How to Choose the Best VPNs for Using BitTorrent

You may probably get surprised that your friend had a movie on his computer which hasn’t officially come out yet. Actually this is being done via BitTorrent.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is not a program. It’s a method of downloading files using a distributed peer-to-peer file sharing system. That’s to say, with BitTorrent, you can get any files you want. It reduces server load and works more efficiently over networks with lower bandwidth.

Imagining you need to get a 1.2 GB movie file. If you download it from a single source, it will take quite a while, but BitTorrent is smart enough to seek out multiple people who have the same movie file and download it in chunks from several sources at once. This means you will get the file much more quickly that you normally would. Therefore, it makes BitTorrent become more and more popular.

Is BitTorrent Safe?

Over 300 Million people use BitTorrent worldwide, but popularity doesn’t mean safety.  The nature of torrent transfers means it’s very easy to get viruses, or to get caught transferring illegal content because the torrent client can share your IP address with other users who are downloading the same content. If your IP address has been tracked by hackers, then they may be able to spy on what you’re downloading and hack your whole system. In addition, since you will not know that what you are downloading exactly until the downloading process got completed. There is a chance that what you downloaded was a virus but not a movie as it claimed. Another problem is that Your ISP could limit your monthly bandwidth due to over usage of BitTorrent. Therefore, if you use BitTorrent, you absolutely need to take precautions to hide your identity.

Safe Way for Using BitTorrent:

While using BitTorrent to download files, your IP address is on full display for the world to see. The IP address is a unique identifier that points to your computer’s virtual location.  Therefore, your online activities could be spied by someone you do not know and your personal information is at risk. Hiding your BitTorrent activity is very necessary while you are using BitTorrent. There are a few different options to do that, but we’ve found that using VPN is the most convenient and easiest way to make your surfing safe. A VPN encrypts all the traffic flow between the internet and your device. By using VPN, no one can track you including the hackers, because they cannot see your real IP address. Also it helps bypass throttling and monitoring by your ISP. So if you’re torrenting without using a VPN, you are just asking trouble for yourself.

How to Choose the Best VPNs for Using BitTorrent?

There are many choices when it comes to VPN providers. But not all VPN programs allow torrents, especially those free VPNs. Those VPN services usually block torrent activity for a variety of reasons. Bittorrent users take up and outrageous amount of bandwidth compared to casual web browsers. Also not everybody uses bittorrent responsibly. Allowing unrestricted torrent downloads on a VPN network can bring legal pressure, both on the VPN, and the company that hosts their VPN servers. It can also cause servers to go down. Thus, choosing a best VPN that can use BitTorrent is very important.

1 Look for A Torrent-Friendly VPN 

The 3 categories of VPNs by torrent policy are:

A torrent-friendly VPN helps you avoid being monitored by your Internet Provider and other 3rd parties. Your IP will be anonymous. You can get the full benefit of your bandwidth instead of getting throttled to much slower download speeds.

2 Server Locations:

When choosing a VPN provider, it is important to check where the company is based and where are their server located first. If you want to watch media content that is only available in the US, you need to get a provider that has servers in US. Therefore, it is always a wise option to choose a VPN service provider with servers spread across the globe.

3 Logging Problems:

The best bittorrent VPN should allow BitTorrent and P2P on 2 or more servers. We suggest users choose one with a No Logs Policy. In some case, some free VPNs advertise their service as ‘non-logging’ or ‘no activity logs kept’ but these are deceptive terms. In reality, they still keep metadata logs known as connection logs which in many cases can still be used to identify individual users. But if privacy is not your first consideration, that’s ok to use a free one. However, at least you need to make sure the VPN service you choose will not throttle your connection by providing you unlimited bandwidth.

4 Price:

Even though there are providers that offer convenient free VPN services, they have limited features and do not offer all the privacy that you would expect.  If you need to enjoy more advantages, a paid VPN is needed. There are different plans with different VPNs. They usually have 1-month plan, 3-month plan, 6-month plan and a yearly plan. It’s surely that if you subscribe for a longer period of time, you can enjoy a discount and get the best offer. We kindly suggest users choose the service provider that offers multiple payment options like Bitcoin, the world’s most anonymous digital currency, or PayPal and Credit Card etc.

5 Speed:

Using a VPN can slow down Internet speed, however, a reputed VPN service provider will not have such problem. It can handle and maintain things smoothly so that the speed change is subtle.

6 Support:

Support of the VPN service provider is also important in case you cannot get a reply when you meet any problems. If the VPN company offers live chat option on their website, that’s awesome because email support is generally slow. Seldom providers offer phone support, because it makes it hard for users and the technical expert to convey the correct information. Some good VPN companies even provide remote support to help users solve everything.

Before you sign up a best VPN for using BitTorrent, you should take the 5 aspects mentioned above into your consideration. It is advised that users go through the reviews of some popular VPN service providers, like Express VPN, NordVPN, Hidemyass, IPVanish, PureVPN and VyprVPN first, and make a comparison. At last choose an appropriate one that completely satisfies your needs.

Tips: If you have any problems about using VPN service, you can live chat with online experts for instant help.

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