VyprVPN Remains Accessible Although China Blocked OpenVPN

China started blocking the OpenVPN protocol today around 2:30am CST, in their latest round of VPN-related blocking. VyprVPN users connecting out of China can switch to any other VyprVPN protocol to successfully connect, and they recommend switching to their proprietary Chameleon protocol which effectively defeats VPN blocking in China and around the world.
VyprVPN users can visit the support page for instructions on switching protocols and for status updates on the latest China block.

Increased Blocking & Censorship in China

China ramped up Internet censorship greatly in 2017, a trend which appears to be continuing into 2018. An all-out VPN ban is slated to take effect this February, with news circulating last week suggesting the ban could go into effect even earlier (this news does not appear to be true). In spite of the challenges, VyprVPN is proud to offer users in China a way to bypass censorship and access an unrestricted Internet. Due to their proprietary Chameleon technology and dedicated team (they operate 100% without third parties!), they are continually able to bypass blocks and maintain and restore service to users more consistently and quickly than other providers.

Please know that VyprVPN remains the best VPN choice for China.

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