How to Access Twitter in China

Nowadays all the people are interested to have an id in any one of the social networks. Most of them use twitter for the purpose to improve the business and get a valuable status in the society. In twitter, they can upload their photos and videos related to their work to get more followers. It will improve their presence online and make them to get the updated knowledge about the society and important things. Just think that you are running a company, if you have any doubt about that work or process going to be held in the company then you can easily clear it using twitter with the help of your followers. This is the main reason for the successful usage of Twitter.

Know more about Twitter

Twitter was founded on March 21st 2006 by Jack Dorsey and was launched on July 5th 2006. As a popular social media, it allows people to follow important topics, people, and conversations that are relevant or interesting to them. Normally it enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. Now social media is growing increasingly important and influential in all of our lives. If you are looking for ways to access Twitter in China or other restricted countries, you can try a virtual private network (as known as VPN).

Why It Is Very Difficult to Access Twitter in China?

China has strict censorship laws. These laws will completely block the usage of twitter account in China. China has also restricted to use Facebook, Flicker, Youtube and some other social networks. The main reason for this restriction is to avoid and reduce the information overflow in that developed country. To escape from this restriction the people in the China is to use VPN networks.

Another important reason for this restriction is fear and protectionism. Fear is just a small factor but protectionism has a big role to avoid the usage of this twitter. This protectionism has two important roles and one is that CCP wants to develop the own industry of China rather than the feeding of other companies from another countries. The second reason is to make the infrastructure of the country independent to other countries.

How Does A VPN Work?

If you want to access twitter, first you have to connect to VPN network and open the website you want to see. This VPN network will send the encrypted password and id of your account to access the website. This encrypted data will be decrypted in the receiver side VPN network and check your account details then allow you to access the website. Finally the targeted website will generate cookie and the session details and send it to the requested VPN address. This VPN will decrypt all the data and send information to your device. In this way the VPN network will be working. You may think, it will contain more number of processes and access time is also high. But all the processes present in this network are too fast. Hence you can get the required data and information in the fraction of second with uninterrupted network connection.

How to Access Twitter in China?

China strictly restricts the usage of the social networks. However people of China still can enjoy the features of Twitter with the help of VPN networks. To access twitter in China you have to do the following 3 steps.

Best VPN service allows the user’s IP address to be masked, providing a layer of all-important privacy and anonymity. Just like VyprVPN, it provides its own DNS servers to protect users and supports protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN. So the first thing is to read more reviews of the VPN service you are going to pay,  and sign up the satisfied one for a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year depending on your needs and budgets.

You may want to use VPN on your desktop, laptop or even on your mobile devices. That’s not a problem. A good VPN service provides different platforms to let its users use the service on both computers and phones. You only need to download VPN clients it offers on the website to your computer and simply run it, then you can access the restricted sites freely. As a same way, you can also install VPN apps that support your mobile device system.

Any good service will have a high number of servers available for you to use whenever you need them.  VyprVPN allows 70 server locations and you can select any one of them which is available nearby you.

Once the VPN connection is on, you will find it easy to access Twitter and other social media platform like Facebook and Google+ etc.

What Is The Importance of VPN Network?

VPN will help encrypt your internet connection to secure your communication, IP address, data and other important information. It will completely hide your IP address to restrict the information about the location. Mostly open VPN-256 protocol can be used as the encryption type in the Vypr’sVPN Chameleon technology. It will completely encrypt all the information about the user and allow them to use the social networks. This VPN also secures your net connection and helps you avoid any hacking of information and government interruption in the usage of that network.

Other Reliable VPN Services:

Many countries offer different types of VPN networks to access the social networks. For example:
ExpressVPN: It offers the world’s best service to the computers and phones. It is the best suitable one for the windows due to its excellent speed and high encryption option. It is very powerful and very simple to use. Once you use this network then it will encrypt your real IP address and allow secured transformation of photos with your friends. You can also access youtube with the help of ExpressVPN.

PureVPN: PureVPN has been providing VPN services for almost ten years. With over 750 servers located in 141 countries around the world, and thousands of available IP addresses, the connectivity options are diverse, providing you a safe and secure internet surfing experience.


To access Twitter in China, there are many other ways but a paid VPN is always considered as the safest way.  Free VPN or proxy services do exist, but these are almost severely limited in some way, or cannot be trusted as it could sell your data without your knowledge. Use a VPN service to enjoy more features of Twitter now!

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