IPVanish Review

IPVanish is a VPN (as known as Virtual Private Network) service based on US that creates a virtual tunnel on the public internet to hide all your online activities from the world and even from spying software. With this service, you are able to control your IP location as it covers over 40,000 IP addresses on over 750 servers in 60 countries. Also, you will also be completely invisible to online hackers because IPVanish hides your IP address so no one can trace any online activities back to you. It is most likely that no matter where you remain in the world, you will have the ability to find a quick and trusted IPVanish server to safeguard your privacy and protect your Internet deals.

Pricing and Plans

IPVanish markets their VPN service as a single package with 3 different rates plans. These plans consist of one month, 3 months, and one year.
Subscribing for just one month works out most costly, at $10.00. A three-month subscription is $26.99 (which works out at $8.99 per month). The cheapest option is to pay $77.99 per year (which works out at $6.49 per month).
If you are interested in any of the plans, just create an account and see how to get everything setup. Although there is no free trial for the service, all plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee, which means if for any factor, you are not totally pleased with it, they will reimburse the complete purchase cost of your selected plan. You should request this refund within 7 days of the purchase date. Demands made behind 7 days from purchase date will not be honored.

Device Support

IPVanish supports all of the latest Windows operating systems including: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1) and Windows 10. You also can use it on mobile devices because they have dedicated apps for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Chrome and iOS. The latest versions of Apple’s operating system are supported as well if you need to install on iMac or macbook. Anyway, this VPN service is almost available for all major devices, from desktops to laptops, smartphones and tablets. And the best thing is subscribers can use the VPN on five devices under one account simultaneously. This means that the VPN can be used on a laptop, iPhone, tablet, PC, Android phone, even a router at the same time if necessary.

Privacy and Security

IPVanish is a no-log VPN service. In other words they do not log any of their users’s activity while linked to their VPN service. Many individuals are under the incorrect belief that the United States has an information retention law however precisely the reverse holds true. The US has no guidelines relating to information retention unlike some nations in Europe, Australia, and others. Although they would have to comply with judicial orders from the correct authorities, because they do not log any activity of their users, they have no details to turn over.

Protocols & Encryption

IPVanish VPN provides all the encryption protocols that you would expect, including L2TP, PPTP and our most highly recommended protocol, OpenVPN. As long as you log into IPVanish service, you have a variety of safety features available. OpenVPN must be the top choice for desktops, while the other two are ideal for mobile devices. L2TP is the slowest option but supports Apple and Android devices, while PPTP is the fastest but less secure than the alternatives.
This VPN service uses 256-bit AES encryption, with SHA-256 for authentication, and RSA 2048 for handshaking purposes so this encryption strength is extremely strong. Add this security to its zero logs policy (and shared IPs) and you really do have a secure service.

Customer Service & Support

IPVanish offers 3 different tech supports to its subscribers:

As long as you buy this VPN in the US you will be able to enjoy 24 hours support from any destination in the world and even on public holidays and weekends. Agents are friendly and responsive, often getting back to people on the same day and trying to be helpful and sincere. Although it doesn’t have a LIVE CHAT option, their FAQ pages are very helpful and they are available in different languages which is pretty good for the worldwide users. There are also the support forums and the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, through which you can get direct support or community support.


If you are looking for a best VPN, IPVanish can be a good choice because it helps you vanish completely online. Therefore, you can be  complete safe and assured that all your online and personal accounts are completely safe and uncensored. This VPN service claims to be the “fastest and fastest growing” VPN provider in the world, with an extensive network that spans 40,000+ IP addresses. With it, you can enjoy social media, stream torrents, download and much more. Now this VPN has over 750 servers across North America, Europe and Asia, servicing global customers with secure and encrypted Internet connections for over 15 years. It is definitely a favorable service.

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