How to Access Quora in China 2019?

Is Quora banned in mainland China? Why has it been blocked? How can you unblock it? Is it legal to use Quora? What is the best way to access Quora in China? Let’s find out the answers in this article.

Can You Access Quora in China?

Quora is a very popular Questions & Answers platform where people can ask various kinds of questions and find useful answers shared by worldwide users. You can get reliable information and find interesting stories in other countries on the platform. Many experts in different industries give answers to significant questions. If you know someone who is good at the stuff others are asking, you can invite him/her to answer the questions. It has been a practical and reliable way to communicate and resolve problems. Quora has users all over the world. However, you may have problem in accessing Quora in mainland China due to the strict Internet censorship. Since 2018, users have been reporting issues in accessing Quora in mainland China. According to users’ complaints, Quora notification didn’t work. They failed to get some comment notifications. It took a long time to load and refresh a page. After they edited and submit new contents to their answers, they could not see the updated contents. In fact, Quora has gone through the on-and-off blocking for years. Since August 2018, it has been completely blocked. To access Quora in China, you need a reliable VPN to bypass the powerful firewall.

Why is Quora Blocked in China?

How was Quora blocked by the Great Firewall of China? What caused the blocking? So far, no reason has been given by Quora or the Chinese government. In the past, Google, Facebook and Instagram etc. have been blocked as some contents found on those platforms brought trouble to the Chinese government. Quora didn’t bring trouble, but the Chinese regulators consider it as a potential threat and block the platform. They may be afraid that Chinese users view sensitive topics about China that the government doesn’t want their people to see. They realize the power of media and rumors, trying to control the information flow. It is well-known that China is strict on Internet use and owns the most advanced firewall system. The Great Firewall of China censors the Internet and blocks millions of websites & platforms. Using Internet can be very frustrating when you try to access foreign websites in mainland China. What’s worse, the firewall and censorship system become much tougher whenever there is a big political conference happening in the country. They try to stop people who try to create chaos during the conference time. It is a fact that Quora is blocked in mainland China. The local ISPs and servers do not support you when using Quora. A reliable tool is needed to overcome the strict Internet censorship.

What is the Best Way to Access Quora in China?

It’s a long history of China blocking western websites. People find out ways to bypass the censorship for Internet freedom. The firewall uses IP blocking, DNS poisoning, key word filter and more technologies to implement the censorship. Once it detects you are trying to access blocked contents with a Chinese IP address, your connection will be blocked. To bypass the firewall, you need to hide your IP address and encrypt your connection to the Internet. You may use proxy servers, TOR or VPNs to achieve this goal. According to numerous in-time tests, VPN is recognized as the most effective way to circumvent the Internet censorship and unblock Quora in China. What is VPN and how does it help? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is a powerful cybersecurity tool. It disguises users’ IP address and reroutes users’ web traffics through their own encrypted servers. When you are connected to a remote server, your IP address will be switched to related country or region. To access Quora, you need to connect to server outside mainland China and choose location that supports Quora. Besides, VPN channels your web traffic through virtual tunnel that is secured by military-grade encryption. Your web traffic is channeled to VPN server and then sent to the destination. That makes it pretty difficult for others to trace where your web traffic is going to. In this way, the firewall does not see your real IP address and can’t view which website you try to access. You can evade Internet censorship and access Quora safely in mainland China.

VPNs have been very popular among Chinese users due to the strict network environment. Of course, the Chinese regulators notice that people are using VPN to bypass their firewall and take some measures to block VPNs as well. The Chinese firewall blocks out a large number of VPNs at the protocol level. Therefore, you need a solid VPN that has a lot of resources and ability to constantly bypass the complicated firewall and to adapt to the changes in the rules and regulations of the Chinese regulators. Though the firewall is super powerful, it is not unbeatable. There is always a way out. It is quite common that a VPN service works well for some time and then one day it becomes blocked or unstable. Solid VPNs deliver fast, stable and secure solution. Many leading VPNs own robust technologies and resources to help you access Quora in China successfully. They even develop special technologies and features to fit the network environment in China. Pick the right VPN service and you will have Internet freedom in this country.

How to Choose a VPN in China?

As we mentioned, the Chinese regulators ban lots of VPNs to prevent people using VPNs to bypass their firewall system and access contents they don’t want the people to see. Some VPNs may work for a period of time and get blocked easily. Luckily, the leading VPN providers use stealth techniques to hide their VPN traffic to avoid being blocked. Therefore, it is important to pick the right VPN service. You need to do your researches before you download a VPN. The VPN you pick should not be blocked by the firewall. You can get up-to-date advice on reliable platforms and read VPN review. Besides, pick the VPN provider that offers multiple servers in Asia. Server locations Asia will shorten the distance of your web traffic being routed. You will have more options to access Quora in mainland China for better connections. Also, pick the fast VPN service. Internet connection becomes obviously slow in the evening during busy hours. If you choose a slow VPN, it takes a long time to submit a question or load more answers on Quora. In addition, you can choose VPN service that provides special protocol or tunnel for network environment in mainland China. Special protocol and tunnel can disguise encrypted VPN traffic as normal https ones to bypass VPN blocking. For example, VyprVPN’s Chameleon technology masks VPN traffic so it is less susceptible to China’s DPI tactics. That is a great feature for users in mainland China. If you have problems in picking the right service to unblock Quora in China, you can read reliable VPN reviews to help you make the right decision.

How to acquire pleasure browsing experience with a VPN in mainland China? Using VPN in mainland China is more difficult than you do in many countries. The Chinese regulators use advanced technology to update their censorship system constantly to effectively block contents they consider as harmful. Luckily, there are still chances to have great browsing experience there. Firstly, you should pick the right server location. Connect to server that is closer to your real location for faster speed. It will take less time to route web traffic to the other side of the world and take it back to you. Of course, Quora should not be banned in the server location you choose. Servers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan are close to mainland China. They are very popular options for users there. Secondly, turn on split tunneling on. You can set traffic to some websites go through VPN servers and the others go through your ISP’s server for better performance, so you can access both foreign and domestic websites smoothly. Thirdly, use a solid broadband connection. Of course, you still use mobile data traffic or WiFi hotspot network. The different thing is you get faster and more stable connection when you use VPN to access Quora and other foreign websites in China with a solid broadband connection. Last but not least, install and set up VPN before you fly to China. It has been more and more difficult to download and install VPN apps in China. VPN apps have been removed from Apple store. Google Play is blocked in mainland China as well. Besides, most VPNs’ official websites are blocked by the firewall. Users can’t access official websites to purchase and download VPN clients. Therefore, you should get everything ready before you start the trip. If you are already in China, you can try Avast SecureLine VPN and F-Secure Freedome VPN. With a reliable VPN, you can ask and answer questions on Quora in mainland China easily.

Should You Use Free VPN to Unblock Quora in China?

You may wonder if it is worth to invest a VPN to access Quora in China. Can you just grab a free VPN to bypass the firewall? We don’t suggest you use free VPN to unblock Quora in China. Free VPNs are not strong enough to the bypass the powerful firewall. Even some paid VPNs still fail to fight against with this firewall. Besides, some free VPNs are not reliable. Free things are popular. We can benefit from the service without spending a penny. That is great. However, the fact is that there is no something actually free in this world. Though they claim to be free, you still pay the price one way or the other. If they actually provide VPN services for free, where they can get the income? Commonly, free VPNs come with limited features, low encryption level and less server locations and slow speed. Some free VPN providers show aggressive ads to generate revenue. You will have to close ads frequently. Some of them may use your PC as a server to work for their company without your knowledge. What’s worse, some free VPN providers collect your browsing histories, IP address and other sensitive information, and sell them to the third parties for money. That will be terrible. It is not worth to put your information at risk for using a free service. Besides, the prices of VPN services commonly are friendly. You also can make use of discount coupon to cut down fee. By paying few dollars per month, you can access the robust VPN features and enjoy the solid encryption, reliable privacy guarantee, global servers and superfast browsing experience. With a VPN, you will be able to access Quora, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more popular websites & platforms.

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Currently, Quora is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Users in mainland China fail to access Quora directly. The most secure and effective way to unblock Quora in China is to use a reliable VPN provider. A VPN masks your IP address, spoofs your location, encrypts your web traffic and disguises your online activities to help you circumvent the toughest firewall system. Since Chinese regulators blocks Quora and VPNs, will you violate the laws for using Quora & VPN there? In fact, there is no law about using VPN in China. No one has been caught or fined for simply using VPN in this country. Users who create VPN or use VPN to conduct illegal activities online may get trouble. However, you will be fine if you simply use VPN to browse the web privately, watch videos or ask & view questions on foreign websites. In fact, it is almost impossible for Chinese regulators to impose a blanket ban on VPN use. It is because lots of companies depend on virtual private networks to conduct business for security. Government agencies, universities and banks also need VPN for private communication and security protection. As long as you don’t use VPN to conduct illegal activities, you are fine. Please note you may fail to access some local websites if they are restricted in mainland China. You can switch off VPN or turn on split tunneling mode when you need to access local websites. Most VPN providers offer 24/7 customer support. If you have problem in using the VPN, simply contact them. Grab a powerful VPN to bypass firewall and access Quora in China now.