How to Access Pandora in China?

My friend strongly recommends Pandora. He’s studying in the US at this moment. We have the same hobby, and he said that I surely like this radio. I would like to check it out while I can’t access it. It tells that this service is not available in China. Is there a way to access Pandora in China? Please suggest. Thanks.

Is Pandora Available in China?

Pandora is a famous online radio station and music discovery platform. Users in China can’t access this service because of the geo-restriction. On this platform, users can find their favorite songs and discover new interested records. When you search for your favorite song, it creates a station for you, playing similar music. You don’t need to skip any song because it automatically plays songs according to your favorite ones. There are free and premium versions. It lets you listen to Pandora for 40 hours every month for free. The free version is supported by ads. The premium version comes with unlimited access and it is free of ads. It works across all major systems and platforms, so you can play music anywhere and anytime you like. Pandora has been a popular service for music lovers. Hearing favorite songs can heal when you feeling bad or create atmosphere for happy occasion. However, not all music lovers can use this server because Pandora’s music streaming service is only available in the US, New Zealand and Australia. The restriction has been implemented ever since 2007. If you live in China, you will be redirected to the error page when trying to access Pandora. You need to switch your virtual location to one of the supported countries to unlock it in China.

Why can’t I Access Pandora in China?

It’s a globalization age. Why can’t users access foreign websites and services? It is because Pandora blocks all traffics from outside of Australia, New Zealand and the US due to licensing agreements. It determines users’ physical locations according to IP addresses shown to public. Once it detects Internet request from other countries, it blocks the access and displays notice, telling that their content is not available in your region. Pandora not only filters traffics, but also blocks connections via VPN to prevent users in foreign countries accessing their contents. In fact, geo-restriction is common for streaming services. The famous platform like Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer are restricted in their countries due to copyright issue.

Besides, China is famous for its high Internet censorship. It has the most complicated firewall which blocks lots of websites and applications that their government consider as “harmful.” Most western social media platforms, news website and streaming services are blocked in this country. YouTube, Vimeo Twitch, Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and more streaming sites are added on the blocking list of the firewall. Even though Pandora is not available in China, it is still censored. Though some foreign websites are not blocked by firewall, users have poor connection on those websites. Therefore, it is necessary to spoof your location to get rid of strict Internet regulations for great experience with Pandora in China.

How to Unblock Pandora in China?

Have to move to another country for study or work? Want Pandora to accompany you in foreign country? You will still be able to listen to music on your favorite streaming platform. There is no reason to give up this great service. A VPN will help you overcome the restrictions to stream Pandora radio in China successfully. Pandora detects your IP address to figure out your location so as to allow and block access to their content.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It assists users to unblock Pandora in China by masking their IP addresses. When you load Pandora, your IP address gives away your location. It allows your access if it detects you are in the “legit” country. If you are not, your access will be refused. VPN providers offer worldwide server locations, and almost all of them have servers in the US. Once you persuade Pandora that you are in the US, you will gain access to this streaming services.
How does VPN actually help? When you install VPN client, you are allowed to select a server location. Servers in the US, Australia and New Zealand will help to access Pandora. When you connect to server in Chicago, you will have an IP address in this city. Your China-based IP address is hidden. It encrypts your data and channels your traffic to server in Chicago. Next, the Internet request will be sent to Pandora server. As you are in “Chicago,” Pandora grants you access to their contents. The result is sent back to the VPN server first. The VPN alters and encrypts the returned data from Pandora before it sends it back to your device. Finally, your device decrypts the data and shows Pandora content. Before you start Pandora, you need to connect to VPN. Once it works, you can disconnect VPN to avoid hiccups when listening to music because this streaming service will continue to play in the background. Please note that it will show error again if you try to skip tracks or switch channel. Hence, remember to reconnect to VPN before you do that.

Still can’t Access Pandora with a VPN?

Many users complained that they still get restricted error when using a VPN. What’s the problem? As we mentioned, Pandora blocks VPNs as well. It has the ability to detect encrypted traffic and deny traffic via VPN connection. Therefore, it is very important to pick the right VPN. Many streaming services figure out some VPN providers’ encryption methods and use related technology to block the encrypted traffics. Many VPNs can’t help you unblock streaming services any more though they can change your virtual location. Luckily, there are many VPNs that still work with Pandora. They use the latest encryption methods and develop special protocols & tunnels to disguise your traffic like a normal https connection to avoid VPN blocking. Before you purchase a VPN, you need to check out if it works with Pandora. You can confirm it by contacting their support agent or read the VPN review.

Can’t Open VPN Website to Download VPN Client?

Many users try to install a VPN to unblock Pandora in China. However, they can’t load websites of many famous VPNs. It is because the Chinese firewall blocks those websites. It disables weak VPNs. For those ones they can’t control, they choose to block the websites to prevent users from downloading VPN in their country. Though their websites are blocked, their software still can bypass the firewall and work normally in this country. Therefore, we suggest you install VPN before you go to China. It will work greatly to let you access Pandora. If you are already in China, you can use proxy sites or Tor browser to unblock VPN website and download you need. You also can use leading VPN like ExpressVPN. Its websites are available in China and its software works stably there. As we mentioned proxy site and Tor browser, you may wonder if you can just use them to unblock Pandora in China. They may work in the beginning to unblock restricted content, but they are not the best tools for streaming service Pandora which blocks proxy servers aggressively. They are not powerful enough to provide you stable and secure connection to this streaming service, especially when you are living in China.

What else I can Do with VPN in China?

VPN is a very useful tool, offering assistances in many aspects in your life. First of all, it protects your privacy from snoopers, advertisers, ISP and government. When you browse the website without protection, many parties can track you and collect your private information. The VPN masks your IP address and spoofs your location to let you become anonymous online. Secondly, it keeps your data safe on public network. You may need to check an email, make online payment or share important information with your partners when you are at public place like hotel, coffee house or airport. Please note that it is not safe to use sensitive information public WiFi hotspot networks because they are not secure and can be used by hackers to steal money from you. Hackers can make use of free WiFi hotspot to intercept your session and steal your financial information. The VPN encrypts your data with the same technology used by government agencies and leading banks. Hackers won’t be able to crack your connections. Thirdly, you can access all foreign websites in China. As we know, a large number of websites and apps like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube are not available in mainland China. The Internet censorship system won’t stop you from accessing contents you are interested in. Other streaming services like Netflix, HBO, satellite radio, and ESPN 3 will be unblocked as well. A VPN not only enables you to access Pandora in China. To find out more benefits of a VPN, you need to try it yourself. We are sure that a VPN surely helps you greatly in country like China which has many Internet restrictions.

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Pandora is a great streaming service and there is no reason to give it up just because you move to another country. Though it is only available for users in Australia, New Zealand and the US, there is always a way out. A VPN will allow you to unblock it from any country. If you live in China, you may face more issues because of the tight network environment. Pandora refuses your Internet request as it detects that you are located in China. To gain access to Pandora, you need to connect to a VPN server in any one of the above three countries. According to test result, servers in the US will give you faster speed when streaming music. It will spoof your location and disguise your traffic to make Pandora available for you. Select careful and pick the right VPN avoid wasting money as not all VPNs work with Pandora. Premium VPN version is recommended based on the strict geo-restriction. Free version can’t survive too long in China. Since China block VPNs, is it legal to use VPN there? No one has been in trouble for using VPN in this country, and there is no law to state that it is illegal to use VPN. As long as you don’t use VPN to conduct illegal activities, you are fine. Want access to Pandora in China? Get a VPN. Want Internet freedom in China? Get a VPN. Want secure connection to the Internet? Get a VPN. Can’t stand life without Pandora in China? Get a VPN.