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What is SaferVPN?

SaferVPN is a famous VPN service owned by Safer Social LTD, which was founded in 2013. Its mission is to provide secure, private and uncensored Internet access to anyone, anywhere. They work on breaking the boundaries to deliver the easiest, fastest and safest private network experience. It protects users’ privacy and precious data with the latest security technology. Smart servers are provided to encrypt Internet connection and assist users to access restricted content. You can be safe and others can’t spy on you any longer with this VPN.

Pricing & Promotion

SaferVPN is offering 3 pricing plans on its website for people to choose from. All plans include SaferVPN apps, 24/7 customer support, high-speed unlimited bandwidth, OpenVPN, IPsec/L2TP, PPTP and IKEv2 along with 256-bit military grade encryption, and 30-day money back guarantee. Hence, you can get the full range of services and pay according to your limits:

• 1 Month Plan: $10.99/month (Billed $10.99 every month)
• 1 Year Plan: $5.49/month (Billed $65.88 every 12 months, save 52%)
• 2 Years Plan: $3.29/month (Billed $78.96 every 24 months, save 70%)

SaferVPN Valentine’s Day Promotion:

If you have missed the SaferVPN Winter Sale, this is the best time for you to join SaferVPN. SaferVPN is running a Valentine’s Day Promotion. Here is the details:

• 1 Year: $4.99/month ($59.88 billed every 12 months)
• 2 Years: $2.99/month ($71.77 billed every 24 months)
• 3 Years Plan: $2.29/month ($82.26 billed every 36 months, Save 78%)

SaferVPN is offering upto 80% off their 3-year plan so you will get maximum savings. The discount breaks the monthly price down to $2.29/month, instead of the regular price $10.99/month. This Valentine’s Day, consider gifting your loved one the endless benefits of internet security and privacy by investing in an anonymous VPN. Get SaferVPN Coupon Code: 80% Off Discount 2019 to start savings now!

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Payment Methods

SaferVPN allows you to purchase a plan via all major credit cards and debit cards, PayPal and bitcoin. Credit card is a common and convenient way to make payment. If you refuse to reveal your credit card details, you can pay them through PayPal or Bitcoin. PayPal is relatively private. Bitcoin is the best option. As a cryptocurrency, it helps you avoid giving detail information to the VPN provider. It is getting popular as a payment method among security-conscious people. With it, you will not have to leave information related your ID on the Internet.

Why SaferVPN?

Why is SaferVPN so popular among Internet users? It is because users can experience superior service, security and speed with this VPN. It makes use of the most advanced technology to ensure the highest level of security of your online activities and data. This VPN adds Internet kill switch feature into VPN app. This feature ensures that no data can leave your device after a VPN connection has been interrupted or terminated. It hides your IP address, provides no log policy and accepts bitcoin payment, giving your privacy with the best protection. You can access to a number of servers to access any restricted content. Unlimited server switch is supported. It works on many systems and devices, and allows up to five devices. The VPN is easy to use. If you have difficulty in using the service, you can contact the useful tech support any time. Besides, SaferVPN is affordable. It starts from $ 2.29 USD per month. You can save up to 80% this time.

Stable Server Network

SaferVPN has over 700 servers in 34 different countries. The number of servers is relatively big among VPN providers in the market. Some of the servers are equipped especially for streaming. They can be used to bypass geo-restrictions and minimize speed loss. The provider manages their network 100% in-house, allowing you to browse, stream and download at the fastest speeds. There is no limit or extra charge to switch between different servers. You can switch your server location as often as you’d like. To get the best performance, we recommend you connect to the VPN server closest to the website or service you are about to use. When using the closest server, the encrypted connection has less distance to cover and typically gives you fast speeds. According to the provider, every server of this VPN is secured with high encryption standard. When connecting to those servers, you appear to send Internet request from abroad or other city. The government can’t censor you. You can over geo-restriction easily.

Powerful Encryption

When using public Wi-Fi in places such as airports and hotels, snoopers can easily view what you’re doing online. They can intercept your financial information and business data. Also, secured networks can be vulnerable to hackers looking to monitor traffic or even edit communications and data transfers. VPN protection is very necessary. SaferVPN protects your data with AES 256-bit VPN encryption which is recognized as one of the most powerful forms of encryption in VPN industry. Many military, banks, and security experts around the world use the same level of encryption to secure their system. This VPN lets your communications, transactions and data travel through an encrypted server network. Your safety and anonymity are guaranteed online.

SaferVPN supports IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. Why does it matter? A VPN protocol determines exactly how your data routes between your device and the VPN server. Different protocols have different functions. Some of them prioritize speed while others focus on privacy and security. IKEv2 is secure, stable, and easy to setup. OpenVPN has the highest performance and security level overall. The speed of L2TP/IPSec is a bit slower than the other protocols, but the connection it provides is highly secure. PPTP gives you a fast connection due to a very basic encryption. It is also very easy to setup. Most users choose OpenVPN as they attach importance to security.

The provider offers those features to protect your data from ISPs, cybercriminals and Government surveillance. You can check your account balance, shop online and use social media at public hotspots without any concern. This VPN shields you from anyone.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

The provider not only secures your connection with AES 256-bit encryption key, but also offers perfect forward secrecy which is a valuable feature to enhance encryption security. Different from normal protection, it does not use the same VPN encryption key over and over. The perfect forward secrecy generates a new and unique encryption key at the start of every session. It rotates encryption keys every 60 minutes, adding an extra layer of preemptive security. The hackers can take years to decode AES 256-bit key. It is much difficult for them to break SaferVPN encryption.


Most users value their privacy. However, Internet privacy is under threat from all types of governments, advertisers and snoopers nowadays. Last year, the Congress even voted to allow ISPs to sell your browsing histories to the third parities without your permission. The bad actors can use your information against you. When you use Internet, snoopers can view your IP address and activities. They can learn a lot from your IP address. They know where you are and what website you use. They even can steal your personal information for illegal purpose. Luckily, SaferVPN keeps your identifiable data and online footprint secret as well as giving you an anonymous IP address and location. In this way, the third parties won’t know who you are. Snoopers can’t touch your personal information and Internet habits. The government, ISPs, search engines and website owners won’t be able to track you. You can be completely anonymous online.

Besides, SaferVPN maintains a strict No Logs policy which is a guarantee to your online privacy and anonymity. They don’t track, record or share what you do with governments, businesses or private individuals. You have the right to keep your privacy. None of your private data will be tracked, collected or revealed by anyone including the provider.

Blazing Speed

Speed is an important when selecting a VPN. If you pick the wrong one, it may slow down your connection badly. A great VPN does not affect your connection obviously. Instead, it gives you better connection. You may notice that Internet slow down suddenly when watching a video. It is likely that the ISPs throttle your connection. They try to limit your speed and bandwidth. The good news is SaferVPN allows you to browse with lightning-fast connection speeds. The provider manages their VPN network and writes code themselves to give you with the fastest and safest experience. It lets you connect to its global high-speed and encrypted servers. You will be able to surf the Internet free of throttling, download caps or bandwidth limits. Enjoy HD videos and download smoothly with this VPN.

Bypass Geo-Blocks

Geo-blocks are commonly. Many copyright holders have licensing agreements to ensure their content only can be shown in certain parts of the world. Services like Netflix and Hulu are becoming increasingly aware of VPN use to circumvent their licensing restrictions. Hence, they develop their websites to ban VPN access or choose to show only part of the content. Besides, the governments, schools, and workplaces all set restrictions on the content you’re allowed to access online. All those restrictions work depending on your location. That means your IP address should be hidden because it reveals your location on the Internet.

SaferVPN offers IP address from worldwide servers, helping you fool any government or website into thinking you’re located in a place free of Internet restrictions. Even the most powerful firewall, the Great Firewall of China can be overcome. You can unblock websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more in countries with strict Internet censorship. This VPN enables you to stream your favorite movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer etc. from any country. Even when you are traveling abroad, you can enjoy full content of Netflix. It lets access you Pandora, Spotify and more on the go. The location restrictions won’t hold you back. For sport fans, you can live stream the English Premier League, Football, Tennis, Cricket and Ice Hockey etc. You won’t miss your favorite team’s game. If you are a gamer, SaferVPN should be your choice. You can use Steam, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and other online platforms no matter they have servers in your country or not. When playing video game, you may not notice the buffer with the best connection. Enjoy the unlimited content, bandwidth and speed online with this great VPN.

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Smart Wi-Fi Protection

If you heard of cyberattack via public Wi-Fi hotspot, you may not want to access any public network to put your data at risk. You may have to use your ISP’s data usage to transfer a large size of document at public place which is expensive. In this case, you need SaferVPN. It will automatically turn on as soon as your phone connects to unsecured networks. The military-grade encryption ensures your safety on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Save Money with a Virtual Location

After changing your virtual location, you not only can be anonymous, but also can save money when make payment online. We can tell you that some companies like airlines, software providers and rental car providers offer different prices based on your location. When you shop online, the web server knows where you are from information like IP address, Cookies, GPS, Wi-Fi and HTML5 coding. SaferVPN masks your IP address and spoofs your location so that you can outsmart online price discrimination. You can get cheaper flight, save money on rental cars, software subscriptions and streaming services. Using a VPN for online shopping, you get savings range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It is totally worth to invest on a VPN.

Multiple Devices

SaferVPN offers free apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox. Five devices are allowed with one single account. Your laptop, tablet and smartphone will always be protected. The user-friendly apps are super easy to set up. With few clicks, you will get it done and use it without any problem. The provider offers a handy feature called Automatic Diagnose Fix. This feature is integrated into all their apps. It is used to detect, solve or fix any issues you might have when using the service. It lets you surf the Internet safely and anonymously, accessing the network without limit. When you work, watch video or browse, the VPN runs seamlessly in the background. Just enjoy the amazing experience.

24/7 Customer Support

SaferVPN provides support via live chat and email. Its knowledgeable team is available for you around the clock. No matter which country you are from, you will not miss their work time. The customer support staff is well trained and best suited to walk you through any issue you might have. Surprisingly, they also are multilingual which is rare in the market. They are able to support people from different parts of the world without language issue. If you have any question or issue, feel free to contact. You will get answer or solution in time.

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SaferVPN is a legit and great private network service. They offer reliable service with plenty of Self-managed premium servers around the globe. It utilizes cutting-edge technology as well as various protocols to ensure maximum speeds wherever you are. You can bypass government censorship and defeat geo-restriction to any content you like. There is no restriction which tells you what content can’t be accessed. Do what you want to do and watch videos on any platform you want as long as you don’t perform illegal activities. To keep your valuable information safe from hackers, it uses the best encryption standard to give you unbreakable protection. The ISPs, cyber criminals and government only see encrypted content. They can’t monitor your activities and invade your privacy. The provider offers more security features, terrific support and an easy-to-use client. SaferVPN is now offering an amazing discount of 80% on their 3-year plan. If you are looking for SaferVPN discount, coupon code or promo code for money saving, don’t let this big deal slip away. Avail 80% Off SaferVPN coupon while it’s still valid & Enjoy unrestricted Internet access at $2.29/month now!

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