How to Access Instagram in China

Instagram Introduction

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and it is a free photo sharing application that enables its users to take photos, apply filters, and share them on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This kind of apps is useful to those business people because it helps them promote their business. According to the studies, more than 400 million users are having Instagram account because it is widely used in the business field.

However, if you travel to China then you could be suffered from a matter that Instagram is not working in China. That’s because Chinese government has blocked social medias like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Gmail and snapchat in China.

Why Instagram is Restricted to Use in China?

Chinese government didn’t allow people to access foreign social media platforms. They used “great firewall” to block the Instagram access in China. Actually they already blocked Facebook long before Instagram. Now that Instagram is owned by Facebook and inextricably linked to it, it makes sense for them to block Instagram as well. Banning Instagram creates a vacuum to be filled by a homegrown Chinese competitor. Several Instagram-like apps have sprung up on Chinese app stores attempting to take its place. But most Instagram fans still prefer this app rather than others.

VPN is A Best Option to Help Access Instagram in China

Actually Chinese government frequently monitors each person’s internet activity in China. So if you try to access Instagram in China then you might obtain the geo error. VPN is one of the best ways to help access Instagram because it completely hides your IP address and it offers different IP addresses so that people might not know you are accessing instagram in China.

There are numerous VPN providers in the market so you must choose an ideal one.  VPN protocol can be one of the important factors for users to select a good VPN. Usually most VPN programs offer protocols like TTPT, OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, each with unique capabilities and strengths. OpenVPN is the best and most secure one but unfortunately it cannot support iOS. L2TP is theoretically faster than OpenVPN. It is a good choice if OpenVPN isn’t supported by your device and security is not the top priority you consider.

Reputable VPN services offer users a wide selection of servers to choose from around the world, unlimited bandwidth, strong security, and no data caps. It also supports all kinds of mobile devices which include android, iOS, iPhone and iPad.

Tips to Select A VPN to Unblock Instagram in China

Actually VPN is the best network which enables the people to access website privately and it is also helpful to protect your information from third party service. This kind of the network creates the false IP address that could not be traceable by other people. When you access Instagram in China then it shows your IP address as US or other countries.

This kind of the virtual private network could come up with charged and free service so that people can select a best one based on their budget. People must choose the best VPN protocol and download it to the authorized website. Once you successfully download this protocol then you can install it to your device. There is no matter what type of mobile device you have because VPN could support all mobile platforms. Normally you search web browser privately then automatically your computer could enable the OpenVPN. Anyone can easily use a VPN because it is designed with simple technology. If you are going to use Instagram in China, things you may need to do:

People must carefully choose the server location. Before you sign up the VPN service, you must need to know how many servers are available with that VPN. If you choose the best server location then you can unblock the instagram without facing any kinds of problems. People must use the strong wifi network or broadband so that you can access the instagram in China freely.

Excellent Benefits of Using VPN Technology

There are plenty of ways available to unblock Instagram access in China but people show interest to use a VPN technology because it offered lots of benefits. If you apply this VPN technology, you can unblock all kinds of social medias, including those are blocked by great firewall easily. Just a simple step, you will enjoy more features. By Instagram, you can take a picture of services or products that you offer and post these for the world to see, you can also advertise your own products if you have some business or shops. Also you can share best food with your friends. A perfect VPN could even support all platforms Google nexus player, Blu-ray player, android devices, Apple TV and iPhone. Therefore, you will get a lot of convenience and benefits from Instagram with the help of VPN technology.


VPN helps users access Instagram, but you should be careful while choosing a VPN service provider because Instagram is primarily a mobile app, you must choose a VPN provider that makes an app for your device’s operating system. If you are a beginner to use the vpn technology then you must select a good VPN company that provides best customer service. The famous virtual private network like ExpressVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish can satisfied you.

Our preferred VPN for accessing sites in China is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN consists of the 136 servers and it is extremely easy to use.  As long as you install its apps and log in,  and then connect to a server in the country of your choice, you can establish VPN connection in just a few seconds.

If you are still not sure which VPN you may need to access Instagram in China, you can contact an online expert for further help.

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