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What is VPN.ac?

VPN.ac is a Romania-based VPN service that was fully developed in-house, and launched at the end of 2012. Compared with the most popular VPNs like Express VPN and NordVPN, this VPN service is relatively new but it equips all the necessary features that a good VPN should have. VPN.ac offers a VPN Client app for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. For other operating systems and devices they provide step-by-step connection instructions using 3rd party VPN software or OS specific, built-in settings. You can use the VPN on custom ROMs like DD-WRT, Tomato, Advanced Tomato, OpenWRT, AsusWRT/Merlin, pfSense as well.

VPN.ac provides its users with 79 VPN servers in 21 countries and proxy servers in 32 countries to choose from. Yes, the service includes an encrypted proxy system, which can help you get around regional restrictions. Their server network consists entirely of dedicated premium servers with self-hosted DNS and gigabit bandwidth channels. With VPN.ac, you can get excellent speeds with plenty of available bandwidth at all times. It can hide or change your IP addresses, helping access streaming websites or services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer as well as reach geographically restricted websites, secure private information and stay anonymous on the Internet.

Whether you’re part of a large corporation that handles sensitive client information or an individual who just doesn’t want your privacy invaded and information stolen, VPN.ac can bring you tons of advantages. The service promises you No activity logs and No speed limit so you don’t have to get worried about the privacy and security of your data. VPN.ac allows up to 6 simultaneous connections. That’s to say, a total of 6 devices can be connected with one VPN.ac account at the same time. Therefore you can simply run VPN.ac on a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, a laptop or even a router. Another excellent features like Kill Switch, IP leak prevention and Double VPN are included in its plans. On the security front, VPN.AC puts its specs front and center on the features page – AES-GCM 256-bit encryption, Elliptic Curve, as well as 4096-bit RSA authentication, SHA512 HMAC, and PFS. It ensures you a secure, encrypted internet connection.

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Who Need VPN.ac?

VPN.ac Pricing Plans & Discount

There are 4 VPN.ac subscription packages offered on its website: monthly subscription, 3-month subscription, 6-month subscription, or 1 Year subscription. Basically, the longer you sign up for VPN.ac packages, the cheaper it will be. Here’s the details:

VPN.AC doesn’t offer free trial accounts, but all paid plans are covered by a 7-day full refund policy. If you really want to give the service a try, they offer 1-week trial account for only $2. Note that a trial account allows 3 simultaneous connections compared to 6, with a regular account.The VPN company accepts a huge range of payment options. You can pay with:

Want a cheaper plan? No problem!

VPN.AC is offering an extra 10% recurring discount if you sign up for their 1 Year Plan. Get VPN.ac Promo Code & Coupon: 46% Off + Extra 10% Recurring Discount from the promo button below. After the code is applied, it only costs $52.20 USD ($4.35/month) annually. Do remember this is a Limited Time Offer. So hurry up and grab it before it expires.

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Why Choose VPN.ac?

Although VPN.ac is a small VPN provider compared with ExpressVPN, PureVPN and NordVPN, it offers the same network capacity, innovations, quality of service, reliability, encryption strength. The VPN has its own native client app which supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It just takes you 1 minute to install and it runs flawlessly. The GUI is clear and the client is easy to use. It allows you to change protocols, switch servers, tweak its settings, and even change its looks from the Dark to Light theme without any delay. Their support team is not 24/7 and there’s no live chat feature, but their knowledge base is well-organized, you always can find an answer there. If you have any problems about using their service, you can talk directly to those who designed and implemented the entire VPN service from A to Z. In addition, VPN.ac allows 6 connections per subscription. For comparison, this is double the number you get with ExpressVPN. Using VPN.ac, you can change protocols (OpenVPN 256-bit, 128-bit, XOR, L2TP/IPSec, or PPTP), enable a kill switch, block IPv6 leaks and disable DNS on physical network adapters as you wish. Furthermore, VPN.ac can be used in China. As we know, China has always been strict on Internet use. They upgrade the firewall constantly to block both websites and VPNs. But VPN.ac is still working to let people in China access Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube and other websites with no problems.

VPN.ac is now offering 46% OFF +  Extra 10% Recurring Discount on their 12 months plan. Start with $4.35/month, you can enjoy the full-featured VPN immediately! Your order is covered by 7 days money back guarantee. If you do not like their service for any reason, just cancel and your money will be refunded. No questions asked.

How does VPN.ac Work?

Typically, when you connect to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) receives the request and redirects you to the website you intend to visit. As your Internet traffic passes through your ISPs, they can see everything you do online. But if you connect to VPN.ac, it is able to hide your online identity by changing your IP address, meaning you can’t be tracked by cybercriminals, advertising agencies or the government. All of your activity online will be anonymous and your private browsing leaves no tracks behind. You even can use VPN.ac to access blocked streaming sites or unblock websites that are not available in your current location. Simply select a server location provided by VPN.ac and connect to it, your whole browsing data will become invisible. VPN.ac has a strict no log policy so it does not keep any logs or history of your activity online. You can relax and purchase VPN.ac with complete peace of mind. Quickly get VPN.ac Promo Code & Coupon: 46% Off + Extra 10% Recurring Discount to start your saving now!

VPN.ac Unique Features

Thousands of people choose VPN.ac because of its unique features and highlights which set them apart and outclass the competition:

The ability to connect multiple devices is highly convenient for users looking to enjoy the full benefits of a VPN. Right now, with a single VPN.ac account, you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously without compromising your online security and privacy of one device for another. You can even share your account with friends/family/colleagues. What is more, the VPN is available on the Mac OS X, iOS, Windows and Android operating systems.

No VPN service is 100% secure, and they can be susceptible to IP leaks, which expose your true IP address when you are online. This can occur more frequently when the VPN service gets overloaded. VPN.ac’s Internet Kill Switch is a fail-safe button that maintains your privacy and anonymity and ensures that your ID is never exposed. It prevents internet traffic from flowing outside the VPN tunnel if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

When it comes to VPNs for downloading P2P content, VPNArea is one of the most budget-friendly options, starting at only $4.35 per month for an annual plan. (Get VPN.ac Promo Code & Coupon: 46% Off + Extra 10% Recurring Discount)

People who do not wish to tie their identities to payments for VPN can avoid that by using Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Paying with Bitcoins is accepted on VPN.ac service which means that VPN.ac does not require your bank details. You are also allowed to pay with gift card. Your purchases can stay completely anonymous.

As you probably already know, the internet doesn’t work like we would like it to in China and a large number of websites are blocked by the “Great Firewall.” Among the websites that you can’t access there are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and Google+. Even some reputable VPNs are banned in China. However, VPN.ac is still working fine when you are in China. You can unblock geo-blocking websites with it in just one minute. The VPN takes you to any website you want to go while keeping all your privacy secure.

VPN.ac is Used for These Purposes:

Free VPN VS VPN.ac

Today, many people, for any number of reasons, will opt for a free alternative while they are choosing a VPN service. But is it safe to use a free VPN? You’ve probably heard the sayings: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” It is particularly true when it comes to the Internet. Free VPNs are famous for tracking everything you do online so they are far away from secure and safe. What websites you visit, how much time you spend once there, which location you’re accessing the Internet from, etc. – all of this information can be collected if you use free VPNs. Your data can be further sold to the third-parties. Unlike a paid VPN, free VPNs offer limited locations, protocols, bandwidth, also lack features that paid VPNs have, like Internet Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, Multi-logins, etc. Hence, a paid and trusted VPN service provider like VPN.ac is highly recommended. With VPN.ac you simply click “Connect” and restrictions fall like dominoes. You’ll no longer be a victim to restrictions imposed by web sites, streaming platforms, internet supplier, company/government firewalls. No more content hiding, speed throttling, favorite web sites blocking and censorship. The service offers unlimited bandwidth on its VPN servers so you can go about your online activities without worrying about any quotas. Meanwhile, you will get a lot of impressive features like Internet Kill Switch, Unlimited bandwidth, 6 Multi-Logins, DNS Leak Protection, Double VPN servers, etc. All of which ensure complete security, privacy, and accessibility for you. Secure Your Internet with VPN.ac Now!

Best VPNs for China or Other Prohibited Countries

Key FeaturesJurisdiction# of ConnectionsPrice(USD)Official Website
Best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption and 1500+ VPN servers in 94 countries.British Virgin Islands3 Connections$6.67/Month (Save 49%)Visit Site
40,000+ shared IPs, 1,000+ VPN servers in 60+ countries.USA5 Connections$6.49/Month (Save 46%)Visit Site
2643 servers in 56 different countries.Panama6 Connections$3.29/Month (Save 72%)Visit Site
70+ global servers Locations.Switzerland3 / 5 Connections$5.00/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
700+ VPN servers in 34+ countries.Israel3 Connections$2.49/Month (Save 75%)Visit Site
30+ locations and Unlimited bandwidth.Malaysia5 Connections$4.99/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
750+ VPN servers in 140+ countries.Hong Kong5 Connections$2.04/ Month (Save 79%)Visit Site
Unlimited Bandwidth with 300+ VPN Servers.Seychelles3 Connections$3.33/Month (Save 34%)Visit Site
Unlimited access to over 200 servers for you to choose from in 69 countries.Bulgaria6 Connections$4.92/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
Unlimited Bandwidth & 2000+ IPs in 50+ Countries.USA5 Connections$5.95/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
Servers in 30+ locations around the globe.Germany1 Connection$4.99/Month (Save 44%)Visit Site
Unlimited and free servers switches in many countries.Italy5 Connections$4.32/Month (Save 20%)Visit Site

3034+ Servers in 28 Countries.USA5 Connections$2.91/Month (Save 58%)Visit Site
28 Servers in 8 Countries.USA3 Connections$4.19/Month (Save 60%)Visit Site
100+ Servers from 47 Countries in 63 locations.Romania1 Connection$1.10/Month (Save 78%)Visit Site
Over 1000 Servers Worldwide.Romania1 Connection$1.99/Month (Save 83%)Visit Site
46 Cities in 25 Countries, Zero Logs.USA1 Connection$5.83/Month (Save 41%)Visit Site


VPN.ac is a great all-around VPN for the money, and it works well in China. The service can be installed on several OS platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and routers. It supports 6 simultaneous connections and is a great way to keep all your home devices secure online. Don’t hesitate to get the best VPN.ac Promo Code & Coupon: 46% Off + Extra 10% Recurring Discount here. The discount is only available for limited time periods. Take advantage of it to SAVE BIG on your VPN accounts!

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