How to Use Line in China

Line is a most famous freeware app for instant communications. This app is very simple and easy to install into the tablet, computer and Smart phone. People can use the line app to exchange the images, text, audio, and video and also conduct the free VoIP conversations as well as video conferences.

Don’t Know How to Use Line in China?

The great features of line are games and stickers that are really amazing. Today, line is a most popular app among several internet users. Due to this, how to use line in China becomes most famous among the thousands of online users in these days.

But the truth is the line cannot be accessed in China due to the China’s strict online censorship called the Great Firewall (GFW). This Great Firewall is an internet censorship and surveillance project that could be mainly created to block the potential unfavorable incoming data or information from the foreign countries. This online censorship is a great control or suppression of what you can be used, viewed or published on the internet. It might be usually carried out by the private organizations or governments on their own initiative.

Therefore, this China’s GFW censorship system has created to restrict the access of certain blogs, websites and also prevents the news from any social media websites like Google, Line, Gmail, You Tube, Google services, Twitter, Face book, Vimeo, Twitter and Flickr and so on. This is because; all these hosting services are owned and operated by a foreigner. Is there any possible solution on how to use line in China, you just read this article to get information about what you want.

How Exactly Do You Use Line Within China?

At present, one of the best solutions to unblock line in China is using a powerful VPN service. This virtual private network is completely secured and safe encrypted tunnel that tracks your geometrical location by hiding your internet protocol address and also helps to bypass the entire online restrictions. The VPN service has an ability to modify your IP address, so you can easily avoid the censorship on the internet. In fact, the VPN is a secured as well as encrypted network that has mainly developed over the public internet connection and allows the users to hide their identity in all over the world.

First of all, you have to choose the best VPN to access line in China. Once you sign up with a great VPN server, you are able to access the line as well as other foreign sites, especially the social media platforms and other applications blocked by the government of China in the internet censorship. However, this secure network is not only protecting your personal information as well as privacy, but also able to use the free Wi-Fi network in the public places such as restaurant, airport, café bar, supermarket and library and so on. Anyhow, using a VPN is the best way to access the line in China.

Select The Best VPN to Access Line in China

Now, there are more and more VPNs are developed and flooded in the internet market. Many internet users are using these VPNs in order to unblock the geo-restricted sites as well as service on the web. The major reason to choose VPN and use by the clients is having a strong ability to protect the personal data and privacy safety. If you don’t know how to compare the different VPNs on their service provider’s site, the right way is to check the VPN, whether it is safe, fast and reliable to use on your device. Once you select the best VPN server, you should also consider the following important aspects of factors that include:
You must check whether the price is reasonable by comparing with several VPN services
All VPN providers can promise for privacy, so it does not make you anonymous
Check if the speed is stable as well as fast enough
This is mainly to see whether the technical measurements are big enough to prevent you from hackers
VPN software always looks good, easy and also concise to use with excellent features
Customer support
Many VPN providers can offer customer support to answer all your questions and also solve problems immediately
Number of simultaneous connections
Some VPN providers will allows you to connect one device to other service at the same time
Free trials and money back guarantee
Before purchasing its service, free trials can help you to decide, if VPN service is suitable for you
Number of servers or countries
If you need to connect with servers located in many places, you can find a server where you need it

How to Use A Line in China On Android?

To get access line in China, first of all you should buy a VPN service; install its software and then do set up on your device. Now, you can smoothly access the virtual private network online successfully. Here is a guide on how to setup VPN on your android device:
• Open the settings app
• Choose VPN under the wireless and networks section and then choose “More”
• Find a plus sign on the top right corner and tap it
• Choose your desired protocol and enter all your information
• Enter the name that you easily remember
• Enter the VPN address of the server
• Choose your own choice of VPN and enter a specific username and password
• Hit the three dot menu button to set up your VPN to be always ON

Video Guide Show You How to Use Line in China

Bottom line

Due to China Great Firewall system, the amazing online censorship can ensure the internet environment security as well as safety. There are many sites blocked including the popular social media sites such as Line, Face book, You Tube, Skype and Snapchat and many more. In order to access line in China, the VPN is a great choice for you that help you to use any sites on Android at anytime and anywhere as much as possible in the worldwide. By using a VPN, you can also stream the live matches to your mobile device or computer.

If you are still not sure which VPN you may need to access Line in China, you can contact an online expert for further help.

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