Windscribe VPN Review 2018 – Is It Reliable?

VPN becomes an important tool for users to protect privacy and get Internet freedom. Selecting a right VPN is not an easy job. Different VPNs have different superiority. Some are good at privacy protection. Some are fast. Some are great at security while some help greatly in defeating Internet restriction. Which VPN should you trust? Our experts tested all the famous VPNs and listed the useful and reliable ones. Windscribe is one of the most popular VPNs. Learn why it is what you want in this Windscribe review.

Brief Information of Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is a known and useful VPN based in Ontario, Canada. This company aims at developing easy to use yet powerful tools to safeguard users on the Internet. It offers solid security by using the industry standard OpenVPN tunneling protocol with 256-bit AES encryption. It hides your IP address and disguises your online activities to avoid tracking and keep anonymously. It channels your traffic through the encrypted and fast VPN servers to spoof your location and unblock restricted contents. No matter you would like to stream fast, torrent privately, or browse securely, Windscribe VPN has you covered.

Cost of Money

Windscribe VPN offers one package with monthly, yearly, and biennial plans. If you want flexible subscription, you can choose to sign up monthly. The monthly plan costs $9.00 USD. No discount is available on this plan. The yearly plan is 55% off. It costs $49.00 USD for one year. The biennial plan is 59% off. It costs $3.70 USD per month and $ 89.00 USD for 24 months. This plan comes with the biggest discounts. Besides, you will get 6-month premium subscription to Dashlane password manager for free with this plan. This password manager subscription values $20.00 USD. It is worth every cent of the money. Windscribe generously offers a free version of VPN alongside with limited features. The free version allows 10 GB of bandwidth and 11 server locations. During the VPN test, we found that the free VPN is slower than the paid one. If you are a heavy VPN use, the premium plan is the better choice.

Windscribe VPN provider offers money back guarantee. After you purchase a plan, you have three days to request a refund. This provider is very generous. It is common that a provider offers a free trial without money back guarantee. Some providers have 30 days money back guarantee while they don’t offer free trial. Windscribe is really a risk free service because it has both free trial and money back guarantee. The provider accepts payments via all major credit cards & debit cards, PayPal, Paymentwall, and Bitcoin, allowing for varying levels of anonymity. Bitcoin is a great option if you would like to make payment anonymously. As you can sign up a plan without providing email address, others can’t track to you according to the information you offer during the payment.

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Overview of Windscribe VPN Solid Features

Windscribe VPN is equipped with the advanced features and technology. It combines 256-bit AES encryption with OpenVPN to offer tight security to safeguard you against the cyberattack. You are allowed to do IP mapping and connect to VPN server to disguise yourself on the Internet. It also provides kill switch, firewall, Ad-blocker, IPv6 and DNS leak protection and more great privacy options. This provider has strict policy which states they do not keep log of your online activities or monitor your applications. Your connection logs, IP timestamps or browsing information of won’t be stored by the provider. Windscribe VPN has a global network with servers in 50 countries and 100 cities. As it allows unlimited bandwidth and speed, you can stream videos, unblock social media platforms, play video games and even torrent freely. With the special servers, you can unblock Netflix abroad. The stealth mode and port forwarding options helps in bypassing Internet censorship set by the government. Windscribe offers apps for mobile and desktop and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. As it allows unlimited simultaneous connections, you can surf the web anonymously on as many devices as you like.

High Encryption Standard

Hackers can make use of advanced technology to crack your connection and grab your sensitive information for money. Unprotected PC and connection can be attacked easily especially when you use public WiFi. To prevent hackers from stealing your data, Windscribe VPN utilizes a SHA-512 cipher for authentication and a 4096-bit RSA protocol for the “handshake” to create the secure connection and give you uncrackable protection. All transferred data uses AES-256 encryption. Even though the hackers notice your connection, they only see encrypted contents and won’t be able to decode them without the random encryption key. Windscribe uses IKEv2 as the default protocol on desktop because of the superfast speeds. If this protocol fails to work, it switches to OpenVPN automatically. OpenVPN is the advanced protocol which gives you the highest encryption while maintain high speed. This VPN also offers IPv6 connectivity and AES-256-bit cipher firewalled at the client side for stronger privacy protection. Windscribe VPN offers three connection modes. They are UDP, TCP and Stealth via Stunnel. If one of the ports is blocked for any reason, the VPN still works normally with the rest two modes. UDP is the default mode. Stealth via Stunnel is a useful mode for users in country with strict Internet censorship.

Global Network

Windscribe has diverse networks to help uses access the Internet without limit regardless of their locations. It has servers in over 55 countries and 100 cities. You will be able to access the network freely with the servers in US, UK, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Denmark, Singapore, Egypt, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, South Korea, India, and Romania etc. The server locations are organized by geography. You can switch to any server you need on the roll-down menu. There is no extra charge or limit in server switching. If you don’t know which server you should connect to, let the client do that for you. It has Cruise Control to help you pick the best server location for you automatically. If only want VPN to browse the website or steam regular content, you should connect to the server which is closer to you so that you will get best the connection. If you use VPN to unblock restricted content, connect to the required servers. According to our test result, the servers work greatly in browsing, streaming, playing online games, and downloading files. Windscribe VPN enables you to access the global network without limit.

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Anonymous Browsing

If you use the Internet with your own IP address, advertisers, corporations and your ISP can track and sell your personal data easily without your knowledge. Windscribe VPN allows you to browse and conduct other activities online anonymously. It replaces your IP address with a new one from the location you choose. When you browse, only the provider’s IP address is shown and left on the Internet. When others try to track you, the IP address won’t lead them to you. Windscribe VPN provides Split Personality tool which alters the user agent of your browser to avoid browser fingerprinting. Ad-blocker is offered to remove trackers from social media websites. A website server can detect you are using a proxy or VPN by comparing the timezone configured in your browser and your computer. The browser usually shows your real timezone while timezone on your computer will be set to the server location you connect to. According to the two timezones are different, they know your real timezone and some website server can refuse your Internet request as they know you are using a proxy or VPN. Windscribe offers timezone spooning to avoid this information leak.

Likewise, it has double hop which allows you to channel your request and communication data through two sever location on the Windscribe network. The VPN achieves this process by connecting to one location on the desktop applications and rerouting to another location in the browser extension. Even though the web server may check your computer and browser servers, they still can’t get your real IP address. Windscribe VPN adds extra firewall to the software to avoid data leak. The firewall comes with three modes, including Automatic, Manual and Always on. If you choose Automatic mode, the firewall runs when your device is connected to the VPN. If you use the Manual mode, you need to toggle firewall on and off manually to suit your need. If you want firewall protection all the time, use the Always on mode. Speaking of privacy, the provider’s privacy policy is important. According to its policy, Windscribe only keeps user bandwidth usage to monitor because the free trial comes with limited bandwidth. No information related to your identity or detail of your online activities will be stored. The user bandwidth logs will be deleted monthly. Your privacy stays safe with Windscribe VPN.

Defeat Internet Restriction

If you would like to stream foreign videos or play international video games, you may notice that many Internet restrictions exist. Windscribe VPN gives you unrestricted and private access to video-sharing sites, video games sites, news sites, social media platforms, and other blocked content in over 50 different countries. Many streaming services come with geo-restriction and their contents are restricted to their own countries. Netflix is the library of US videos and it is very famous. However, it is only open to users in the US. Because of copyright issue, Netflix has been cracking down on users who utilize VPNs to spoof their locations and unblock Netflix content in other countries. Many VPNs fails to help user unblock this streaming videos and give up fighting. Meanwhile, Windscribe VPN develops Windflix server to offer the chance for you to access Netflix anywhere. No matter where you live, connect to Windflix server and your virtual location will be switched to the US. You also can unblock any service which is only available in the US. Besides, some governments block certain contents due to various reasons and disconnect you based on your location. It is well-known that China, Russia, Turkey and more countries have strict Internet censorship. For example, China has the most advanced firewall on the earth which is known as the Great Firewall of China. Millions of websites and services are blocked by the Chinese government. They state that they do this to protect their citizens from being corrupted by “harmful” content. If you go to China, you will find it is very difficult to use Google, YouTube, Facebook and other famous services. To avoid the censorship, you need to hide the fact that you are located in mainland China and reroute Internet request to the remote servers. Windscribe VPN lets you connect to server in the US, UK or other country which give your Internet freedom at the most extent.

Ease of Use

Windscribe VPN clients are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, and it also has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It allows unlimited device with one single account while account sharing is prohibited. Windscribe desktop app enables you to create a secure hotspot and proxy gateway. You can invite your friends to connect to this hotspot and take advantage of your secured connection while they don’t have to install VPN client on their device. They are protected and can unblock restricted contents like you do. If you want to live stream videos on your TV, Windscribe VPN has you covered. It can be installed on Amazon Fire TV, NVidia Shield, and Kodi. That is very convenient. If you are a new user, you can get started with this service easily because it does not require computer skill. It is simple to install and set up VPN on your device. This VPN works normally without complicated configuration. Of course, advanced users can set it up to like it work in the way they. The protocol settings are set up automatically and they are changeable. You are allowed make change to meet your need anytime. You can also configure Windscribe VPN to your DD-WRT or Tomato router by following their step-by-step guide so as to cover all devices in the house. If you can’t ensure whether a VPN can be installed on your router, we suggest you pick a pre-configured router from their website. If you have problem when using this VPN, you can contact their Chatbot, Garry, for instant help. Additionally, it has an FAQ page, forum, and guides on the official websites. You can find solutions to common problems on the websites and fix your issues timely.

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Windscribe is a full-featured and popular VPN. It has been trusted users all around the world. It provides strong encryption, friendly privacy policy, access to worldwide servers, unlimited bandwidth, high speed connection and the ability to connect unlimited devices. With the unbreakable protection, you can browse the websites, shop online, check email and conduct more activities without worrying about cyberattack or identity theft. This VPN hides your real IP and prevents DNS leak, so you can enjoy the anonymous web surfacing. The ISP and website servers won’t be able to track you or record your activities. With the global network, you will be able to defeat geo-restriction and bypass government censorship. It enables you to gain access to Netflix, Google, YouTube and other contents that are not available in your country due to geography restriction. You also can download files via P2P or torrent anonymously and safely with the new IP addresses and server locations offered by the VPN provider. When you connect to the VPN, you can watch HD videos smoothly and stream videos on many platforms freely. It assists you to avoid ISP throttling and bandwidth limit. Want Internet security, privacy and freedom? Windscribe provides all of them.

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