VyprVPN Service Update for iOS App

VyprVPN in China Updates

When VyprVPN’s service has been updated for iOS App, we are happy and take the first action to report that to our readers VyprVPN support team have restored their services on all VyprVPN Apps including our iOS App. As its user, you will be able to connect successfully from China using your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad like you are using on Android, Windows and Mac devices.

We release this News to users for your support and we will keep in touch with VyprVPN to publish latest News about this great VPN provider. What is more, VyprVPN already addressed the attacks of the Chinese Firewall on their service. As described above, VyprVPN team are committed to providing a reliable VPN service to all its users and they will be monitoring the Apps performance to make sure that their connection is stable. You can download the App to your iOS device to test this service to see if it is right for you, if any question, you can submit ticket to us.

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