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If you’re looking to privately browse the web and download torrents safely, then TorGuard VPN is a must-have you should consider. TorGuard is a leading VPN that encrypts your internet access, and provides an anonymous IP to let you browse the web securely without any restriction. It is one of few VPNs that encourages P2P traffic. The VPN offers a massive network of 3000+ global VPN servers in over 50+ countries so you will enjoy fast speed and stable connection here. Today you can get 50% discount on TorGuard VPN. Just get TorGuard Promo Code: 50% Off Lifetime Discount 2018 here. The TorGuard promotion code applies to ALL products including anonymous VPN, proxy, and email services. Refund policy of 7 days from the date of purchase if you are dissatisfied their service (you must not exceed 10GB download volume). It is the perfect time to join TorGuard. Enjoy the Internet with no borders!

What’s TorGuard?

TorGuard is one of the best VPNs for torrenting and it aims to protect one’s privacy when using bitorrent. The “Tor” in the title stands for BitTorrent and shouldn’t be interpreted as any affiliation with the Tor Project. So, if torrenting is important to you, TorGuard is definitely one of the best choices out there. Torguard offers over 3000 servers in 50+ countries allowing people to get around geography blocks for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC, etc. As a torrent-friendly VPN, it doesn’t monitor or restrict any connections including peer-to-peer file sharing and can be used with any torrenting client without the annoyance of being blocked or throttled. The company claims its VPN is simple to use with one click connection and intuitive software that’s compatible across devices, with apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and you can even use it on VPN routers like DDWRT, Tomato and pfsense firewalls.

TorGuard provides quality privacy services in over 50 countries worldwide. Their VPN service will help you keep your search habits and personal information secret, protect your IP address so websites can’t associate them with your browsing habits, hide your activity on public Wi-Fi hotspots to keep crooks out, bypass censorship to access blocked websites, keep you anonymous on Bittorrent and safeguard your right to online privacy. With TorGuard, you will get complete online freedom. TorGuard has the most advanced encryption and protocols in the world. They use AES-256 encryption with SHA-512–alongside unique uncrackable protocols like Stunnel, OpenVPN, SSTP and SSH tunnels. This is a highly secure cypher and is the same strength used by the U.S. government and military for top-secret communication. TorGuard mainly offers 4 different service plans: Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Anonymous Email and Privacy Bundle and its goal is to provide easy to use services that protect user’s online identity. All plans include unlimited speeds+bandwidth, 5 simultaneous connections, OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/IPsec/SSTP/iKEV2 protocols supported and 24/7 customer support. Other features that TorGuard has include:

Take back your online privacy today and surf the web in complete privacy with TorGuard now! If you are planning to sign up TorGuard service, then the TorGuard Promo Code: 50% Off Lifetime Discount 2018 is available for you. This promo code works on renewals as well.

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How Does TorGuard Work?

TorGuard provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which is an encrypted connection between your device and a VPN server. Think of this encrypted connection as a protected “tunnel” through which you can access everything online, while appearing to be in the location of the server you are connected to. This gives you a high level online anonymity, provides you with added security, and allows you to access the entire internet without restrictions.

TorGuard VPN and Proxy services keep you safe by masking your IP address, and allow you totally access restricted websites from anywhere of the world, including locations behind major firewall like China. TorGuard VPN service protects your online identity with an anonymous IP address by using an encrypted VPN tunnel. No one would be able to determine your real IP address, not even your ISP, websites and search engines. With just simple clicks on TorGuard, you will be able to access thousands of services in more than 50 countries.

Without TorGuard, everything you do online is easily traceable. Third-parties can spy on your web-browsing activity without your knowledge. Use TorGuard now to experience an anonymous web browsing. You will get no fear of being tracked or identified anymore. TorGuard is offering an exclusive 50% discount for All plans. Use TorGuard Promo Code: 50% Off Lifetime Discount 2018 at checkout to Save Big on your VPN package now!

TorGuard Pricing Plans & Special Offer

TorGuard offers 4 different service plans: Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Anonymous Email and Privacy Bundle for its customers. Give the details a look, and select the best option for your need:

Anonymous Proxy

$5.95USD Monthly
$14.95USD Quarterly
$29.95USD Semi-Annually
$46.95USD Annually

Anonymous VPN

$9.99USD Monthly
$19.99USD Quarterly
$29.99USD Semi-Annually
$59.99USD Annually
$99.99USD Biennially

Anonymous Email

$6.95USD Monthly
$15.95USD Quarterly
$29.99USD Semi-Annually
$49.95USD Annually


$11.54USD Monthly
$20.97USD Quarterly
$64.00USD Annually

With over 3000 servers in 55+ countries, TorGuard offers unlimited bandwidth & speed, no logs policy, 24/7 customer support, unlimited server switching, free anonymous web mail and 7 Days money-back guarantee. Payment Method Accepted: Credit cards, Debit cards, Paypal, Union Pay, AliPay, CashU, Visa, Amex, Master Card, Discover, Altcoins, Alipay, PaySafeCards, Gift cards, and Bitcoin.

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Why Choose TorGuard?

There are lots of benefits that give strong reasons for you to use TorGuard:

TorGuard in China:

Using the Internet in China is not easy. China’s Great Firewall has blocked many websites in China. Some of the most popular websites/services that are currently blocked in China (some of them are partially blocked) listed below: Gmail, Google search, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google APIs, Picasa, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Yahoo!, Blogspot, Instagram, Github, Pinterest, Pornhub, The Pirate Bay, Dailymotion, The New York Times, Dropbox, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, BBC, WhatsApp etc. If you are planning your trip to China, or living in China, getting a VPN to bypass this kind of blocking is necessary. However, many VPN services are blocked in China as well. Fortunately TorGuard is still working in China. So if you’re looking to unblock content and popular websites in China, TorGuard is the best VPN you can find due to their advanced security features, powerfully fast servers, and consistent updates. With TorGuard VPN service, you can hide your IP using 3000+ secure VPN servers in 55+ countries: The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, India, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and more. You can connect to any location in the world and experience content without any restrictions. In addition, TorGuard supports stealth VPN and stealth proxy technology, which can be used to defeat China’s VPN blocking using DPI. TorGuard even supports Alipay payment, which is the Chinese mobile payment giants.

Please be reminded: If you are going to use TorGuard in China, you need to download TorGuard before you arrive in China because the TorGuard’s website is currently blocked in China. Test TorGuard risk free with a 7 day money back guarantee.

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TorGuard has excellent service offerings for its customer, that’s why it has a high reputation in VPN markets. This VPN is known for its superb torrenting and P2P speed plus stable connectivity; primarily focusing on leechers and seeders. With lots of pricing choices and payment options, great client support with 24 hours online chat, and quick speeds for torrenting, downloads and HD streaming, TorGuard is really a good choice for people who looking for a complete security solution. TorGuard takes user’s privacy seriously. It follows a no logging policy so it does not store, keep or log any online traffic activity and connection information of its users. Customer support on TorGuard is handled via a 24/7 chat service on its website. It is a superb resource that allows both potential subscribers and customers to ask questions about the service. The representatives are highly engaging, knowledgeable, and friendly. In addition, email ticketing option is also available for customers. As for the security, TorGuard allows customers to access OpenVPN (AES-256 bit encryption), PPTP (128 bit encryption), L2TP/IPSec (AES-128), SSTP (256 bit encryption) and IKEv2. It also provides SOCKS5 + HTTP proxies access. The VPN provides secure 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data away from the prying eyes of ISPs, cyber criminals, and government surveillance.  For simultaneous connections (or called multi-logins), TorGuard allows users to connect to their VPN servers using up to 5 devices at the same time. Beside VPN, TorGuard also provide proxy and anonymous email service. Sign up now & Enjoy the best security at TorGuard. Take advantage of TorGuard Promo Code: 50% Off Lifetime Discount 2018 to SAVE BIG on your VPN accounts.

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