How to Access Instagram in China Perfectly?

Can you access Instagram in China? Is Instagram allowed in China? If you have tried many times to access Instagra in China but you failed, do you realize that Instagram has been banned by the Great Firewall of China? How to use Instagram in China without any problem?

Do You Know How to Access Instagram in China?

Instagram is one of the most popular App that is used for sharing photos by 400 million people. Instagram supports mobile, desktop so it has been used widely to oomph up many businesses, and the aesthetic values of photography are sky-rocketing. This App first launched in 2010 creating by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. When it is made for users, this great App only supports iOS operating system, but it began to support android system and Windows operating system in the following years. After registering an Instgram account, one not only can upload photos but also videos to the service. What is more, the registered users can also connect their Instagram accounts to other social media profiles, enabling them to share photos to those profiles as well. However, Instagram quickly gained popularity, with one million registered users in two months, 10 million in a year, millions of users up to September 2017. If you live in China or just about to go to China, you are not allowed to use it. The Chinese government blocked the Instagram site or App for some security problems. In this age, the residents of China may feel a little left out in the game of sharing the life on Instagram. But there is definitely a way out.

Why is Instagram Not Allowed in China?

The main reason Instagram has been blocked in China is the Chinese government want to stop the foreign publishers to publish about China on their websites in their language. If you get any news that has something offensive about the Chinese government that can provoke the people of China, it officials don’t want to see its citizens being crazy then the only block is to stop the news source. Hence there are many online news websites and mobile applications have been blocked to be accessed by the Great Firewall of China. If you are an user of the Instagram and want to get access to it on the Chinese mainland, then you will not be able to get it with the Chinese servers. Hence you need the other methods to get the access to the Instagram website or App in China. China is the leading nation in production of technological goods for the whole world. But in the internal matters, China has been known to restrict the citizens from using very popular Social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, and even the very popular image sharing site of Instagram. This hindrance is colloquially termed as the Great Firewall of China.

The people may unblock Instagram by using a VPN platform, which is rather commonly known as Proxy websites. VPN stands for virtual private network.

The work process of a VPN

The VPN is such a network which enables you to access something privately while guarding your personal information against a Third party. The VPN makes up a false IP address which makes you almost untraceable as it can be from anywhere in the world. Thus, a person using Instagram in China will appear to be using it from a place where people use Instagram freely.

Now we should come to how a person can actually use a VPN.

The Person will need to download a VPN provider’s application

Choose a VPN wisely, most of them will charge you a minimal amount for letting you access the sites. The free sites may restrict the person or may not even work for a country like China. The person should not download a VPN provider’s app which looks extremely fishy.

VPN protocol

Downloading of a VPN protocol is integral for having a smoothly running VPN.

Choosing a VPN

Generally, a person accessing a private site from a computer should choose an Open VPN, but as Instagram is used on the phone, the person needs to see that the VPN provider should support L2TP/IPSec to let them use Instagram useful in Android and iOS. A good provider will always meet your needs. The person needs to see that they have a good number of countries servers.

Installing the VPN

The person needs to install the app either from the Internet or can use Torrent if it is really hard to find the VPN provider they are looking for. Register into the app according to your needs and pay safely.

Choosing the location

All the VPN works almost in a similar way so the person would not need to struggle. It will say them to choose a location accordingly to use the restricted app. One should do so and choose one where Instagram is available.
VPN’s open numerous sites, so the person in China will be able to use more sites to his need. It is recommended to use a fairly strong broadband or Wifi Network.

How to Use A VPN to Access Facebook in China on Android Device?

Nowadays the online market is flooding with VPNs. The rate of VPN users is also rising to unblock these restricted websites. The main reason to choose a VPN is data safety and privacy. So before choosing a VPN service, you have to compare with more brands in order to get a best one for you, and after buying or downloading a VPN service, you can usually access it with your Macbook, Windows PC or android devices, for android devices you can set up the VPN in ‘Settings’ of the phone with the same account login details.

These are the steps to set up a VPN service on your android device:

• Go to ‘Settings’ icon and tap on it.

• Select ‘More’ under ‘Wireless & Networks’ and then select ‘VPN.’

• You’ll find a ‘+’ in the top right corner, select it.

• All the VPN information will be displayed by your network administrator. Name your VPN in the text field and choose the type of VPN server you need, enter the VPN’s IP address and ‘Save’ it.

• Tap the ‘VPN profile’ you just made. Type your ‘Username’ and‘ Password’ that you got earlier. Make sure ‘Save account information’ is ticked. Then tap ‘Connect’.

• You can save the details for the network to remember you for future use. When connected, the VPN will show a ‘VPN activated’ notification. To disconnect just select the notification and tap on ‘Disconnect.’

Android user may face a little difficulty while installing VPN as the Google Play store is banned in China which means you’ll require a VPN apk from a computer or get a free trial VPN before you can access Google Play store. You can use your PC’s VPN pack on your android device with the same login details. But this is inconvenience for most of people to do that, you can try a easier way to use your Facebook. The first step to using Facebook in China is to purchase a VPN service, after that install the software and change a bit of setting on your device and use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) internet smoothly. ExpressVPN is reliable with super quick speeds, and it provides 24/7 support and a 30-day money back guarantee policy. You don’t have any risk to use it. That is why it is your first choice to use to access Instagram in China. You can also get access to Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat etc in China if you have ExpressVPN service.

Best VPNs for China or Other Prohibited Countries

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Tips: Though Instagram is one of the powerful social media website and application providing service for people to share their pictures and videos with family or friends so that people can enjoy their happy moment. However, this multimedia website is also the part of one of those popular applications that have been blocked by Chinese firewall for protecting their citizens from unsafe situation. So is there a way by which people can use Instagram in China? Yes, of course. Up to now, you must understand that if you want to access Instagram in China, a VPN service is necessary. The problem what is the best VPN for you to use to access Instagram perfectly. ExpressVPN $6.67/Month (Save 49%) is highly recommended as it is reliable and stable with high ratings that still work in China.