How to Access Plurk in China 2019?

How do you guys access Plurk in China? Please suggest which tool I should use. The Chinese firewall is too powerful. I tried many free tools while they got blocked soon. I can’t access Plurk properly. Don’t want to keep trying and blocking again and again. Please help me unblock Plurk in China.

Can You Access Plurk in China?

Can you use Plurk in China? How do you get rid of the Internet restriction? Plurk is a popular social media platform while users in China have problem is using the service properly. The Great Firewall of China blocks access to Plurk for everyone in mainland China. Not only the local people can’t access this service, but also expat workers and vacationers can’t use the service. Plurk was blocked in mainland China from April 2009 to present. No matter how great your connection is or how many times you reload the page, you only get error saying “This site can’t be reached.” When you try to open a website, the firewall knows your IP address. It disconnects you once it detects you try to access Plurk or other blocked websites with a Chinese IP address. Luckily, there is always a way out. A VPN can help you unblock Plurk easily. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It enables users to connect to remote encrypted server and block restricted contents privately and securely.

Why was Plurk Blocked in Mainland China?

There is no reason given why Plurk was blocked by the firewall. The Chinese government didn’t make any statement on the blocking. One Plurk’s lead developer once wrote in his blog, “We at Plurk still don’t know why we are banned and we did not get any warnings from the Chinese government.” In fact, it is common that foreign social media platform is blocked in this country. The government is very strict on Internet surveillance. According to the government, they block websites that contain pornographic, violent or terrorist content or include discordant elements. Contents related to domestic DNS instability are blocked as well. Another reason the government blocks foreign websites is that they try to protect the development of the national Internet industry. As Plurk didn’t bring damage to the Chinese people or society, people believe that the government blocks Plurk to protect and protect local social media platforms. Currently, Wechat has the largest number of users in mainland China.

Strict Internet Censorship in China

If you live in or ever has been in mainland China, you might notice that there are many Internet restrictions there. To control the information flow, the government created the Great Firewall of China which is a pretty powerful interlocking system. It combines regulations and technologies to set what Internet users in China can and can’t see on the Internet. Thousands of people are employed to manage and update the censorship system. The China’s censorship technologies are very impressive. They use IP Blocking, DNS Filtering, URL Filtering, Packet Filtering and more technology of censorship to block contents they consider as “harmful.” The firewall also inspects packets for VPN using and then blocks those packets from getting through. Many VPNs fail to work in mainland China. To Access Plurk in China successfully, you need to pick a solid and reliable tool to circumvent the censorship.

How to Access Plurk in China?

Is there a way to bypass this strict Internet censorship to access Plurk freely in China? Yes. The most effective way is to use a reliable VPN to bypass the strict censorship. The Great Firewall of China blocks your connection because it can detect that you are located in mainland China and try to Plurk. You only need to spoof your location and hide the fact that you access Plurk. That’s how a VPN helps. VPN providers offer a collection of worldwide servers. When it works, it creates a virtual tunnel to a VPN server and channels all your traffics through this tunnel. Your IP address is switched to the location you choose. Likewise, the VPN utilizes encryption to scramble the packets of data into many small pieces. Besides, it wraps each data package inside another package before delivering to remote server at the other end of the tunnel. In this way, the firewall can’t recognize your encrypted traffic. With the VPN, your virtual location can be changed to another region or country outside mainland China. Your connection to the Internet is encrypted. In the end, the firewall won’t find out where you are actually located and your traffic data travel to. It has no reason to block your connection. The VPN spoofs your location and disguises your online traffic to bypass the censorship and access Plurk in China successfully.

The Great Firewall of China not only prevents their citizens from accessing contents their government consider as “harmful,” but also blocks websites and technologies designed to bypass its filters like VPN. Many local VPNs in mainland China have been shut down. For the VPN they can’t control, they choose to add them in the list of firewall and block them. It uses IP filters plus a variety of DPI techniques to block VPNs. Of course, there still are many products in the market can bypass the blocking with advanced technology. Therefore, the key to unblock Plurk in China is to pick the right VPN.

Free or Paid VPN?

Free services are favored in the market. Users can use the service for some purposes for free. In fact, most free products come with price. On one hand, a free VPN provides poor encryption standard that is not powerful enough to protect you from the advanced firewall system. The providers offer limited bandwidth and throttle your connections. The connection speed is so slow. You have to wait for a long time to upload and share video & picture on Plurk. Once the bandwidth runs out, you have to wait until next month to access Plurk. On the other hand, your privacy can be the price you use a free VPN. Without income, free VPN services show ads, collect your browsing histories or sell your privacy to the third parties to generate revenue. In fact, the price you need to “pay” for free VPN is more expensive. Your privacy is not guaranteed, and you have poor connection when using Plurk in China. We suggest you use a reliable premium VPN. Most VPNs are affordable and cost few dollars per month.

How to pick the best VPN for China? What should you consider when purchasing a VPN to unblock Plurk in China?

First of all, VPN for China should allow you to access to blocked websites. The firewall figures out encryption methods of many VPNs and blocks their websites as well as the VPN connections. For VPNs they can’t disable, they block the access to their websites to prevent users from downloading or installing VPN in mainland China. Therefore, you should install VPN before you travel to China. You have more options to choose and can unblock Plurk successfully after arriving in China. ExpressVPN surely works in China.

Secondly, well placed server locations are required. You don’t have to pick the VPN provider that offers the largest amount of server locations, but you should choose the provider that has servers in Asia or other locations close to mainland China. It is because you have faster and more stable connections when switching to servers near mainland China. Currently, servers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and US are the most popular options.

Thirdly, privacy protection is very important. When your connection to Plurk is detected by firewall, it blocks or interferes in your connection. You won’t be able to use Plurk normally. The VPN you choose should include DNS leak protection to keep your real IP address and other personal information related to your online ID hidden. Internet kill switch is an important feature. This feature shuts down your traffic if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. The traffic will recover after a secure connection is re-established. The ISP or firewall has no chance to detect your connection to Plurk.

Fourthly, strong encryption is required due to the strict Internet environment. Many leading VPN providers develop special VPN protocols and tunnels for users in mainland China. They can disguise encrypted traffic as normal https connection to avoid being blocked by the firewall. With strong encryption, others can get rid of strict censorship and unblock Plurk easily.

Fifthly, the VPN provider you sign up should promise not to log their customers’ online traffic or personal information. When you rely on your ISP’s servers, your ISP views everything you do on the Internet. The ISPs work for the government and monitors your online activities. The VPN provider also has access to your traffic. Therefore, you should choose the VPN provider that has strict zero traffic log policy. They do not access or store your traffic log, so they are not able to share any information with legal inquiries from companies and government authorities. With the guarantee, you can communicate with your friends on Plurk securely and privately.

Last but not least, 24/7 customer service is required. As it is not that easy to use VPN in mainland China, you may have connection issues or other problems when accessing Plurk. You need instant support to fix the issue. The good news is that many VPN providers offer 24/7 online support. Though the tech support is located in the US, UK, Switzerland or other country in different time zone, they are always available for you in mainland China. With optimized server locations, perfect privacy features & policy, reliable encryption standard & advanced VPN protocols and instant customer support, the VPN will help you unblock Plurk in mainland China without any issue.

What else you can benefit from a VPN?

It protects your privacy from advertisers, cybercrime, your ISP and government. It hides your IP address. Others can’t track back to you. As your connection to the Internet is encrypted, your ISP can’t monitor your online activities and the hackers can’t intercept your online session. Most VPN providers use military-grade encryption to secure your connections. The VPN makes it secure to check email, make payment and conduct other activities on public WiFi network.

VPN server locations and advanced encryption technology enable you to unblock streaming websites that are censored by governments or streaming services on political, social, religious, or copyright grounds. For example, Netflix and Hulu block VPNs to prevent users from other countries from watching their content due to copyright issue. They can recognize VPN connection and refuse your Internet request. Luckily, many leading VPNs still can unblock Netflix abroad. You also can download via P2P or torrent privately and safely via a VPN. Many VPNs allow P2P and torrent for convenient sharing.

Is it legal to use VPN in China? As we all know, China takes actions in suppressing VPN use. They block access to VPN websites and even disable VPN by detecting their encryption methods. The government also demanded Apple to remove VPN apps from the China App Store. Therefore, many users wonder if they violate the law for using VPN in China. In fact, there is no law stating that using VPN is illegal. Only users who made use of VPN to conduct illegal activities got caught or fined. For regular users who simply use VPN to unblock Google, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp or Plurk for work or communicating with family or friends do not get trouble. No one has been accused or put in jail for simply using VPN to unblock Plurk or other social media platforms. There is no need to worry that you will get trouble with the government as long as you don’t use VPN for illegal purposes.

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Video Guide on How to Access Plurk in China


Fail to bypass the Internet censorship and unblock Plurk in China with various types of tools? Stop trying in vain. The Great Firewall of China blocks tools that are used to bypass its filter aggressively. Weak tools can’t help you unblock the social media platforms. So far, VPN is the most effective and secure way to unblock Plurk in China. In the first beginning, VPNs are used for secure cooperation and privacy protection. Now, it is widely used to bypass geo-restriction and access blocked websites. A VPN tunnels your Internet traffic through a non-Chinese server before connecting to Plurk. Connect your device to a remote server to Hong Kong, Japan, US or other location that supports Plurk. Your IP address is switched to location of your choice. Others can’t see your real IP address and location in mainland China. Your connection to the VPN server is encrypted. The firewall can’t tell your real location and what you do on the Internet. Therefore, they won’t block your connection to Plurk. With the worldwide server locations, you can unblock more websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix and Hulu etc. in mainland China without restriction. Besides, the VPN secures your online traffic against cyber threat and protects your privacy with high encryption standard. Want to access Plurk in China? Get a VPN for Internet freedom.