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For those who cares online privacy and freedom, it’s the best time to get ibVPN Promo Code – 78% OFF Coupon Code 2018 now! Currently ibVPN is offering an exclusive discount for their 2-Year plan. Take advantage of ibVPN 78% discount and start surfing anonymously at only $2.41/month. With the 78% ibVPN promotion code, you can get ibVPN 2 Year subscription at only $58.06. ibVPN, also called Invisible Browsing VPN, is a Romania-based VPN service usually used to protect personal privacy and achieve complete security online, go around internet censorship or firewall to access selected websites in some regions and countries, and stream geo-blocking service around the world. Join with 500,000+ satisfied customers to stay protected with the best VPN here! Do remember the ibVPN 78% Off promo code is limited. Grab it before it runs out!

What is ibVPN?

ibVPN is a Romania-based VPN provider with features with excellent connection speeds, 180+ servers in 57 countries, 5 simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth, NAT Firewall and all major protocols selected. The service offers complete VPN SmartDNS and Proxy service to let people browse the web anonymously. You can hide your IP address on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser with just a few clicks. Whether you want to watch restricted online TV shows, unblock censored websites or browse anonymously, ibVPN gives you the best online experience and complete online freedom.

As a a full-featured VPN, ibVPN provides free easy-to-use VPN applications for Windows, Mac and Android operating system. It is also compatible with Roku Streaming player, Playstation Consoles, Xbox Consoles, DD-WRT Routers and Sabai Routers. As for the security, ibVPN offers PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP and Stealth VPN available for Windows and Mac. However, only PPTP and L2TP are supported  ibVPN offers all protocols but SSTP for Windows XP users. It is worth mentioning that Stealth VPN is a new protocol contributes to your online freedom and is very hard to be detected by firewalls or other web applications that might try to block/stop your traffic generated through a VPN server. In addition, ibVPN implements the extremely secure Blowfish algorithm with 256 bit keys to encode your data before transmitting it to the Internet. Sensitive data like contact details, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers are protected with the 256 bit SSL or AES encryption giving you peace of mind that your data is secure and private at all times. Compared with other VPN services, ibVPN adds enhanced functionality like a VPN Kill-Switch which is designed to prevent your connection from accidental exposure and Auto Reconnect feature that helps automatically connect you back to ibVPN when unwanted disconnections occur.

With ibVPN, you can have up to 5 simultaneous connections on all of your devices at the same time. The VPN follows a strict no logging policy so you will be assured that your activity logs will never be recorded, and hackers and snoops will never find a way to track your data when you are connected to ibVPN server. ibVPN gives you anonymity and a degree of online security at the same time. It’s the key to unlock the internet of the world. ibVPN service has no limitations regarding the bandwidth, data transfer or speed; neither limits the number of switches between their VPN servers. With the service, you can access your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram wherever you are and make online payments at unsecured Wi-Fi networks without worrying about someone snooping on your online activities. Currently ibVPN offers a 24 hours free trial account which is good for people who want to try the service. If you prefer a long-term subscription and experience full-featured and full-performance of ibVPN, just get ibVPN Promo Code – 78% OFF Coupon Code 2018 to enjoy 2 years of unlimited VPN access at a favorable price. Here you go! Let’s enjoy the best offer of the year at ibVPN now and your purchase is covered by 15 days money-back guarantee.

ibVPN VPN Pricing Plans & Discount

ibVPN offers three VPN plans, plus a Smart DNS-only plan. The Ultimate VPN plan costs $10.95 per month, or $4.83 per month if an annual subscription is purchased. All other plans cost $4.95 per month, or $3.08 if purchased annually.

ibVPN Discount & Special Offer:

Currently ibVPN is offering the biggest discount on their VPN Package. If you sign up for 2 years, you will enjoy up to 78% discount. After ibVPN Promo Code – 78% OFF Coupon Code 2018 is applied, the price for Ultimate VPN (Great for strong privacy and security, heavy streaming, unblocking restricted websites, torrents & p2p activity) is ONLY $58.06, as low as $2.42/month. The plan includes 180+ Servers In 57 Countries, 5 Simultaneous Connections, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera Extensions, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, SoftEther, IPsec protocols, first-class customer support, Socks5 Proxies, TOR over VPN, NAT Firewall and Unlimited Bandwith etc.

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ibVPN Payment Methods Accepted:

As you can see, ibVPN accepts a wide variety of payment methods.
The more popular payment methods accepted by ibVPN are PayPal (via SafeCharge), Credit Card and BitCoin (plus other cryptocurrencies – these payments are processed via Bitpay or CoinPyments).

ibVPN Can Be Used For:

ibVPN is primarily used for these purposes:

ibVPN Highlights:

ibVPN users can switch from one server to another as many times as they want to download, browse, stream or share. ibVPN has no cap on server switching and the best thing is that there is no bandwidth or data limit. You are free to do whatever you want and get complete internet freedom.

ibVPN extension is compatible on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browser. The browser extensions are available in the Ultimate VPN, Standard VPN and ibDNS packages. You can also sign-up for a free trial, which is applicable for 24 hours, and try out the browser extension. The extension encrypts your web browser data making it the perfect solution for easy anonymous web browsing. Just select a location and turn the extension on. Turn it off when not needed anymore On-Off, it’s that easy.

ibVPN offers another feature that adds an extra layer of security. When you subscribe to their ultimate package, you get the option TOR over VPN. Basically, the Tor over VPN solution allows you to connect to the Tor network via a VPN server. Firstly, the VPN app connects to the VPN server which then routes all traffic to a Tor node. Thus, the traffic is encrypted within the VPN layer and later sent to the Tor network. With Tor over VPN, your ISP and government monitors won’t know you are using Tor. It is a great addition to ibVPN service as it brings new options for increasing the online privacy and anonymity of users.

Stealth VPN is a protocol that allows users to easily bypass any restriction they might face while trying to access websites blocked in their area. This technology not only guarantees your online freedom but also assures your security based on its encryption level. It is also the key to online privacy. To sum things up, Stealth VPN is a suitable solution for those of you living/traveling in countries like China or Egypt, where censorship stop you from accessing your favorite content.

The Kill Switch option provided by the ibVPN is a bit different from other VPN providers. While others give you the option to disconnect all the network activities when your connection drops, ibVPN gives you an additional option to add applications that need a proper internet connection to work. So if your VPN connection ever drops, you cannot only halt the internet connection but you can also stop the applications until your VPN connects again.

If you are looking to unblock the content in a few specific regions, you can use ibVPN’s proxy servers. ibVPN offers proxy servers in US, UK, Germany, Ireland and Netherlands. However, you should note that the proxy servers won’t be able to protect you from the surveillance and hackers.

It is becoming increasingly common to see VPN providers offering NAT firewall services, usually as an optional extra. NAT Firewall is very useful in terms of online security and privacy. It’s good to know that ibVPN offers NAT Firewall as well which is an important feature especially when you are connected to the Internet with a Wireless Router. It helps your device by protecting it from the unauthorized/unwanted traffics and also adds safety to your device from the hackers by protecting your private/confidential data.

ibVPN supports torrents and P2P applications through servers located in Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden. They have a special package just for this. If you want to get ibVPN service just for Torrents and p2p then you can sign up the Premium Torrent VPN.

ibVPN VPN’s support team is available to you anytime. Uninterrupted customer support is available via live chat and email. Enjoy instant help from a knowledgeable support agent when using the live chat feature or any other communication channel provided.

ibVPN offers 24 hours free trial accounts. Anyone can take advantage of it and it takes only 2 minutes to create the account. Login and setup information will be sent to your e-mail address. Please note that only one trial per user is allowed. When the trial expires you will receive one e-mail which contains all details needed in order for you to upgrade to a paid account.

How ibVPN Works?

You may wondering how ibVPN works to help you stay secure and private when browsing the Internet. Before trying to understand how it works, you should realize that every time you connect to the Internet, all your Internet traffic will first pass through your ISPs, that means they can see everything you do online and they can track your behavior and even sell your personal details to advertisers and other third parties.

However, if you connect to ibVPN, it will create a virtual encrypted tunnel between you and the remote server. All of the data you sent and received will be encrypted. ibVPN provides you with an anonymous web browsing experience and ensures that none of your confidential information is being logged, monitored or exposed and intercepted by third parties. It also allows you to get a new IP address. You will appear to be in the location of the server you connect to. For example, if you are in China and you connect to a server in the US, then you will get a US IP address which allows you to access restricted services like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Youtube in China. There is no difference between being in the US and using a VPN to pretend to be in the US. With the VPN technology, everything you do while connected to the VPN is fully protected and you will experience true online freedom with no censorship in just a few clicks. Never Miss The Chance to Get ibVPN Promo Code – 78% OFF Coupon Code 2018! Access the promotion on the button below.

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ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN) is a great option for those who cares online privacy and freedom because of its advance features and affordable price. Starting with $2.42/month (Use ibVPN Promo Code – 78% OFF Coupon Code 2018), you can get around the geographical restrictions and stream popular services including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO NOW and Hulu from anywhere of the world. The service increases the anonymity of your online activities. Besides, ibVPN cares about  their customers’ privacy so they do NOT keep logs with users’ activity. Your privacy is guaranteed while using ibVPN. Now ibVPN offers hundreds of VPN servers in 50+ countries with a diversity of available VPN technologies. Their well-trained customer support staff provides 24/7 customer support service via e-mail, live chat and phone. The company not only offers 15 days money-back guarantee, but also gives users a 24-hours free trial. This way you can explore the pros and cons of ibVPN in detail. ibVPN protects your privacy and security all the time with military grade encryption. With it you can browse the web in complete anonymity and it also makes impossible for hackers to eavesdrop on your online activities. Try for no risk now! Use ibVPN promo code & coupon code to start saving. Now, you can get 78% Off ibVPN promotion code 2018 here.

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