ZenMate VPN Review 2019

The Internet has become an essential resource for all of us. We rely on the Internet to send/receive emails, post/share photos and messages on social networking sites, shop for clothes, search for information, etc. However, the Internet is not safe. Your Internet service provider could track what IP addresses you contact, which effectively means they could know the web sites you’re visiting and they also could read anything you send over the Internet that isn’t encrypted. How to protect your online privacy then? A VPN service is needed now. ZenMate VPN uses encryption technologies to create a virtual encrypted “tunnel” between your device and their VPN server so that no one can see where you’re going or what you’re doing. Let’s see how it works. Check out ZenMate VPN review 2019 on this post now!

What is ZenMate VPN?

With over 40 million users worldwide, ZenMate is one of the largest and fastest growing VPN providers, and has received international awards for the best security startup in Europe and in Germany. This VPN tool is usually used to circumvent geo restricted content and to add an additional layer of privacy, protection, and security when using the internet. It keeps your online identity secure, private and anonymous. ZenMate VPN protects your privacy online and secures your web sessions by creating a secure “tunnel” on the Internet between the VPN server and your device. Thus, any information transmitted is encrypted, protecting your private and sensitive information such as your passwords, credit card information, and banking information from eavesdroppers and hackers. It hides your online identity, meaning you can’t be tracked by cybercriminals, advertising agencies or the government.

ZenMate is 100% Made in Germany. That means, ZenMate users can rely on the best technology and service in the industry and thanks to German Privacy Laws, you can be very confident, that none of your personal information will ever be saved. ZenMate VPN provides security and privacy to people all over the world, and they keep no logs or history of your activity online. It offers 3000+ servers in 30+ locations around the globe, helping people to build a secure, private and free internet.

ZenMate VPN offers user-friendly applications for all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also has an extension for your web browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome. If you are looking for more comprehensive VPN to use with your browser, ZenMate VPN is definitely a good choice. ZenMate allows their customers to connect using all major protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and SSTP. And a total of 5 devices can be connected with one ZenMate VPN account at the same time.

It is not only the perfect way to unblock websites, but it also encrypts all of your online traffic, which helps you to be more private and secure while being connected to the web. Do not let advertising agencies or the government track your every move. Over 41 millions users worldwide have trusted ZenMate VPN and use it every day as their website unblocker. Stay anonymous and leave no tracks behind with the use of ZenMate VPN  now!

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Who Need ZenMate VPN?

ZenMate is a trusted and reliable VPN service with over 41 million users worldwide. It is widely used by individuals, universities and high schools, governments, and businesses due to the ability to protect sensitive information as well as both public and private networks which are being accessed. The following people are the ones who may need ZenMate VPN much:

What Makes ZenMate Unique?

  1. ZenMate is one of the few VPNs in the world that reaches out to those who don’t speak English. The application can be customized to show text in German, Turkish, Korean, Russian, or Spanish, as well as English. The website is also available in a wide range of languages.
  2. ZenMate VPN is a German-based VPN service with a large user base and multiple strong reviews across the Internet. They provide a 128-bit AES encryption standard and have server locations in over 30 countries. ZenMate even offers a turbospeed feature for its premium users, which helps eliminate the issue of slowdown within popular servers across the globe.
  3. Easy to use -It can be installed in just 2 clicks and used on 9 platforms. (2x mobile, 2x desktop, 4x browser, 1x router)
  4. Super fast access to Netflix, Twitch and HULU – With permanent updates and optimizations, ZenMate VPN guarantees a smooth utilization of all major streaming services.
  5. Zero Logging & Extra Features – ZenMate keeps no logs and also offers AdBlocking and Tracking Blocking features.

How Does ZenMate VPN Work?

Anyone who connects to the internet on a regular basis should have basic knowledge of what a VPN is and how it works. Simply put, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool designed to keep your online identity secure, private and anonymous. ZenMate VPN enables you to hide your IP address by replacing your IP address with the VPN server’s IP address. (An IP address is a unique set of numbers that is used to identify your computer online, it’s just like a postal address for your computer, smartphone, or any other device with access to the internet.) So the sites that you visit only see the IP address of the VPN server, not yours. This enables you to remain anonymous online, thereby preventing your ISP and the government from tracking your web browsing activities or anything you do on the Internet. If you are traveling or just wanting to hang out at the local Starbucks and want to use free WiFi to connect to the Internet, ZenMate VPN is a must-have utility to protect your privacy and prevent hackers and snoopers from stealing your personal information.

Users also can use ZenMate VPN to bypass firewalls and unblock any restricted websites. Due to censorship and rights agreements, popular websites and services such as YouTube, Twitter, Hulu, Netflix, Gmail, Skype, and Pandora are restricted in certain countries. But with a ZenMate VPN, you can have unrestricted access to any content you want without censorship and without anyone tracking your every moves on the Internet. Simply select a server location provided by ZenMate and connect to it, your whole browsing data will become invisible immediately.

Why Choose ZenMate?

If you are looking for the ability to be able to browse from locations of your choosing while remaining anonymous and have encrypted data, then ZenMate VPN is a right choice for you.  ZenMate allows users to secure their internet data shared through public networks, ensures their web activity remains private and helps bypass geographic content restrictions online. It brings you many advantages so that’s why we say it is the best choice for you:

More than 40 million users worldwide are using ZenMate to ensure their security and privacy.

ZenMate fully secures and encrypts all traffic on your browser (available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera), desktop computer (available for Windows and Mac OS X), and mobile devices (available for Android and iOS).

ZenMate VPN uses tested modern industry standards to encrypt your data. They use the latest TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) protocol and support different cipher suites with PFS (Default for Chrome is TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256) and up to TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384. No known attack currently target these cyphers.

ZenMate VPN’s Kill Switch feature prevents data leaks by making sure your device only has internet access if the connection is going through the VPN. Because of this, no data will be processed on the device if the VPN for some reason loses connection. It also implements a DNS leak protection technology to protect your online activity and privacy in case DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside a secure VPN tunnel.

This feature allows your VPN connection to remain active regardless of whether of the state of your network connections. It’s a very convenient feature for those of you who want to be secure at all times while eliminating the hassle of switching your VPN connection on or off every time you connect to the internet. The feature can be activated and disabled from the settings menu as desired.

You can use ZenMate VPN to block any harmful websites or software before they  get to your device.

ZenMate VPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service, ask for a refund in 30 days. Try for no risk.

ZenMate VPN Plans and Pricing Overview

ZenMate VPN offers 3 plans on its pricing list. Give the details a look, and select the best option for your need:

All ZenMate pricing plans are covered by 30-day money-back guarantee.

ZenMate VPN payment method: Paypal, Visa, Master Card, UnionPay, American Express and Maestro.

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ZenMate VPN Customer Service:

On ZenMate VPN  website, we see no live chat support is given and the website’s support page is very hard to find. You can’t access the support system until you set up an account and log in. The Support navigation menu option leads to a knowledge base page. There is no button on this page to enable you to raise a support ticket. If ZenMate enhances their customer support with features such as forums or live chat, then it would be an excellent upgrade.

ZenMate VPN Highlights:

Platforms Supported:

ZenMate VPN not only has client software for Windows PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices. It also provides an extentsion for IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome browser.

Protocols Supported:

Choice of VPN protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, IPsec, IKEv2, and PPTP.

ZenMate VPN Encryption:

From the technical aspect, the latest protocol TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) is being used by ZenMate to protect users’ data. ZenMate further uses AES 128 bit encryption algorithm, instead of AES 256 bit, to encrypt user’s traffic.

ZenMate VPN Server Locations:

Currently ZenMate offers over 3000+ servers across the globe. The sever locations include: Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, United States, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States West.With those worldwide servers, you get fast and unlimited access to your favorite content from anywhere. If a famous website is blocked in your country, you can connect to server in another country or region to hide your IP address and spoof your location. It helps you escape from high internet censorship and access online contents freely. If you need to move to another country for study or work, you may miss your favorite shows as many streaming services come with geo-restriction. ZenMate VPN lets you travel around with your favorite show all the time. You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite websites or apps. Access any content you like.

Allow Five Concurrent Connections:

One of the highlighted features of ZenMate is that they allow people to simultaneously connect up to 5 devices. It is one of the most gracious providers we’ve seen when it comes to connecting more than one device at a time, with up to five simultaneous connections allowed.

Does ZenMate VPN Keep Logs?

With ZenMate active, all data passing through your internet connection is encrypted and routed through their secure servers, hiding your activity from third parties. ZenMate does not monitor or store any data which is in your phone memory. Furthermore, they do not store or log your personal data which can be used to identify you or what you’re doing online. Unlike other VPN providers, ZenMate can’t! Strict German privacy laws regulate the company’s use of your information.

Does ZenMate Work With Netflix?

Video streaming websites such as Netflix are increasingly blocking viewers who use VPNs to bypass the geographical restrictions on their services. Netflix is able to detect some VPN protocols and encrypted traffic to block access to their content from other countries. Many VPNs fail to work with it. However, ZenMate does well unblocking Netflix but not on regular basis. It works well when you are connected to US and UK servers, but every time you change a server, it gives a proxy error. ZenMate uses an IP address that has still not been detected by Netflix and that is the reason why it can unblock Netflix. Alongside Netflix, it can unblock BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime.

Can I Get a Discount?

Yes. ZenMate VPN is now offering an extra 50% off for all their VPN packages. You can save up to 72% off on their unlimited VPN service.
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2019 Best VPN Services Comparison

Key FeaturesJurisdiction# of ConnectionsPrice(USD)Official Website
Best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption and 1500+ VPN servers in 94 countries.British Virgin Islands3 Connections$6.67/Month (Save 49%)Visit Site
40,000+ shared IPs, 1,000+ VPN servers in 60+ countries.USA5 Connections$6.49/Month (Save 46%)Visit Site
2643 servers in 56 different countries.Panama6 Connections$3.29/Month (Save 72%)Visit Site
70+ global servers Locations.Switzerland3 / 5 Connections$5.00/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
700+ VPN servers in 34+ countries.Israel3 Connections$2.49/Month (Save 75%)Visit Site
30+ locations and Unlimited bandwidth.Malaysia5 Connections$4.99/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
750+ VPN servers in 140+ countries.Hong Kong5 Connections$2.04/ Month (Save 79%)Visit Site
Unlimited Bandwidth with 300+ VPN Servers.Seychelles3 Connections$3.33/Month (Save 34%)Visit Site
Unlimited access to over 200 servers for you to choose from in 69 countries.Bulgaria6 Connections$4.92/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
Unlimited Bandwidth & 2000+ IPs in 50+ Countries.USA5 Connections$5.95/Month (Save 50%)Visit Site
Servers in 30+ locations around the globe.Germany1 Connection$4.99/Month (Save 44%)Visit Site
Unlimited and free servers switches in many countries.Italy5 Connections$4.32/Month (Save 20%)Visit Site

3034+ Servers in 28 Countries.USA5 Connections$2.91/Month (Save 58%)Visit Site
28 Servers in 8 Countries.USA3 Connections$4.19/Month (Save 60%)Visit Site
100+ Servers from 47 Countries in 63 locations.Romania1 Connection$1.10/Month (Save 78%)Visit Site
Over 1000 Servers Worldwide.Romania1 Connection$1.99/Month (Save 83%)Visit Site
46 Cities in 25 Countries, Zero Logs.USA1 Connection$5.83/Month (Save 41%)Visit Site

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ZenMate VPN service is the easiest way to stay secure and private online, while accessing the content you love. It secures over 42 million users with fast and anonymous internet access. It allows expats to online shop, research and stream just like in their home country, meaning you can watch the latest episode of your favorite shows or unblock YouTube no matter where in the world you live. With fast connection to different locations with the power of German engineering and full device security as well as extra Malware Protection, Ad Blocker, and Tracking Protection, ZenMate VPN is your best choice to keep you safe and secure all the time. Click here to get up to 72% off ZenMate 1 Year Deal – this is an insane deal. You won’t be disappointed!

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