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Are you looking for PureVPN free trial? Would like to try the service before signing up a long subscription? You should take advantage of the PureVPN risk-free trial. A real useful VPN risk-free trial allows you to access and test every feature of the service thoroughly, so you can have accurate taste of the service in order to decide if you would like to work with the service. However, many services provide free trial with limited features. You only can access small part of the service, and won’t know how exactly the VPN works. We are glad to tell you that PureVPN offers 3-day risk-free trial with full features. It gives you full access to the service, and you will have the same experience with the premium users. How to get PureVPN risk-free trial? What can you do with PureVPN risk-free trial? Get your answer in this article.

Does PureVPN Offer Free Trial?

Free trials are popular as people can use the service for free. Does PureVPN offer free trial? The answer is no. The provider offers three days of paid trial with full features. It costs $2.50 USD for three days. This paid trial is better than most free VPN trial you find out there. In fact, nothing service with high technology is absolutely free. You still need to for it in another way though you may get it for free at the beginning. How does VPN provider make money for offering free service? On one hand, they may show annoying ads on your device when using free trial. On the other hand, some providers may collect your private information and browsing histories to make money. It is a huge risk as all your Internet data goes through their server. The price of this kind of free trial is much more expensive. Besides, most free trials come with limited features. They only allow you to access few server locations and protocols. You have lower encryption standard, limited bandwidth and slow connection. Also, free trials often tend to work with specific devices, and not all the systems and platforms promised by the VPN provider. How can you decide if it is the service you want as you don’t really try the service out? PureVPN does not offer free trial. Instead, it provides 3-day trial at $2.50 USD with full features.

Why PureVPN 3-Day Risk-Free Trial?

Many users prefer free VPN trial because it does not require credit card detail. Even though they know they can get a refund if they are not happy with the service, they just refuse to go further as they don’t want to go through the hassle of going through the refund process. Some VPN providers do offer free trial, but they do not offer fully functional VPN service for trial. How do you test the service without switching between different locations or servers? How do you know it is safe enough to safeguard your online session without access to the highest encryption standard of the service? In addition, some free trials may put your privacy at risk. To ensure you have a great experience with service, you can choose PureVPN risk-free trial which allows you to access all of their locations and VPN protocols. It comes with all functions that a premium version includes. Likewise, the provider promises to keep your privacy protected. They do not access your browsing histories or collect your sensitive information. It uses the highest encryption standard in VPN industry to secure your connection to the Internet to prevent others from monitoring you or intercepting your online sessions. Your privacy is guaranteed. By switching to different servers, you can protect your Internet privacy and spoof your location to unblock restricted contents. PureVPN risk-free trial lets you test the service in all aspects.

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How to Get PureVPN’s Risk-Free Trial?

PureVPN makes it easy for users to get their free trial. There is no complicated process to go through. Firstly, visit PureVPN provider and locate free trial page. Secondly, choose payment method you prefer and fill up information to finish the signup. Fourthly, wait for mails to confirm your subscription. Another email contains your PureVPN’s trial credentials. Activate your PureVPN trial account with the link sent from the provider. Fifthly, download and install VPN client on your Windows, Mac, Android or other OS via the link in the email. Fire up your PureVPN for the first time using the credentials you receive in email, and you are good to go.

What does PureVPN Risk-Free Trial Include?

During the 3 days of trial, you can test if PureVPN is compatible with your PCs, smart phones, routers or smart TV. Check if the uptime meets your requirement. Simply try the service out in any aspect you consider as important. Can you really get full taste of the service with PureVPN risk-free trial? What features can you access with the trial account? You have full access to their massive VPN network & server locations. The huge network is consisted of global servers that spread over 140 countries, allowing you to access universal content on the Internet. The trial account comes with unlimited bandwidth, server switching and speed. The provider does not limit what you download or stream at all. Your traffic will be protected by AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. You have multiple tunneling protocol options, including PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and OpenVPN. Switch to any protocol to meet your network. The trial version can be installed on any system and device the service supports. One single account allows five devices simultaneously. There is need to sign up multiple accounts for all of your devices. PureVPN trial account includes the premium 24/7 customer support, and you are allowed to contact them for support anytime.

Useful 31-Day Money Back Guarantee

PureVPN is a totally risk-free service. In addition to 3-day trial, PureVPN provider has money back guarantee, allowing you to get started with the service without hesitation. PureVPN service is very popular among Internet users. How to know if the service is what you are looking for? You can find it out yourself. Sign up a plan and create an account to use service. The provider gives you 31 days to feel the service. If you are satisfied with the service, you can keep the account. If you are not happy with the service, you can request a refund within 31 days of purchase. The provider will refund your payment. No hassles, no risk.

How to Pay Less when Purchasing PureVPN?

If you find out it is the service you like, how can you save money during payment? PureVPN only provides one package with three billing cycle options. The longer billing cycle you choose the bigger discount you get. Hence, you can pay less when signing up for longer subscription. Currently, there is no discount on monthly plan. It costs $10.95 USD if you choose to sign up every month. The 1-year plan is 63% off and costs $4.08 USD per month. The 2-year plan includes the biggest savings. It is 74% off and only costs $69.00 USD for 24 months. You save $193.80 USD in total. If you get deal during this promotion, it is $2.88 USD per month. To save money, the 2-year plan should be your first choice.

Brief Information of PureVPN

Why so many users choose PureVPN? PureVPN is a reliable and solid VPN created to protect people’s Internet privacy and offer absolute Internet freedom. Currently, it has 3 million plus satisfied users, earning a high reputation around the world. PureVPN provides impressive performance, robust features and considerable customer support to deliver amazing service. It offers unbreakable protection by using military-grade encryption technologies and supporting advanced protocols. It wipes users’ digital footprint and protects users’ privacy by providing 80,000 IP addresses in 141 countries to replace your real one. PureVPN is a no log service, so your privacy is untouchable. It has huge network with global servers to assist users to bypass geo-restriction and access restricted contents easily from any country. This VPN works on multiple platforms. The easy installation and simple interface let users work with it hassle-free. It offers many customer support channels including tickets, live chat, forums, and email. The support is always available for you. Get started with this service by taking advantage of PureVPN risk-free trial. Let’s learn more about PureVPN’s robust features.

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Fast & Worldwide Server Network. PureVPN provides 2,000+ servers and 300,000+ IPs to give you the best possible browsing experience. With 99.99% uptime guarantee, you can enjoy a stable, fast and secure connection over the Internet. Their servers are strategically placed in 180+ locations across 140+ countries throughout the world. The provider does not have restriction on which server you can switch to. You have complete accessibility to their servers. The state-of-the-art servers are highly optimized for excellent performance and speed. This VPN split tunneling, so you have option to decide which data you would like send through your ISP and which through the VPN connection. That improves the performance and speed in a way. Connected to one of the servers, your IP address and virtual location will change. That will enable you to overcome geo-restriction and bypass government surveillance. PureVPN helps you unblock restricted contents and stream videos on popular platforms abroad. It also assists users to bypass strict Internet censorship and access online contents without limit. It is a great tool for Internet freedom. You can enjoy high-speed streaming and private file sharing with PureVPN trial account.

Solid Security and Privacy Protection. PureVPN employs 256-bit of military-grade data encryption to guarantee users’ online security. It uses the same encryption standard as government agencies, banks and businessmen apply to safeguard confidential information. This level of encryption has not ever been cracked yet. When your connection is encrypted by PureVPN, the snoopers, hackers and even your ISP can’t monitor what you do online. They only see encrypted contents and won’t be able to intercept your online sessions. PureVPN utilizes advanced encryption technology, coupled with complex authentication protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, and SSL to channel your data through private virtual tunnel. According to your needs on encryption, speed and ability to bypass geo-restriction, you can switch to any protocol.

Likewise, PureVPN offers a large collection of IP addresses from different cities and countries to replace your real IP address which reveals your location and other personal information. When you browse the web, download folder off the Internet or stream videos, your IP address is shown to public. Advertisers, websites and your ISP can track you down. With new IP address offered by VPN provider, others can’t track back to you any longer. The provider also offers Internet kill switch to ensure your privacy is always under control even when VPN connection drops for any reason. Besides, DDoS Protected Dedicated IPs, Secure Remote Access VPN and NAT Firewall protection are available to protect your privacy in all aspects. PureVPN delivers solid Internet security and privacy solution.

Multi Platforms & Logins. PureVPN provides free VPN apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android. It allows you to install and set up VPN on all of your desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones & TV and routers for thorough privacy and security protection. The apps are pretty easy to use, and the provider offers clear instructions on manual VPN setup as well. Beginners can install app and follow wizard to make VPN work easily. Of course, the provider offers deeper configuration options for advanced users too. You can configure the service in the way you like to meet your requirement at the best. Compared with using VPN on your PCs and phones, it requires more complicated setup on router and TV. Luckily, it has specific guides to help you set up VPN on Boxee, Ruko, PS3, Apple TV etc. Both premium account and trial account allow five devices simultaneously. If you have over five devices, you can set up VPN on router to cover all devices in the house. PureVPN service comes with 24/7 technical support. You get instant help when you run into an unexpected error. You can contact them by submitting a ticket, starting a live chat, sending an email and ask question on their forums. Useful information about the VPN can be found on their knowledge database.

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Would like to try this popular VPN? Get the PureVPN no-limits 3-day trial now. It only costs $2.50 USD to get full access to the service for three days. PureVPN is an advanced VPN service that provides users freedom, security and unparalleled privacy. It offers advanced encryption technologies & VPN protocols and worldwide IP addresses & server locations to allow users to enjoy the pure Internet they deserve. It allows unlimited bandwidth and P2P traffic on their servers. Users can stream their favorite contents, download torrents, and browse the web privately and securely via high-speed connection. PureVPN trial account lets you let you access every security protocol, server location, compatibility with all major Oss and more. Get PureVPN risk-free trial, and let your real experience with the service to help you decide if the service actually can protect your privacy or logging all your internet activities. If it turns out that you like the service, PureVPN is very affordable which starts at $2.88 USD per month.

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