VPNArea Review

VPNArea is a hosting provider that’s has tough security features while maintains easy to use handling. In addition to its terrific privacy steps, it boasts some terrific functions, great customer support, and a 7-day cash back assurance. Find out more by reading our thorough VPNArea review!

Rates & Plans

VPNArea has 3 different payment plans available, with month-to-month rates being tore down the longer the membership. A one-month plan clocks in $9.90 each month and then lowers to $8.33 monthly for a six-month plan. Getting yearly offers users the most significant deal of all at $4.92 monthly– 49% off that of the month-to-month plan.

VPNArea does not have a free trial that users can use to check the provider’s services prior to they devote to their favored plan. It does have a seven-day cash back assurance, so if you choose that VPNArea is not for you prior to the week is up, VPNArea will gladly reimburse your loan.
VPNArea customers can pay as low as $15 a year to additional a devoted IP with a private server to their existing membership. It offers you the flexibility to pick from a wide range of nations, consisting of popular choices such as the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Australia, with the rate depending upon the nation.
VPNArea’s devoted IP rate has increased a fair bit considering that our last evaluation, however it’s competitive within the market and stays among the most affordable expense. It’s the just one (to their and our understanding) that includes a free private VPN server.
A devoted IP address with a private server will be attracting the techies out there, and anybody who wishes to run mail or gaming servers. It’s likewise less most likely than a shared VPN IP address to get observed and obstructed by services like US Netflix! It’s crucial to keep in mind that a private IP address is simple to connect back to YOU, so not the best option if privacy is your leading concern.
Another crucial thing to keep in mind in this area of our VPNArea evaluation: The devoted IP with private VPN server is an optional add-on just for 6-month and annual memberships. It is not offered for month-to-month memberships.

Security & Privacy

As was pointed out in the previous area, VPNArea is exempt to necessary information retention laws found somewhere else in Europe.
( A word of caution: When it concerns companies that declare to be logless, you need to still take their word with a grain of salt. That stated, there has yet to be a circumstances when VPNArea exposed or turned over user details, so we’re inclined to believe it does as it states. Still, a little suspicion never injured anybody– specifically where online privacy and security is concerned.).
If you appreciate your online privacy and security, we ‘d highly recommend against selecting PPTP, as it’s known for being insecure and quickly decrypted by 3rd parties. Rather, we would recommend selecting in between the significantly more safe OpenVPN and L2TP.

About VPNArea Support

VPNArea has a good range of support options. Responses to the most typical questions that users might have can be found on its FAQ page. You can contact through live chat, by means of Skype (vpnarea-support), by means of e-mail (support@vpnarea.com), which can be accessed through the yellow button at the bottom right of the provider’s website.

Video Guide On How to Set up VPNArea

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