenient and upset. There are 2 main reasons that Chinese government banned Google.

After banning Google, it gives space to local search engines like Baidu and Sogou to develop into billion dollars companies. Local search engines can make government keep better control of the information that circulates and easily monitor user data as they have full control on China-based services.

Choose a Best VPN Service Provider

VPN, as known as virtual private network, considering as the most effective and safest way to unblock the restricted sites in China. By connecting to a VPN server that hasn’t been blacklisted by the Great Firewall, your real IP address can be hidden from the ISP and government, so it makes people access Google in China without any problems.

There are different kinds of the VPN providers. Some are for free while some cost money. When choosing a virtual private network, VPN protocol it provides is an important factor. Usually, best VPN services provide protocols include:

• L2TP
• OpenVPN

OpenVPN is the recommended protocol among these 4 protocols as it provides the highest encryption. L2TP is also a good choice if OpenVPN isn’t supported by your device. It is easy to set up, but has trouble getting around firewalls and isn’t as efficient as OpenVPN. SSTP only works for Windows operating system. It can be your second choice after OpenVPN if you are on a Windows computer. PPTP comes with lower encryption but its speed is very fast. Avoid PPTP if possible.

Also fators you need to consider before you pay for a VPN service:
• Server location
• VPN protocols
• Encryption level
• VPN bandwidth and server load

Popular and Famous VPN Services

If you need to set up strong internet connection then it is always advisable to know about the popular and famous virtual private network. There are various VPN service providers such as:

If you are trying to unblock Google in China then it is necessary to choose the best virtual private network provider. A good virtual private network always works on all kinds of mobile devices. VyprVPN could be a good choice as it works with the Linux and windows and offers the fast speed connectivity. At the same time people can obtain free 500 MB each month and this kind of service comes with the lowest price. People can also acquire help from experienced people because their customer service is good. Experts in their team have many years of experience.

Using VPN to Access Google in A Few Minutes

If you need to access Google in China, then the first thing you must do is to sign up a VPN service. Once done, you have to follow the instruction and download VPN client on your preferred device.  Next, launch the application and log in with your credentials. Choose a server location free of censorship to connect VPN connection, then you can enjoy an unrestricted, free and open Internet experience.

Advantages of Using VPN

As everyone knows, Google is the integral part of search engine in most of the western countries and if you prefer to use Google in China then you should use a best VPN. VPN is a good tool to protect your privacy because it completely hides your internet traffic.

Actually everything you do on the internet has to pass through your own ISP before reaching the destination. So, when you request Google, for example, the information is sent, unencrypted, to your ISP and then through some other channels before reaching the server that holds Google’s website. During this transmission to the server and back, all of your data can be read by the ISPs that are used to process the information. After A VPN is installed, you do not have to worry about this situation.

VPN provides complete anonymity for their users. When you connect to the network through a VPN, the data is always kept secured and encrypted. In this way, the information is away from hackers or eyes. Your ISP cannot even track you. Anyway, VPN is not only a good thing to protect your privacy, but it is also great for accessing blocked websites or for bypassing Internet filters.


There are plenty of ways to access Google in China like using a proxy or Tor. However virtual private network is still considered as the best way for accessing Google in China because it is completely safe and legal to use. While choosing a virtual service provider to help access to Google, people must take vpn connection, server location, account setup process, VPN protocols and technical support as first consideration.

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