An Overview About ZenMate VPN

What is ZenMate VPN?

If you are very much conscious about your privacy and security while browsing then you must use the best VPN. Actually there are different types of VPN in the present market but there is no assurance that all of them will be effective as people expect. Therefore it is always recommended to the people to check and make sure whether the VPN they are about to choose is reliable and efficient as they desire. They are able to get to know about that by exploring the information and reviews about the particular VPN. The online resources will be helpful for the people to get to know about the VPNs.

However, the ZenMate VPN is being the most leading and preferred VPN today. Actually ZenMate is a privacy & security service which is offering a secure tunneling for the browsers as well as mobile devices. The company named ZenGuard GmbH is operating ZenMate and it is a Berlin based startup. Presently ZenMate is available for different browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Apart from these major browsers, it supports some other desktop browsers which are based on Chromium open source browser named Chromium, Comodo dragon and SRWare Iron.

What Device Can be Installed With ZenMate VPN?

ZenMate is actually a proxy addon which can be added with the browsers. Once it is added, it can easily encrypt the traffic. This can also be added for the Android as well as iOS devices and actually this VPN using IPsec and offers a classic VPN connection. People would like to know the technical aspects of this VPN. This ZenMate is using the recent TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) protocol for the purpose of encryption. Moreover it supports various cipher suites along with PFS. Once the add-on is added to the browser, the user can easily get redirected to the page in which he has to enter his email address.
When he enters the email address and other information, he has to go through the agreement terms and the privacy policy of this VPN. This is recommended to all the users who are about to register with ZenMate VPN. These are the processes which have to be done and once everything is completed the individuals are able to use this VPN. The user will be notified about the installation of this VPN and it will appear on the upper right side of the browser. When you are about to begin browsing the internet, an automated password will be created and the browser traffic will be encrypted and secured as people expect.

What Is The Price of ZenMate VPN?

Pricing will be a major concern for the people who are about to prefer ZenMate VPN. Actually ZenMate is having a free package but at the same time there are three packages such as monthly plan, 6 months plan and yearly plan which are considered as premium upgrade. If you are choosing a monthly plan then it will cost around 8, 99 euros and the price will be 7, 99 euros per month if you are choosing the 6 months plan. When it comes to yearly plan, you will have to give 6, 99 euros monthly. Read ZenMate VPN Review to learn more information regarding this VPN.

Video Guide On How to Set up ZenMate VPN

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