How to Use WhatsApp in China 2018?

Is WhatsApp blocked in mainland China? Can’t load app and send message on the platform? How to use WhatsApp in China 2018? The Great Firewall of China has blacklisted WhatsApp. In fact, the Chinese government has previously blocked this app on many occasions. The difference is that these restrictions only lasted a few days. However, it has been over 3 months and still it remains blocked this time. What’s worse, there is no sign of the Chinese government pulling off the ban on WhatsApp. To use WhatsApp in China, you need a reliable VPN.

Can’t Use WhatsApp in China?

In 2017, users started to complain that they had problems in using WhatsApp. In the beginning, they couldn’t send picture or videos. Later, they even were not able to send text message. They finally couldn’t load the app in the end. It has been completely blocked by the Chinese authorities.

WhatsApp is very popular all over the world due to the numbers of fantastic features it offers along with and user-friendly interface. You can send messages, update your status, change your profile picture, share videos, photos, documents, locations, contacts and much more with this app. Since it has been created, it has replaced the standard SMS and all other messaging apps for most years.

Though the app is free, it does not show users ads. Ads are unwanted as they can slow down your app experience and cause crashes. Another reason why WhatsApp has taken over all other messaging apps is that it has the privacy policy. End-to-end encryption was built into the latest versions app. Its privacy settings are easy to access and you have full control over what information you want your contacts to see. You can set it as such no one can see if you have read their messages. Besides, it entered into partnership with multiple banks in July, 2017. That means you can transfer money safely via WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, users in mainland China are not able to WhatsApp normally. No matter you are a Chinese or foreigner there, the ISPs, firewall and government will not allow you to use this app. Sometimes, you can’t load its website on browser while the website is not completed. Some words are missing. Some buttons are disabled. You won’t be able to use it for messaging. In most cases, its app and website do not load. Only error is shown. Official blocking reasons have not been given by the service or the Chinese government yet. You have to bypass the government censorship to use WhatsApp in China.

Why is WhatsApp Blocked in China?

WhatsApp became an instant hit and spread throughout the globe since it was born. People use it to send message, call, share media and even transfer money. As the ISPs are allowed to sell users’ personal data to the third parties without users’ permission, most users prefer WhatsApp because of the end-to-end encryption. However, the Chinese government started to ban WhatsApp for all of its users in China soon after the first app version with end-to-end encryption was released.

WhatsApp is one of famous social media platforms that have been blocked by the Chinese authorities. The only remaining of Facebook-owned service also lost a place in Chinese market which has a huge population. The Chinese government blocked WhatsApp because they no longer can monitor users’ activities on the app. As we know, there are many Internet limits in China. The government monitors every move of Internet users with the help of ISPs.

Why would they block such a useful and popular services? Some believe that the government is afraid that the foreign stuff will corrupt their people’ thought and turn against to the government. How come a social media platform can affect people’s thought? Back in 2009, a media about China had been spread widely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. during a riot. After that, more and more people paid attention to the event and caused a stir. That brought big trouble to the government. Protest in Hong Kong also became more serious after related pictures were posted on Instagram. Hence, the government believed that western social media platforms and other sharing services were harmful to their country. They started to block those services that they couldn’t control because one developing country had been destroyed by uncontrolled statements on the Internet. Other users think that the Chinese government blocks WhatsApp to promote similar China-based services, not allowing the foreign services to share the huge population and market need. No matter what the reason is, we can’t fault the Chinese government for looking after the interests of the country. We can find a way out to use WhatsApp in China.

In fact, China is not the only countries that block WhatsApp. WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption which means all messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and remain encrypted until they arrive on the receiver’s device. That is great for users while the government does not like this feature. Some governments and law enforcement agencies argue that it allows activists, journalists, dissidents, criminals and terrorists to use the app to secretly communicate. WhatsApp voice calls are blocked in Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan. Here are the countries that completely block WhatsApp.

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Montenegro
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The Gambia
  • Turkey
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe
  • How to Use WhatsApp in China?

    Now China has banned WhatsApp, what other option is there for people living in China? Foreigners in China have trouble in contacting home and Chinese users can’t enjoy the encrypted and private messaging. Does that mean they have to give it up and use their cell phone provider’s expensive plan? No. A VPN is able to help you use WhatsApp in China. If you live in China or are just visiting China for business or holiday purposes, you surely need a cheap way to contact your family and friends abroad. A VPN makes it possible.

    It is well-known that the Great Firewall of China blocks millions of foreign websites/apps/services in mainland China and the condition is not getting better. To unblock those contents, VPN has become a popular tool among China Internet users. It is universally acknowledged that this firewall is the most advanced and complicated one on the earth. The government is very strict on Internet censoring and also shut down many famous China-based VPN companies. For those VPNs outside mainland China, they block the websites or apps. Therefore, picking the right VPN is very important in unblocking WhatsApp.

    How a VPN Works to Unblock WhatsApp in China?

    Since China has banned WhatsApp, you will need to use a VPN service. The Great Firewall of China strong like its another name, the Golden Shield Project. Besides, it has been updated constantly to block more services. Internet service providers and other guardians can block any given app and/or website if they wish to. How can a VPN defeat it? Before that, we need to know how firewall works to block users’ connections. Basically, geo-blocking technologies trace the user’s real IP address which reveals users’ location. Once the firewall detects your location in mainland China, your connection to WhatsApp will be interrupted with an error saying site can’t be reached. You need to check the firewall. If you don’t have a VPN, it is still not working after you check the firewall unless your location is not in China. Do you have to move to another country for this app? No. A VPN service will change your IP address to the country of your choice. A large collection of IP addresses and server locations are offered by the VPN providers. Once you connect to remote services with a different IP address, the firewall and ISPs will believe that you are from outside mainland China. There is no reason for them to stop you from using WhatsApp and other blocked services. The VPN not only spoofs your location, but also encrypts your online sessions. The government and ISPs will not know what you are doing on the Internet.

    Steps to Use WhatsApp in China

    Step 1: Select a desired VPN provider.
    Step 2: Subscribe to that VPN and connect to a US/UK server.
    Step 3: Now open WhatsApp on your Phone.
    Step 4: Unblock WhatsApp and make WhatsApp Voice Call for free.

    Your VPN can’t Unblock WhatsApp in China?

    Some users complain that they still are not able to use WhatsApp with a VPN. Some even can’t install VPN there. It’s normal. You should note that the Great Firewall of China not only blocks websites, but it blocks VPN services as well. As a consequence, a large number of VPN services do not work in China at all. If you live in China, you may notice that some VPN services work well for some time and then one day they become blocked or unstable. Some VPN providers will improve their VPNs to the defeat the block while some won’t. For this reason, many users have to try different VPNs from time to time. That is awful. If your VPN can’t unblock WhatsApp in China, you pick the wrong VPN. So far, ExpressVPN is one of best VPNs that work in China stably.

    It is worth to mention that although many VPN providers’ websites are blocked from China, their software/proxies may still work in China. In other words, you may be able to get access to their website from outside of China or by using another VPN that is accessible in China to register and download their VPN client or install their proxy. In this way, they can help you use WhatsApp in China successfully.

    When is the Right Time to Install a VPN?

    You may when you should install VPN to use WhatsApp in China. If you are planning to move or travel to China, you can sign up a VPN before you leave your country. It is because many services have been blocked there. You can’t download an app in Google app store. Some famous VPN websites also are banned. You also can’t contact your computer expert friends for help via Facebook or Twitter. Get everything ready before the trip to make sure that everything goes well.

    If you are already in China, some VPN services like ExpressVPN and AreaVPN can also be accessed in this country. There are fewer options for users who are already in the country as the powerful firewall has blocked most of the VPN services. When selecting a VPN for China, please be aware that not all VPN services work in China. Many well-known VPN providers are blocked or disrupted in China. Pick the right VPN so that you can use WhatsApp in China anytime you want.

    Tips for Unblocking WhatsApp in China with VPN

    With the right VPN, there is something you should keep in mind to get perfect experience with WhatsApp in mainland China. How to Use WhatsApp in China 2018?

    1. Choose the best VPN servers for China.

    Most VPN services offer a number of VPN server locations for their subscribers to select. When using a VPN in China, you are suggested to choose those VPN servers that are close to China in order to get the fastest speed. For example, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong all are good options. If you need to connect to a VPN server in the U.S. for special purpose, pick the one from the west coast such as Los Angeles and San Francisco as they are closer to China.

    2. Choose the best VPN protocols for China.

    The Great Firewall of China has been updated with sophisticated technology to detect and block VPN traffic in China. The right protocol is the key to escape from the block because some VPN protocols are easier to get detected while others are more difficult. According to security experts, OpenVPN works better than PPTP. It will be great if your VPN provider offers special protocols like StealthVPN which is designed specifically to bypass VPN blocking. You should always choose it.

    Guide to Set Up VPN on Android

    1. Unblock the device screen. Tap the Settings icon and select “More” under Wireless & Networks.

    2. Select the VPN option on the Wireless & Networks screen.

    3. Tap the “+” button and enter the VPN’s details. Give a name to help you remember which VPN is which into the Name field. Then, select the type of VPN server you’re connecting to, and enter the VPN server’s address.

    4. Tap the VPN to connect once you finish the setup. You are allowed to choose from the multiple VPN servers configured and switch between them from the VPN screen.

    It requires your VPN username and password to login when you connect. If you think it’s inconvenient to enter detail every time, you can save this account information for next time. While connected to a VPN, you will see a persistent “VPN activated” notification in your notifications drawer. To disconnect, tap the notification and tap Disconnect. In this way, you can use WhatsApp in China on Android freely.

    Best VPNs for China or Other Prohibited Countries

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    How to Use WhatsApp in China 2018?
    WhatsApp is a worldwide phenomenon for both business and leisure. It is pity that users in China can’t access this app normally. There is a strong restrictions imposed by the government of China. In the past, this country has blocked WhatsApp for several times. Now, there is no sign that this service will be unblocked. Failing to reach this website impacts users’ personal and business collaboration outside of China. They hardly can contact their loved ones or connect to their family and friends via social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook. They can choose to use Wechat in China while their friends at home don’t use it. Apparently the Great Firewall of China is getting tougher. A secure, reliable, and affordable VPN provider is needed to bypass China’s WhatsApp block. You will have to change your IP address to a country where WhatsApp is readily available. Therefore, you are suggested to download a suitable VPN before you leave home. A VPN will encrypt all of your device’s Internet traffic and route it through an intermediary server in a location that you choose. That prevents your ISP and government from recognizing the content or destination of your Internet traffic. In other words, they can’t view you messages and calls sent and received on WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp in China without any limit with a reliable VPN. Get a VPN to take your favorite messaging app back right now.