VPNArea Review 2018: 50% OFF 1-Year Down to $4.92/month

What’s VPNArea

VPNArea Review: VPNArea is now offering 50% OFF for 1-Year plan that is down to $4.92/month. This is the best value offered by VPNArea this year. VPNArea is a privacy-focused provider based in Bulgaria and hosted in Switzerland., which gives customers 100% security. VPNArea is run by Offshore Security LTD which is registered in Bulgaria. even though VPNArea is under surveillance of Bulgarian jurisdiction, its servers and emails are actually hosted in Switzerland. VPNArea provides overall features and performance of its VPN service. Its fast VPN servers covers over 70 countries all over the world. The vast majority of which are located in the U.S. and Europe, and a few of them sprinkled around in Asia, South America, the little rest of them are located in the middle East and Africa. Six simultaneous connections are allowed to link on multiple devices. Different high technology features like P2P, Kill Switch, Double DNS, Ad-blocking and Stealth DNS are applied to strengthen and enlarge VPNArea’s performance and functions, which will also protect customer’s privacy and security. VPNArea doesn’t offer free trial to help users to test all features and service, but it offers 7-day money guarantee which also can let users experience VPNArea features and see if it is fit for your usage. If you’re not satisfied with VPNArea service, you can apply for a full refund from their support team.

Plans and Pricing

VPNArea right now is offering a 50% off discount for the one-year deal. VPNArea Review: 50% OFF 1-Year Down to $4.92/month. If you purchase one year VPNArea VPN service, you will save up to 50% of your budget and it will down to $4.92/Month. But if you don’t choose yearly plan but renew order every month, it will cost $118.8 for 12 months. So, the yearly plan is very affordable and reasonable and really cut down $59.4. Anyway, 50% special discount is the best Value.

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All plans include a 7-day money-back guarantee and no recurring billing. Whatever plans you choose, you can still enjoy the same awesome features including unlimted bandwidth, fast VPN servers in 70 countries, connect 6 devices, ad blocking, no-log policy, account sharing, double VPN, Stunnel, Torrents, P2P, Bitcoin payment method, 24/7 support.

Features and Performances of VPNArea VPN

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What’s a VPN? Why Do I Need it?

VPN is an internet technology which creates encrypted runnel between you and a remote server provided by a VPN provider. Once you use a VPN, all your internet traffic will be routed through this tunnel. Your data, browsing history, financial information or anything about confidential will pass though this encrypted tunnel. It hides your real computer IP address and masks your identity.

Keep Complete Privacy on the Internet

Normally when you’re trying to browse online and connect to the Internet, you start by connecting to your ISP, which then redirects you to any websites or applications that you want to visit. All your Internet traffic will just automatically pass through servers of your ISP and your internet service provider can view and read your data and online activities. since your internet traffic and online activity can be monitored by the ISP, your personal sensitive information, browsing history and other private data can be accessed by ISP. It is not safe and private. If you have VPN enabled, you first connect to a server run by your VPN provider through an encrypted connection, which is also called a VPN tunnel. All data traveling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted so that only you and the server can see it.

Unblock Geo-Blocking Sites and Streaming Service

Second, some websites and services are blocked due to geo-restriction or the internet censorship conducted by the local government. Geoblocking is the system used to limit your access to the internet, based on your geographic location. Geo-blocking technology is usually used by companies and websites to allow people only in a specific geographic location to access certain site or service. When the website detects that you’re not in the specific geographic location, you will be blocked to access any contents or servers from the websites. The websites detects by checking your device’s IP address and tell where is your location. The most famous example is the BBC iPlayer which is operated by British Broadcasting Corporation located in the U.K.

BBC iPlayer offers different online streaming service including demand movies, TV shows and sports events. However, BBC iPlayer is available only for the British public. If someone outside of the U.K. are trying to watch BBC iPlayer, they would be blocked by a prompt ‘BBC iPlayer only works in the UK’. However, when people outsides of the UK still want to watch BBC iPlayer contents. The most common, effective and secure way to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK is to use a VPN like VPNArea. VPNArea hides your real IP address and allows you to connect to U.K. servers from anywhere in the world. Then you will be assigned a British IP address which looks like you’re from the U.K. VPN routes all your internet traffic through a remote location and all technology used by VPN is secure and reliable. Your privacy will not be monitored and leaked out. Moreover, VPNArea offers huge network with 200+ fast servers in over 70 countries and super-fast speed to stream any online contents like BBC iPlayer.

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Bypass Internet censorship Great Firewall

Third, to block websites and server banned by internet censorship like the Great Firewall in China. Many foreign social media websites, communication platform and streaming service like Google, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, Slack, Viber, Popcorn Time, Flickr, Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO and more are blocked by China’s Great Firewall. If you want to search some resources and access certain websites with a China IP address, you will soon be blocked by the Great Firewall. So, how can you bypass the Great Firewall and access these blocked websites in China? Here, you’re strongly suggested to use a VPN service like VPNArea. Once connecting VPNArea, it will hide your device’s real IP address, then the servers you connect will assign you a new IP address. but you should choose the server location nearest to China but where the websites or streaming service is surely available first. And also VPNArea offer fast speed in streaming online contents with no bandwidth throttling or buffering.

Stay Away from cyber criminals, hackers and snoopers

Besides, cyber criminals, hackers and snoopers can have their methods to intrude your network to spy on what you do and get your important data for illegal purpose. Especially when you connect with low-security public network like free Wi-Fi hotspot in café, airport, library, mall, supermarket and more, it will be easier for hackers to monitor what you do online and steal valuable information. It’s actually very vulnerable when you’re using low-security network. If you’re shopping online under free Wi-Fi networking, your payment information like credit card, paypal, online banking and Bitcoin account details will soon be stolen by strong hackers. But if you’re using a VPN, you will find it works like firewall on Windows computer to prevent hackers and snoopers from accessing your internet traffic.

Therefore, VPN is Mostly Used for Such Popular Purposes as Below:

  1. Stay privacy online without being tracked and monitored by ISP or the government. All internet traffic will pass through an encrypted tunnel, which can effectively stop ISP getting user’s private information and send personal information to third parties like advertisers or government.
  2. Get protection from being hacked by cyber criminals like snoopers when using public network like free Wi-Fi hotspot in café, library, airport, supermarket, mall and other stores.
  3. Access geo-blocked websites and service from any other places all around the world while at home, on-the-go, travelling abroad, business trip to any other countries
  4. Bypass internet censorship set up by school, workplace, company, organization, ISPs or government. For example, to use a VPN to escape from the Great Firewall – internet censorship in China and access any foreign websites and servic.
  5. Secure and uninterrupted streaming experience with no bandwidth throttling or buffering.  And using P2P sharing services safely.

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VPNArea is the Best VPN for China

Why Some VPNs are Blocked in China?

It’s supposed that internet users now are more concerning about personal privacy and security on the internet and want to keep private when accessing websites even blocked websites all over the world. you may know that a VPN can help access the websites blocked by geo-restrictions or internet censorship. But over years, with the fast development of VPN service, governments and companies have also created and build VPN detector to block you from bypassing their restrictions by using a VPN. That’s why some VPN is filtered and blocked by the internet censorship.

In some countries like Iran, Cuba, UAE, China, Russia, and even Australia carry out strict internet censorship and even have strong measures and tools to prevent VPN use since they want to monitor and control data flow and even collect the metadata of internet users. On one side, these countries want to safeguard the security of the internet and stop any negative contents published on the internet as some unfavorable contents may cause riot, on the other side, some policies about the internet censorship have been limit freedom of online users. Especially when you are using a VPN to bypass the Great Firewall in China which is the strongest and strictest censorship in the world. many VPNs are filtered and blocked by the Great Firewall. GWF system uses advanced technology and creates many Anti-VPN tools to block VPN applications easily. Free VPN is in particular blocked by the Great Firewall. However, don’t worry, to completely bypass the Great Firewall should choose a VPN with Stealth VPN/ Obfuscation technology.

What’s ‘Stealth VPN’ Technology?

A ‘Stealth VPN’ is simply a VPN server or protocol that is able to disguise VPN traffic as regular web traffic, even when subjected to deep packet inspection by your network administrator or firewall. Stealth VPN can either be implemented on a server or protocol. When you use a Stealth VPN protocol or server, your VPN usage cannot be detected by firewalls or applications that want to block VPN traffic.

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HTTP Traffic VS HTTPS Traffic

Usually when we connect to the internet visit some websites, you can find the URL of some websites begin with HTTP and others HTTPS. HTTP is regular traffic sent to your computer every time when you visit a website. HTTPS is a specific encrypted http traffic. HTTPS is encrypted and secured traffic. HTTPS connections are essential for secure data transmission on the internet (passwords, credit card numbers, etc). Usually when you login into important sensitive accounts like online banking account, credit card, paypal account, Gmail or Facebook etc, the URL of websites will show HTTPS starting with a green ‘lock’icon in the browser bar. HTTPS encryption can prevent hackers, snoopers or someone sharing the same internet connection stealing your login/password information. Since HTTPS traffic is more secure than HTTP, HTTPS traffic is more easily recognized and verified by a router or firewall. That means HTTPS traffic more easily bypass the detection of a router or firewall of your network. HTTPS traffic uses port #443.

How does ‘Stealth VPN’ Technology Work and Bypass the Detection of the Great Firewall?

Most VPN products apply the same features of HTTPS traffic like TLS encrypting data using port #443, which easily masks your data as HTTPS data and slip through the detection of firewall of the network. However, even though the VPN uses technology of port 443, it’s still possible for a firewall like the Great Firewall to recognize the data is going through VPN traffic tunnel because most regular VPN protocols have a data packer header which contains information identifying VPN encryption. However, Stealth VPN protocols and servers can first take away the header part of the encryption by using a technique called “Obfuscation”, which hides your use of OpenVPN. Moreover, Stealth VPN protocols and servers use SSL/TLS encryption that wraps the OpenVPN payload in a second layer of encryption through port #443 (this is the port that normal HTTPs traffic uses), which looks like a normal HTTPS traffic. ‘Stealth’ VPN technology scrambles or disguises your VPN traffic, making it unidentifiable as VPN traffic, or disguising it as regular TLS encrypted web traffic. Using a VPN service with obfuscation or ‘stealth’ technology allows your VPN connection to rewrite or obscure the packet headers, so it’s unrecognizable.

Stealth VPN is the Best for Bypassing China’s Great Firewall

Since VPN using Stealth VPN has a strong ability and performance to hide data packer header to make the VPN traffic looks like normal HTTPS traffic, and meanwhile double encrypts OpenVPN payload with SSL/TLS encryption technology. That’s why VPNArea is the best VPN for China, as VPNArea VPN uses Stealth VPN technology which can essentially bypass the detection of the Great Firewall. The strongest and strictest Great Firewall even can’t filter and block VPNArea. With the obfuscation technique and rerouting of the port #, Stealth VPN masquerades VPN use as normal internet traffic (HTTPs).VPNArea with Stealth VPN technology is reliable and trusted. You’re rest assured that your VPNArea won’t be found and blocked by the Great Firewall in China. With VPNArea, you also can fast stream your movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Disney Movies Anywhere, BBC iPlay, Pandora music and Spotify and so on. And right now VPNArea is offering 50% coupon code or special discount on 1-year plan which will lower down to $4.92/month. VPNArea is your best fit if you’re going to China or to other countries which have same strict lever of the Great Firewall of China.

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2018’s Best VPNs for China or Other Prohibited Countries

Key FeaturesJurisdiction# of ConnectionsPrice(USD)Official Website
Best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption and 1500+ VPN servers in 94 countries.British Virgin Islands3 Connections$6.67/Month (Save 49%)Visit Site
40,000+ shared IPs, 1,000+ VPN servers in 60+ countries.USA5 Connections$6.49/Month (Save 46%)Visit Site
2643 servers in 56 different countries.Panama6 Connections$3.29/Month (Save 72%)Visit Site
70+ global servers Locations.Switzerland3 / 5 Connections$5.00/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
700+ VPN servers in 34+ countries.Israel3 Connections$2.49/Month (Save 75%)Visit Site
30+ locations and Unlimited bandwidth.Malaysia5 Connections$4.99/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
750+ VPN servers in 140+ countries.Hong Kong5 Connections$2.04/ Month (Save 79%)Visit Site
Unlimited Bandwidth with 300+ VPN Servers.Seychelles3 Connections$3.33/Month (Save 34%)Visit Site
Unlimited access to over 200 servers for you to choose from in 69 countries.Bulgaria6 Connections$4.92/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
Unlimited Bandwidth & 2000+ IPs in 50+ Countries.USA5 Connections$5.95/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
Servers in 30+ locations around the globe.Germany1 Connection$4.99/Month (Save 44%)Visit Site
Unlimited and free servers switches in many countries.Italy5 Connections$4.32/Month (Save 20%)Visit Site

3034+ Servers in 28 Countries.USA5 Connections$2.91/Month (Save 58%)Visit Site
28 Servers in 8 Countries.USA3 Connections$4.19/Month (Save 60%)Visit Site
100+ Servers from 47 Countries in 63 locations.Romania1 Connection$1.10/Month (Save 78%)Visit Site
Over 1000 Servers Worldwide.Romania1 Connection$1.99/Month (Save 83%)Visit Site
46 Cities in 25 Countries, Zero Logs.USA1 Connection$5.83/Month (Save 41%)Visit Site


VPNArea Review helps you learn more details about the VPN product of VPNArea. VPNArea VPN service is a well-established and trusted VPN service with affordable price plans down to $4.92/month for one year deal. If you purchase VPNArea annual plan, you will save up to 50%. Don’t miss out on 50% off coupon code or special discount. VPNArea builds a secure and encrypted tunnel to prevent all your internet traffic going through the cyber space naked and vulnerable. You will stay away from the internet service supplier, public WiFi snooper and hackers. VPNArea uses bank-grade encryption 256-AES encryption to keep your privacy away from intrusive purpose. With VPNArea, you can achieve complete privacy, security and freedom on the internet. you can browse online privately and anonymously. VPNArea prevents prying eyes like internet service provider, employer, university or government. It hides your online activity, real IP address and location. You can enjoy VPNArea’s no-logs policy. VPNArea is the best VPN for you to watch streaming content like movie and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, Popcorn Time and other streaming platforms in China. VPNArea is the best VPN for China and bypass the Great Firewall. No more content hiding, speed throttling, favorite web sites blocking and censorship. VPNArea is usually listed into an important necessary while people travel or go on business abroad.

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